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411's LIVE Raw Coverage 12.06.04 | Eugene Vs Maven
Posted by Alex Obal on 12.06.2004

Match #1: Eugene Dinsmore (w/ William Regal) vs Maven

Does Maven have a new video? His reception from the crowd is mixed and not particularly loud yet. Maven offers a handshake to Eugene. He accepts. Regal leaves the ring. They lock up. Eugene gets a go-behind and a waistlock, reversed by Maven, erversed to a wristlock by Eugene, reversed by Maven, reversed by Eugene and he gets an armdrag out of an armwringer for two. Eugene channels Jimmy Valiant's dance, drawing a smile from Maven. They lock up. Headlock by Maven, reversed to an overhand wristlock by Eugene, to a snapmare, and he gets a bodyscissors and proceeds to roll around the ring with maven in the hold. Maven is off his game. Or maybe not. He's smiling. Headlock by Maven. Maven blocks a blind charge from Eugene and Regal trips him while he's running the ropes. Regal gets tripped and tossed after Maven asks our referee, Jack Doan, to toss him. This brings about a few fans trying to start a derisive rendition of "Maven in D Minor." (It's the same song as "Goldberg in D Minor.") Maven gets a rollup for two. He gets a Northern Lights suplex for two. Maven congratulates him for coming that close. He offers a handshake... accepted, and he gives a hard kick to the knee. That kills Eugene. After thinking about what to do, Maven hangs Eugene's bum knee over the second rope in the corner and stomps away on it. Viciously. He proceeds to stand on Eugene's throat for a five-count, drawing a DQ.

Winner: Eugene Dinsmore via disqualification (4:12)

Post-match, Regal runs back in for the save, but Maven goes out, grabs one of the tag belts, and waffles Regal with it as he's looking over Eugene. Solid "Maven sucks" chant! Mission accomplished. He poses and leaves.

Ad Break.

The 411
Final Score:  0.0   [ Torture ]  legend


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