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Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends Review (8.0)   (08.27.2002)  - Eric Katz

Taking Back Sunday blows the listener away with their debut cd, “Tell All Your Friends”.
The Burden Brothers - Self Titled Review (7.0)   (08.27.2002)  - Bob Conklin

The Toadies return...sort of.
Counting Crows - Hard Candy Review (7.0)   (08.27.2002)  - Tom Cocozza

If you are a fan, even mildly, of the Counting Crows, get the album. If you don’t like any of there previous work, but like early Springsteen, I also recommend it. Otherwise, there’s nothing really here that’s going to change your mind.
The Vines - Highly Evolved Review (7.0)   (08.27.2002)  - Vanderhorst

Somebody needs to make up a name for this new sound, as it’s clearly the future of rock and roll, even if they did get their start at a McDonald’s. How about grungepunk? Grunk? GRUT!
Bruce Springsteen - The Rising Review (8.0)   (08.27.2002)  - Lorenzo Vasquez III

The Rising blends old-school Springsteen, 21st-century production and post-September 11th sentiment to make for an all-around enjoyable listening experience and a virtual must-hear for fans and non-fans alike.
Treble Charger - Detox Review (7.0)   (08.28.2002)  - Tim Moysey

I caution, if you do not like Sum 41, do NOT buy this album.
To Buy Or Download By Josh Nason: Korn - Untouchables (8.0)   (08.28.2002)  - Josh Nason

Please, no funny food references
Interpol – Turn On The Bright Lights Review (9.0)   (08.29.2002)  - Adam Wallis

While the hype surrounding Interpol has, in many ways, rivaled that of New York City’s favorite sons the Strokes, the two bands are very different.
30 Seconds To Mars - 30 Seconds To Mars Review (7.5)   (08.29.2002)  - Kenny Hammond

Jared Leto puts his well known acting career on the backburner to make his dream come true and become a rock star. 30 Seconds To Mars proves to be a impressive debut with only one flaw.
Queens Of The Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf Review (9.0)   (08.30.2002)  - Chris Bennett

Ever wonder where all the real Rock N' Roll is hiding these days?
The (International) Noise Conspiracy - A New Morning Changing Weather Review (7.5)   (08.31.2002)  - Eric Katz

Note to Jim Vanderhorst: I guess my name is somebody, because I’ve already named it post punk retro rock. Need another example? See The (International) Noise Conspiracy.
...Trail Of Dead – Source Tags And Codes Review (9.5)   (09.01.2002)  - Adam Wallis

Imagine O.K. Computer-era Radiohead. Now, imagine they’re American,
Loudermilk - The Red Record Review (5.5)   (09.03.2002)  - Ryan T. Murphy

...Or "When Mods Learn How to Rock"
Eminem - The Eminem Show Review (9.5)   (09.03.2002)  - Tom Cocozza

I refuse to use “Guess who’s back, back again…”, I’ve only written one review before this. This one is much better. I guess the better the album…
Kiss - The Very Best Of KISS Review (8.5)   (09.04.2002)  - Cara Alex Brown

KISS fans get "treated" to yet ANOTHER compilation ...
Ozzy Osboure - Down To Earth Review (1.0)   (09.04.2002)  - Liana Kerzner

Part V of The Black Sabbath Channeling Weekend Spectacular
Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way Review (9.0)   (09.05.2002)  - Yabba Dabba

The Chili Peppers are back and grown up with a mellow album.
Sparta - Wiretap Scars Review (9.0)   (09.05.2002)  - Rich Piva

From the ashes of At the Drive-In…
Tenacious D -Tenacious D Review (6.0)   (09.06.2002)  - Lorenzo Vasquez III

The band they call Tenacious D reviewed by the man they call Loquacious B... Okay, no one calls me that. But they could!
Superjoint Ritual - Use Once And Destroy Review (8.0)   (09.06.2002)  - Liana Kerzner

, caustic, ferocious, fierce, Blisteringrelentless and scathing. Brutal in 3 shades of red.
Hot Snakes - Suicide Invoice Review (8.5)   (09.07.2002)  - Rich Piva

This band is the savior of rock and roll. The only problem is not enough people will ever get to hear them.
Boston - Corporate America Review (4.5)   (09.07.2002)  - Jodes Serner

After tons of Boston history we enter the new millennium for Boston’s 5th studio release.
The Get Up Kids - On A Wire Review (2.0)   (09.08.2002)  - Eric Katz

We’ve been waiting 3 years for this?!
Trust Company - The Lonely Position Of Neutral Review (7.0)   (09.09.2002)  - Tony Jaymz

The new RAWK~ band TRUSTCompany's cd "The Lonely Position Of Neutral" gets reviewed by 411 Music's newest reviewer. By the way...how do I become buzzworthy too?
Dio - Killing The Dragon Review (6.0)   (09.09.2002)  - Liana Kerzner

A solid, if not particularly overwhelming, effort from a metal legend.
Avril Lavigne - Let Go Review (7.5)   (09.10.2002)  - Tony Jaymz

Pop? Yes Punk? Eh Good Music? Maybe...
Tragically Hip - In Violet Light Review (8.0)   (09.10.2002)  - Shayne Robinson

Those wacky Canadians are at it again.
Weezer - Maladroit Review/Counter Review #1 (7.5)   (09.11.2002)  - Vanderhorst

The band melds the pop-rock hooks of the Green Album with the emotional lyrics of Pinkerton to make their most complete album yet.
Weezer - Maladroit Review/Counter Review #2 (5.0)   (09.11.2002)  - Tom Cocozza

Bust out your dice, break out your comic books, Nerd Rock is back, baby!
Filter - The Amalgamut Review (9.0)   (09.11.2002)  - Nick Dee

Filter lets their fans have their cake and eat it too, with their new album….
NOFX/Rancid - BYO Split Series, Vol. 3. Review (8.0)   (09.12.2002)  - Ryan T. Murphy

Two of punk's top names play mix and match.
Africa Raps Compiliation CD Review (9.5)   (09.12.2002)  - Chris Bennett

If you only buy one African hip hop compilation this year…
Goldfinger - Open Your Eyes Review (8.0)   (09.13.2002)  - Vanderhorst

The album that says, “If you eat meat you're a fucker.”
Linkin Park - Reanimation Review (4.5)   (09.14.2002)  - Tony Jaymz

They couldn't say remix, otherwise P.Diddy would sue them.
Rubyhorse - Rise Review (8.0)   (09.15.2002)  - Freakboy

What if a band originating from Ireland traveled across the Atlantic to make Boston their new home?
Down - A Bustle In Your Hedgerow Review (5.0)   (09.16.2002)  - Liana Kerzner

Led Zeppelin trips and stumbles over Black Sabbath in a minor sonic mess.
Jimmy Fallon - The Bathroom Wall Review (8.5)   (09.17.2002)  - Tom Cocozza

We’ve got rock, pop, punk, metal, and comedy inside. Come along with your Friendly, Neighborhood Music Reviewer and explore The Bathroom Wall!
New Found Glory - Sticks And Stones Review (7.0)   (09.18.2002)  - Vanderhorst

The reigning kings of pop-punk return to take the genre to new levels of popularity.
Our Lady Peace - Gravity Review (9.0)   (09.19.2002)  - Tony Jaymz

Best CD of The Year. There's nothing funny about that.
Disturbed - Believe Review (8.5)   (09.19.2002)  - Jeff Modzelewski

Does the sophomore effort from the best new band of 2000 live up to the first album? Are rhetorical questions in teasers annoying? Amazingly, the answer to both of these questions is the same.
Poison - Hollyweird Review (4.0)   (09.20.2002)  - Jodes Serner

As the old cliché states, “Its all been done before” and Poison has reached into their back catalogue for an uninspiring dose of glam rock as unfortunately, only they can deliver.
Linkin Park - Reanimation Counter Review (9.0)   (09.21.2002)  - Freakboy

Tony, you irgnorant slut. This was a great album!
Coldplay - Rush Of Blood To The Head (9.0)   (09.22.2002)  - Andrew Shillinglaw

The boys that were all “yellow” are back with another album, and have improved much on an already great sound.
The Fallen - Front Toward Enemy Review (8.0)   (09.22.2002)  - Liana Kerzner

One of the more exciting new bands out there finally get their chance to earn your ear.
Stone Sour - Stone Sour Review (7.0)   (09.23.2002)  - Jeff Modzelewski

Yes, this is Corey Taylor. No, this is not Slipknot. Yes, that is a good thing.
Cake - Comfort Eagle Review (7.0)   (09.23.2002)  - Lorenzo Vasquez III

"Cake or Death?!" "Cake, please."... Inside joke, don't worry about it.
Something Corporate - Leaving Through The Window Review (6.0)   (09.24.2002)  - Vanderhorst

This disc came Jay Bower recommended.
Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary Review (8.5)   (09.24.2002)  - Eric Katz

THIS, my friends, is EMO.
Sam Roberts - The Inhuman Condition Review (8.5)   (09.25.2002)  - Tim Moysey

While short, this EP packs quite the punch in the 23 minutes of music it gives us.
Lifehouse - Stanley ClimbfallReview (2.5)   (09.26.2002)  - Tom Cocozza

I’m not “Hanging by a Moment”, but after listening to this album, I want to be hanging by something…
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