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Trust Company - The Lonely Position Of Neutral Review
Posted by Tony Jaymz on 09.09.2002

This band has came outa nowhere. 2 Months ago, I don't know if anyone knew about them. Now, they had their song play for the WWE and they're MTV Buzzworthy. I got the cd at my local target for a good price of $9.99. Quick word of advice: If you have 10 bucks to kill, and you see a cd by a new band, that you are a little interested in, get it. Cause if the band is good and they hit it big, you just saved some money. And if the cd sucks, than you can just brag to your friends about your large cd collection. Anyways, lets get to the track by track review.

1. Downfall: This is a kick ass song. This isn't one of those songs that start slowly and work their way up to a fast tempo, awnaw, this hits you right at the start. Jason Singleton(Drums) is one of the few drummers I actually noticed first. Most drummers are an afterthought, but Singleton's drums kept it good in the song. And Kevin Palmer is just great at vocals. Bottom line, this is a good hard but not shitty hard song.
1 for 1

2. Falling Apart: In any case, Falling Apart is song, different from what I expected though. After DownFall, I expected a whole cd's worth of that kind of songs, but track number 2 gives a slower song. Not to say that thats is a bad thing. You actually hear more of the band with this song, including a good guitar intro. Jason Singleton still impresses me, probably the first drummer ever. All in all, a good song. so lets go
2 for 2

3. Hover: Another slower paced song. I think I'm beginning to see..er..hear what this band is about. This song is also the first on the alum to give good lyrics. The last two songs didn't really mean much, but this song's lyrics are good. Starting to enjoy Kevin Palmer on vocals.
3 for 3

4. Running From Me: More fast paced but that isn't a good thing. This sin't a bad song but it just was...eh. I don't know...maybe it was me but it sounded too much like they were going for a Linkin Park sound, basically the song didn't fit them and it sounded awkward.
3 for 4

5. Slipping Away: Do these guys trip alot? Thrid song about losing their balance. I love this song. Bottom Line. Between Singleton on drums, Palmer on lead vocals and Josh Moates on bass, this song meshed together great. Great slow paced but hard soung to it. I'm really digging TRUSTCompany's whole "We are Rock" sound.
4 for 5

6.Drop to Zero: There is a joke about falling and narcolepsy someweres but I'm gonna try and keep this mature and high brow. Remeber when I was talking about them going for Linkin Park sound? Wait..before I get to that answer, let me define the whole Linkin Park sound. To me, a band sounds like Linkin Park when they go for that fast paced, low talking sound. Think "Papercut" from Linkin Park. there we go...anyways the band must have been practicing because it went together here. Probably my third favorite song on the disc. I'll leave it up to you to figure out the first two.
5 for 6

7.The Fear: Whoa...just...whoa. I knew they could do a slower paced song but this is like..whoa. By slow, i mean, it isnt really fasted pace on the inrtsuments. Don't worry, this song won't bore you. If i were a record company, this would be Single #2. I couldn't tell if it was Palmer or Eukal, but someone did something right on guitar. Good song.
6 for 7

8. Deeper Into You: I think I've finally figured it out. This band is Hoobastank gone hard. And yes...that is a compliment. This is one of those songs I guess you either like or don't like. Its not that this is a bad song, in fact, the song is pretty good, but it just came off as...forgetable. But the song is saved by Palmer's voice. Serously, this guy has got a great voice on him.
7 for 8(but just barely)

9. Figure 8: Great intro. First thing off the bat you'll hear is the great intro into the song. Another Hoobastank Heavy song, which I guess is what this band is. Not that dissapointed. Didn't like the whole whispering in the song but there is just a little of that so how 'bout we go
8 for 9

10. Finally: Oh Shit! This song is great! If you guys have been playing along, you''l realize that this is numero uno on my list, as far as this cd goes. Singleton is great. The lyrics are great. What can I say? Easy Point.
9 for 10.

11. Take It All: It is my opinion that the Omega song (last track) should be like the first. See… Alpha and the Omega.anyways, this song is like Downfall. They bring their boom back, along with some great lyrics. Not the best of the bunch, but a good way to go out.
10 for 11

Wow... Out of 11 tracks only 1 I didn't like? Rare... Anyway, if you are interested in TrustCompany, get it now. Its cheap price won't last, especially sence its Buzzworthy. What the hell does Buzzworthy really mean though? MTV confuses me.anyways, if you dig Hoobastank, but won't a little harder sound to it, than this is the disc for you.

The 411: A good start from a young band, The Lonely Position of Neutral Delivers the goods, but if you aren't a big fan of the current rock style, ala Hoobastank, than you may be disapointed. In the end though, a great cd worth the $9.99
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend


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