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Transcendence Review

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Wild Beasts - Present Tense Review (10.0)   (02.25.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Following three albums of significant critical acclaim, WIld Beasts return with Present Tense, but can it match the success of their previous efforts. The answers may surprise you.
Clare Maguire - Clare Maguire EP Review (7.0)   (02.24.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

After a few years out of the spotlight, singer-songwriter Clare Maguire returns with a more personal sound on her self-titled EP.
Behemoth - The Satanist Review (7.0)   (02.24.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Extreme metal titans Behemoth returns following a health scare to deliver their most important record yet, The Satanist, but does it measure up to the band's high standards?
We Are The In Crowd - Weird Kids Review (6.0)   (02.20.2014)  - David Hayter

We Are The In Crowd are intent on making music that matters; Punk Pop that takes itself and the issues it raises seriously, but do they have what it takes to pull it off?
The Family Rain - Under the Volcano Review (7.0)   (02.19.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Blues rock trio The Family Rain look to ignite the scene and live up to the hype with debut effort Under the Volcano, and they don't do a bad job.
Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire For No Witness Review (7.0)   (02.19.2014)  - David Hayter

The world ignored her once, they won't make the same mistake a second time as Angel Olsen's second album offers a stunningly beautiful take on loneliness and sorrow.
Katy B - Little Red Review (9.0)   (02.11.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

British dance queen Katy B offers up a much more personal record with Little Red, and continues to make great strides for the genre as a whole with the album of the year to date.
Katy B - Little Red Review [2] (6.5)   (02.11.2014)  - David Hayter

Katy B is determined to move on from one of 2011's finest albums, but as her sound evolves on Little Red has Katy lost the bold spirit and earthy charisma that made her a star.
Maximo Park - Too Much Information Review (7.5)   (02.11.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Maximo Park embrace a new sound in search of a return to their glory days in album number five, Too Much Information.
Skindred - Kill the Power Review (7.0)   (02.07.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

With influences from ska to dub-step, from drum and bass to reggae and everything in between, Skindred produce another melting pot of metal madness in fifth studio album Kill the Power.
The Rifles - None the Wiser Review (5.0)   (02.06.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

London indie outfit The Rifles return with album number four, but is it the much-needed home run or more of the same run of the mill indie rock regularities of their back catalogue?
Within Temptation - Hydra Review (8.5)   (02.04.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Dutch symphonic metal veterans Within Temptation return with their sixth studio album.
Bombay Bicycle Club - So Long, See You Tomorrow Review (8.0)   (02.04.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Bombay Bicycle Club returns with its fourth album in five years, and yet another new sound. Join me for a track-by-track review of So Long, See You Tomorrow, one of the year's best albums to date.
The Gaslight Anthem - The B-Sides Review (6.5)   (02.03.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

The Gaslight Anthem present a collection of acoustic performances, live tracks and covers recorded between 2008 and 2011.
Of Mice and Men - Restoring Force Review (8.0)   (02.03.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Metalcore outfit return with a new line-up, new producer and a new sound, but how effective is the resulting third studio album Restoring Force?
You Me At Six - Cavalier Youth Review (5.5)   (01.28.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Surrey pop-punk quintet return with their fourth studio album Cavalier Youth.
Young the Giant - Mind Over Matter Review (6.0)   (01.28.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Indie rockers Young the Giant return with their second album, Mind Over Matter, but do they manage to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump and build on their promising debut?
Mogwai - Rave Tapes Review (4.0)   (01.25.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Rave Tapes is album number eight from post-rock band Mogwai, but is it the heavily-speculated reinvention of the band or more of the same?
Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues Review (7.0)   (01.24.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Transgender Dysphoria Blues is the first album following the sex change of frontwoman Laura Jane Grace. Does it rely too much on its concept or does it signify the band's return to form?
Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Wanderlust Review (9.0)   (01.24.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Former disco queen goes folk pop on comeback album with alarmingly successful results.
Warpaint - Warpaint Review (9.0)   (01.22.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

The year's first truly great album.
Ed Harcourt - Time of Dust Review (8.0)   (01.22.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Veteran singer-songwriter returns with a delightful new EP Time of Dust
Beyonce - Beyonce Review (9.0)   (12.16.2013)  - David Hayter

Beyonce has released her fifth, self-titled studio album without fanfare! But is it worthy of her name or does it fail to impress? 411's David Hayter checks in with his full review!
Britney Spears - Britney Jean Review (3.5)   (12.10.2013)  - David Hayter

Britney Spears is back, but does her latest album make her relevant in the pop world again? 411's David Hayter checks in with his full review!
R. Kelly - Black Panties Review (6.5)   (12.10.2013)  - David Hayter

R. Kelly has made an album called Black Panties. What else need be said? It's a five star title but is it an A-grade album?
Bastille - All This Bad Blood Review (9.0)   (12.03.2013)  - Daniel Wilcox

One of 2013's hottest new arrivals offer a deluxe edition of their debut album, Bad Blood. How does it stack up? Check out our full review!
Esoteric & Stu Bangas - Machete Mode Review (9.0)   (11.26.2013)  - Bill Wannop

Esoteric is back with his new album Machete Mode fully produced by Stu Bangas. Does the collab album fall short, or does the album kill everything in its path?
Lady Gaga - Artpop Review [2] (7.0)   (11.12.2013)  - David Hayter

Innovation, insight and insanity, Lady Gaga's latest album promises the world and raises the conceptual stakes, but when it comes right down to it, does Artpop deliver?
Lady Gaga - Artpop Review (7.5)   (11.11.2013)  - Jeremy Thomas

Two years after becoming one of the most polarizing names in pop with Born This Way, Lady Gaga is back with Artpop! But is it a return to form or too much art, not enough pop? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Review (8.5)   (11.05.2013)  - Bill Wannop

Eminem is back with his latest album, the highly-anticipated Marshall Mathers LP 2! Can Eminem re-capture the magic of the original, or is this just another Relapse? 411's Bill Wannop checks in with his full review!
Eminem - The Mashall Mathers LP 2 Review [2] (9.5)   (11.05.2013)  - Tony Acero

Eminem is back with his latest album, a sequel to The Marshall Mathers LP. Is it a return to form for the Detroit rapper, or has he lost his luster and created something much to be desired? 411's Tony Acero chimes in with a full review!
M.I.A. - Matangi Review (7.5)   (11.05.2013)  - David Hayter

M.I.A. returns with her fourth album, Matangi! But after warring with everyone from the New York Times to the NFL, can she bypass the hate and return to form? 411's David Hayter checks in with his full review!
Arcade Fire - Reflektor Review (7.5)   (10.29.2013)  - David Hayter

Arcade Fire returns with Reflektor, the follow-up to their Grammy award-winning breakout LP The Suburbs! But does the new album keep the band on top? 411's David Hayter checks in with his full review!
Katy Perry - Prism Review (7.5)   (10.22.2013)  - Tony Acero

Katy Perry's third studio album has come out after much hype! Does the album live up to the gold standard set by Perry, or is it just another run-of-the-mill pop album? 411's Tony Acero chimes in with his full review!
Paul McCartney - New Review (2.0)   (10.21.2013)  - Scott Rutherford

Can the elder statesmen of rock 'n roll still produce the goods now he over 70 years of age?
Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt Review (6.5)   (10.15.2013)  - David Hayter

Pearl Jam's 10th studio album sees the band writing music that feels purpose built for their next multi-national arena tour.
Fall Out Boy - PAX AM Days EP Review (7.0)   (10.15.2013)  - Daniel Wilcox

Ryan Adams teams up with Fall Out Boy with surprising results.
Lorde - Pure Heroine Review (8.5)   (10.10.2013)  - David Hayter

Lorde, the chart topping 16-year-old starlet, continues to astound by delivering one of the most fully realized and conceptually daring pop debuts of the new decade.
Pusha-T - My Name Is My Name Review (7.5)   (10.10.2013)  - David Hayter

The world has been waiting with bated breath for Pusha T's solo career to really deliver; well, ladies and gentlemen, the wait might just be over.
Miley Cyrus - Bangerz Review [2] (7.0)   (10.09.2013)  - David Hayter

Bangerz? More like Balladz, as Miley shines when she confronts heartbreak and flounders as wild, pill-popping, party girl.
Miley Cyrus - Bangerz Review (4.0)   (10.08.2013)  - Tony Acero

Miley Cyrus has crossed genres with her fourth studio album, Bangerz. Is it as successful as the hype would have you believe, or does the shock factor disappear after track 1? 411's Tony Acero chimes in with his full review!
Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 Review (8.5)   (10.01.2013)  - Jeremy Thomas

Six months after releasing his first album in seven years, Justin Timberlake is back again with The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2! But does it hold up to the first? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Drake - Nothing Was the Same Review (6.5)   (09.24.2013)  - Tony Acero

Drake is back with his highly anticipated new album, Nothing Was The Same! Does it live up to the hype or is it a high-profile disappointment? Check out 411's full review to find out!
Prozak - We All Fall Down Review (7.5)   (09.18.2013)  - Bill Wannop

The Hitchcock of Hip Hop is back with his latest album, We All Fall Down. Will Prozak stick to the content that made him popular or will he look to evolve and change his musical style?
The Weeknd - Kiss Land Review (8.8)   (09.11.2013)  - Tony Acero

Canadian singer The Weeknd drops his first official album after dropping three mixtapes in rapid succession. Does the hype of the mixtapes carry over to a nationwide release, or does The Weeknd fall flat in his efforts? Tony Acero chimes in with the full review!
Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks Review (9.0)   (09.03.2013)  - Jeremy Thomas

Nine Inch Nails returns with their first major-label album in six years with Hesitation Marks! But does Trent Reznor still have the fire after six years without a master or does it fall flat? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Jay-Z - Magna Carta Holy Grail Review (8.5)   (07.09.2013)  - Bill Wannop

Jay-Z is back with his latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. Does the latest album live up to the hype or is Jay-Z just another rapper with a god complex?
Melvins- Everybody Loves Sausages Review (7.5)   (07.02.2013)  - Robert Cooper

Melvins are here with a very eclectic cover album where they play everything in between Venom and Queen, was it an awesome affair or was it a clunker of covers? 411's Robert Cooper is here to tell you the low down.
Palms - Palms Review (9.0)   (06.25.2013)  - Stewart Lange

Chino Moreno of Deftones teams up with three former Isis members for an experimental album- is it worth a listen?
J. Cole - Born Sinner Review (8.0)   (06.24.2013)  - Tony Acero

J. Cole has released his new album Born Sinner! But does the sophomore album hold up to the success that his debut album brought him or is the sample-heavy album too much to handle? 411's Tony Acero checks in with his full review!
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