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Hip Hop Herald 04.20.11: Lil Wayne's Album Update, 50 Cent's Next Single, Krazie Bone Quits Bone Thugs, More
Posted by Bill Wannop on 04.20.2011

Welcome one and all to the Hip Hop Herald. The column will deal with anything related to hip hop whether it be underground, mainstream, or the new-age pop infused rap (you know the stuff Timberlake and Timbaland make). We will cover news, opinions, release dates as well as feature some music and of course videos. Before we begin I would like to take your attention to the other hip hop related column The Low End Theory . Although we share somewhat of a similar taste in music, we do have different opinions and likes and dislikes, so be sure to check that column out.

As well I will not be touching at all on Lil B and his album title, mainly because I feel that if an artist needs to resort to using an album title to get some attention, then usually the quality of the music they are putting out is not that great. I prefer to give attention to artists who gain attention through their music, not with shock value.

Now without any further ado, let's start things off right with the music intro. This week the song is off the new Atmosphere album, The Family Sign which was released last week. The album is a more series effort from the group and touches on topics such as abuse and other family issues.

Music Intro


50 Cent To Release New Single This Week

50 Cent

Some news regarding 50 Cent to start us off, as he took to twitter to announce that he will release his first single from his new album sometime this week. While no other information was given about the single (who produced it or any features), 50 did guarantee that the single is ‘fire', which will make everyone sleep much better.

In other 50 Cent news, he is also trying to strike while the iron is hot and is attempting to sign Jersey Shores DJ Pauly D to a three album deal. If Pauly D reads this column, which he probably doesn't, I would tell him to run as far away from 50 Cent as possible. Signing to G-Unit records will do him no good, except, just ask Mobb Deep, M.O.P., Spider Loc, Hot Rod, and basically everyone else who was signed to the label except for anyone associated with G-Unit. Those artists have had their albums constantly delayed or scrapped altogether. If he signs to G-Unit records, when he finally releases an album, it will likely be in a couple years, when his popularity is decreasing, which will result in moderate record sales. 50 cent will find some way to blame Pauly D, beef will ensue and Pauly will be stuck with a record deal with a company that will not release any of his albums.

50 Cent basically has run out of time in regards to his hop credibility. His constant beef's for the sake of getting mainstream exposure, as well for his constant self promotion and flat out lies with regards to the music business has wrecked soured him to me. I really don't know why anyone would sign with him, as he has screwed over abunch of acts in the past, and then gloated about it on interviews.

As for his single, it will likely be the similar 50 Cent formula mixed with whatever is hot at the time. Basically it will not be the big deal that 50 thinks it will be.

Bun B Talks Future Collabs with Jay-Z & DJ Premier

Bun B

While Bun B is the last artist to get the coveted 5 Mic score in the Source, the UGK member is busy preparing his next album for release, and dropped some info on what fans can expect from the release.

"Well, I want to make sure that I don't change the direction of my music because of the fact that I teach. That being said, there are moments of enlightenment that I have become aware of based on the class and I will be willing to share that," he said. "Even though there is some very profound moments, dealing with many different religions and being educated about many different things, I'm sure at some point, maybe on a song somewhere, some of these things may be incorporated. I wouldn't think that the general direction of my music or my career is going to change that drastically from what people are already used to. I don't think that would be true. There are somethings that are going to be different and we are going to address that but there are still going to be somethings that are going to remain the same and we're going to be true to that, as well."

As he works on new music, he added that one potential collaborator is Jay-Z. While maintaining a level of mystery to his statement, he went on to say that it wouldn't be too hard to see them link up once more.

"Let's just say that Jay-Z and I have been in communication. I can't really say who called who, but Jay-Z and I have been in communication and I think people expecting a Bun B/Jay-Z collaboration in the near future might not be let down."

According to Bun B, his next album may just be his first self-titled effort. It's still in the early stages, but he noted that fans may also be treated to a collaboration with DJ Premier, who he says he would be happy to work with again.

"We've done it [collaborated on "Let 'Em Know"] and people loved it. Now we're sitting around like, 'What were we waiting for?'"

While Bun B was able to produce a great album last year, his previous releases have seen their ups and downs, and it will be interesting to see if he is able to continue with the quality of Trill O.G. Bun has been a more underground artist in the past and is now starting to get some mainstream love, so I look for some big name collaborations on his next album. As well the microscope will be fully on Bun to keep up with the quality of his last album so it will be interesting to see if he is up to the challenge.

Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV Track listing Revealed But Album Pushed Back

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne's success has seemed to be unstoppable recently; however he seems to have hit his first road block since being released from prison last year, as his new album Tha Carter IV is no longer dropping May 16. Rapdose.com reports that the album will be hitting stores sometime in June, though no further details have been provided on the actual release date or the cause of the delay.

At the same time that the information about the album delay was being released, information on the track listing for the album was also being released. The track listing as posted on Rapdose.com is listed below:

1. Tune This
2. Team Player – feat. Birdman
3. Fore Play
4. They Love Me – feat. Drake & Nicki Minaj
5. John (If I Die Today) – feat. Rick Ross
6. No Competition
7. Holy Grail (History) – feat. Kanye West
8. Carter Cash – feat. Jay-Z
9. 6 Foot 7 Foot – feat. Corey Gunz
10. Play My Game – feat. Tech N9ne
11. Anne – feat. Swizz Beatz
12. Street Life
13. Hard Talk – feat. Bon Iver & Game
14. Fall From Grace – feat. Eminem
15. Brain Dead – feat. Gucci Mane
16. No Trust
17. Maybe She Will – feat. Drake & Rick Ross
18. My Legacy

Now with the delay the album could still undergo some changes and tracks may be added or dropped, so this may not be the final track listing. The album posts the ‘regular' features, with some surprises, mainly the track "Play My Game" which features Tech N9ne. Tyga recently did an interview and stated that the track with Tech N9ne was fire and that it is the best track on the album so I eagerly await to hear it.

The delay of the release is surprising as Wayne has stated numerous times that the album is done and that he handed it in to the label. Unless they are waiting for some guests verses to be turned in there, or there is some legalities with guest verses or samples there is really is no reason for the delay. Wayne has epic momentum at the moment, so releasing the album as soon as possible would allow him to capitalize on that momentum.

Hopefully the delay is only until June and that we get another single in the meantime.

Krazie Bone Quits Bone Thugs

Bone Thugs

Thursday, Krayzie Bone announced via video that he will no longer be a part of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. It appears that the 2010 Uni5: The World's Enemy album will be the group's last effort with all founding members participating.

"I just wanted to take the time out right now to let everybody know about some major changes in my career and in my life," Krayzie said. "Just so everybody knows that I will no longer be a part of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony due to uncontrollable circumstances. It's basically time for me to move on with different endeavors that I've already had planned in my life."

Throughout the 16 years Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has been signed, various members have been absent. Stanley "Flesh-N-Bone" Howse spent a significant portion of the group's prime in prison on a weapons possession charge. Additionally, Bizzy Bone has also taken a hiatus for both business and personal reasons. However, Krayzie said he is leaving on good terms and thanked fans for their support.

However after the announcement was leaked, members of Bone Thugs lashed out at Krazie stating that he was selfish and that Bone Thugs will go on with or without him. Apparently Bone Thugs heard the news of his departure from the video like the rest of the world. It is a sad day as Bone Thugs were a truly original and innovative group back in the day. However I feel that the time is right for Krazie Bone to move on, and for Bone Thugs to stop.

Krazie Bone was always my favorite in the group and I actually enjoyed listening to some of his solo albums that he has dropped recently. Hopefully he is able to have continued success in his solo career and that his departure does not start a beef between himself and the rest of the group.

Lupe Fiasco's Next Album To Appeal To Longtime Fans

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco recently stated that his next album Food & Liquor 2 will appeal to his long time fans.

"It's a little more dedicated to the nerdy Lupe Fiasco fans, out there, who like the super double entendres and the triple metaphors and the concept songs. So you know we gonna take it back," Lupe stated.

Again Lupe is blind to the music industry. I enjoy his music but he really must be clueless to how things work. This is the exact same thing that he set out to do with Lasers. However unless Lupe ditches his record label he is going to be stuck in the same situation again, in that the label will not release that type of album.

With the release of Laser's Lupe said the label made him change so much that he hated the album at the end of the day. The album has been extremely successful basically giving the record label the confidence that they know best. So when Lupe again tries to release his next album with all those ‘triple metaphors', for better or worse the label is going to tell him to dump it down again.

What really makes me laugh is that after the success of Lasers Lupe released a statement thanking fans for their support and for showing the record labels that people support conscious rap. But if the record label made him change the album and dumb it down, aren't the fans really supporting the dumbed down record label version that the artist himself said he hated?

At the end of the day I hope Lupe is able to release a true sequel to Food and Liguar that is everything he wants it to be, I am just not holding my breath that it will be as easy as he thinks.

Hip Hop Album Sales

This week in album sales saw Wiz Khalifia continue to move a strong number of albums with his debut album, as he was the top selling hip hop album moving to number 5 selling 59,000. Jim Jones had the highest hip hop debut this week coming in at number 20 with 21,000, while Brotha Lynch Hung entered at number 66, selling 7,300 copies of his latest, which has to be a little disappointing due to the quality of the album.

The rest of the sales numbers can be seen below.


Albums of the Year (already released)
Raekwon – Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang
REKS – R.E.K.S. (Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme)
Travis Barker – Give The Drummer Some

Albums of the month (already released)
Brotha Lynch Hung – Coathanga Strangla

April 26
Blue Sky Black Death – Noir
Bambu – ...Exact Change... [Reloaded] [Digital Release]
Big Hutch – Only God Can Judge Me [Digital Release]
Bootsy Collins – The Funk Capitol Of The World
Daedelus – Bespoke
Dennis Coffey – Dennis Coffey
Lone Ninja – Fatal Peril
Max B – Vigilante Season [Deluxe Edition] [Physical Release]
No Bird Sing – Theft Of The Commons
Outasight – Figure 8 [Digital Release]
Prefuse 73 – The Only She Chapters
RJD2 – Live At The Rave [Digital Release]
Wayne Wonder – Wonderland

May 3
Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2
Big Joe Turner – Rocks
Big Scoob – Damn Fool
Blitz The Ambassador – Native Sun [Digital Release]
Bobby Creekwater – Revenge [Digital Release]
Boogie Down Productions – Criminal Minded [Reissue] [Vinyl Release]
DJ Quik – The Book Of David [Vinyl Release]
D-Nice – Call Me D-Nice [Expanded Edition]
Freebass 808 – Liquid Love Spacedust
Galactic – The Other Side Of Midnight
Heavy Metal Kings (Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz) – Heavy Metal Kings [Vinyl Release]
The Jacka – We Mafia
James Pants – James Pants
Jennifer Lopez – Love?
Kelly Price – Kelly
Kidd Kidd – The Reallionaire
Mayer Hawthorne – No Strings [Vinyl Release]
Megaphone (Moe Pope & Headnodic) – Megaphone [Digital Release]
MF Doom (as Viktor Vaughn) – Vaudeville Villain [Gold Edition] [Vinyl Release]
Moka Only – Airport 5 [Physical Release]
Prospect – First Blood
Sade – The Ultimate Collection
Southside's Most Wanted – Greatest Collaborations

Other Recent Announcements
Bobby Brown – The Masterpiece [May 10]
Lonely Island – Turtleneck & Chain [May 10]
Jay Sean – Freeze Time [May 10]
Big Tone – From The Streetz Of California [May 17]
Esham – DMT Sessions [May 17]
Kool G Rap – Riches, Royalty, Respect [May 17]
Frankensteez (Mister Jason, K-No Supreme, & Rain) – Frankensteez [May 17]
Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins (as G&D) – The Lighthouse [May 17]
J Rawls – The Hip-Hop Effect [May 17]
Messy Marv – Shooting Range 3 [May 17]
Shyne – Guess Who [May 17]
X-Raided – Unforgiven Vol. 3: Vindication [May 17]
Killer Mike – PL3DGE [May 17]
Nick Cannon – Mr. Showbiz [May 17]
Lil Wayne – Tha Carter IV [TBA]
Maybach Music Group – Self-Made [May 24]
Stephen Marley – Revelation Part 1: The Roots Of Life [May 24]
Canibus & Keith Murray – Undergods [May 31]
LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking [June TBA]
Ace Hood – Blood, Sweat & Tears [Summer TBA]
Random Axe (Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, & Sean Price) – Random Axe [Summer TBA]
Raven Sorvino – Paper Girl [Summer TBA]
Richie Rich – Born In It [Summer TBA]
Xzibit – MMXI [Summer TBA]
Apathy – Honkey Kong [Late Summer TBA]
Bow Wow – Underrated [June 7]
Tech N9ne – All 6's and 7's
Ja Rule – The Renaissance Project [June 7]
Ca$his – Euthanasia [June 14]
Glasses Malone & Brisco – TBD [June 14]
Pitbull – Planet Pit [June 14]
Lil Twist – Don't Get It Twisted [June 21]
Potluck – Rhymes And Resin [June 21]
Smigg Dirtee – God Made Dirt Chapter 2 [June 21]
DJ Khaled – We The Best Forever [June 28]
Birdman & Jay Sean – TBD [July 5]
The Diplomats – Independence Day [July 5]
Jay Rock – Follow Me Home [July 12]
Royce Da 5'9" – Success Is Certain [July 26]
Drake – Take Care [September 13]
Akon – Stadium [September 13]
The HRSMN – TBD [Summer TBA]

Well that does it for this week in a somewhat slow news week. We are also in somewhat of a down time in terms of album releases for the next couple weeks, and because of that we get no music outro this week…



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