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Shaggy 2 Dope F.T.F.O. Review
Posted by Selwyn DeSa on 03.16.2006

I may take a bit of heat from my fellow Juggalos for saying this, but I am not a huge Shaggy 2 Dope fan. He works well with Violent J, and that chemistry helped to make the Insane Clown Posse a success, but it was J who always had the better more memorable lines. I often found that in a group setting like Dark Lotus, or the Psychopathic Rydas, Shaggy's flow was always the weakest. Maybe he can change my mind with Fuck The Fuck Off.


Track 2) Fuck The Fuck Off: The first verse on this title track was a little weak, but Shaggy was able to salvage it with a strong second and decent third.

Track 3) Keep It Scrubbin': The beat and chorus alone make this worth bumping, even though Shaggy never seemed to get his timing down right with his delivery.

Track 4) Forever & Always: This was vintage Shaggy, and the best he has sounded so far on this album, the chorus is good too.

Track 5) Memories: I was actually impressed with Shaggy's lyrics here, and the beat and delivery were equally on point.

Track 8) They Shootin': This is another dope beat, but this time the track is equally dope, this is a definite bump.

Track 9) Half Full: Best track on the album so far, deep, honest, and enjoyable.

Track 10) Always Fuckin' with Us (feat. Twiztid): Twiztid ripped this track just as they rip pretty much anything they ever do, and Shaggy held his own with them, this has a definite anthem vibe to it.

Track 11) Pull Me Over: Another dope beat on which Shaggy shows off his storytelling skills, has a different vibe from anything I have heard from him before, but he made it work.

Track 13) Red Moon: I am definitely feeling this one, the beat is dope, the lyrics are wicked, and the chorus brings it all together, bump this one loud.

Track 16) It's About Time: This had a rock feel to it, and Shaggy came with an aggressive delivery without just screaming his head off, which made it worked, he did scream his head off during the chorus, but it fit with the whole rock thing.

Track 17) Your Life: I would have liked to see him have ended the album with "Half Full", but this was a good choice as well, very catchy and melodic, I enjoyed it a lot.


Track 1) Prequel: Lots of repetitive screaming, but hey at least it is different from the normal circus theme intro that seems to accompany any ICP affiliated project, skip it anyway.

Track 6) Make It Happen: I think I liked the joke during the end of the previous track better than this track itself, there was nothing really wrong with it, it just was not anything special, thus making it not worth bumping.

Track 7) Meltdown: The beat draws you in right away, but it is all downhill from there, skip away.

Track 12) Ball Bounce: I am starting to notice that when Shaggy screams, the track usually makes it to the skip pile. It could just be a coincidence, but he definitely sounds better when he is not.

Track 14) Owl Face Hoe: I found myself torn on this one, it started out with some promise, but the chorus ruined it for me overall.

Track 15) Cobwebs in my Attic: This was decent enough, but it just did not do it for me enough to suggest not skipping it.

I can honestly say that I was genuinely impressed with this effort, and there was a lot to be impressed with too. First off, Mike E. Clark undoubtedly bought his A-game to this project, as almost every beat was off the hook. Shaggy also impressed me, with his delivery, lyrics, and with the fact that he did not fill his album with guest artists, and made this a genuine solo effort. Now this was far from a perfect album, but it was highly enjoyable, and considering that I was not expecting much, I was very pleased.

The 411: A definite must have for Juggalos and a bright spot for Psychopathic Records who needed it after a bad start to the New Year. Shaggy genuinely impressed me, and I think he will impress you too.
Final Score:  7.5   [ Good ]  legend


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