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Ask 411 Music 7.19.12: Urban Legends II
Posted by Ron Martin on 07.19.2012

It's that time of the week for your weekly dose of Ask 411 Music. Lucky you.

Even though it's barely music related, I'd like to take this little opening paragraph to pimp out a side project of mine. It's a podcast called The Resurrection of Zombie 7. It focuses on horror movie franchise, but there is some music incorporated. While we wait for iTunes to okay our podcast for publication, it can be heard on Podomatic at the link above. It's the first episode, so it's a little extra long. Most episodes will be an hour long and focus on one movie as oppose to the first one, which focusses on Scream and Scream 2. There'll be more music discussion in the next episode because I think Scream 3 has an amazing soundtrack – it's better than the movie. You can access the podcast from the link above or from our facebook page. If you get bored for a minute, stop by and check it out.

BERNIE LEADON, founding member of THE EAGLE turns 65 years olds today…

BRIAN MAY, guitarist for QUEEN turns 65 years old today...

ROBB FLYNN, frontman for MACHINE HEAD turns 44 today…




To bring things back around, just before recording that first podcast, I tried to show my co-host a Scream documentary that had aired around Halloween that I had saved on DVR – mostly to see Rose McGowan's plastic surgery. No sooner had I turned on the TV than it blinked off and out. The blinking code tells me it's fried. Time to finally get that flatscreen I suppose. Five songs from my iPod about that experience.

1."Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen
2."Bad Touch" by The Bloodhound Gang
3."Click Click" by Ear2000
4."Explosivo" by Tenacious D
5. "Fell on Black Days" by Soundgarden



Did Ginger Baker set himself on fire at the end of the last Cream concert?


For some reason, for a long time, the rumor that GINGER BAKER set himself on fire at the end of the "last" CREAM concert circulated through rock n' roll crowds. The "last concert" in question would be a concert held at ROYAL ALBERT HALL on November 26, 1968. The concert was recorded and eventually released on film. If Baker had set himself on fire, it would be on film and it certainly would not have been released on home video. At least not in the 70s. The original video was a compilation of two performances at Royal Albert Hall and was edited poorly. In 2005, after a Cream reunion concert, an extended version of the video with eight more tracks on it was released.

Did Jimmy Page write the lyrics to "Stairway to Heaven" with his right hand while simultaneously writing the music for the song with his left?

Nope, again.

I have no idea how this "legend" got around, but JIMMY PAGE didn't even write the lyrics to "Stairway to Heaven." ROBERT PLANT did. The two came up with the song while on an outing at BRON-YR-AUR, a remote cottage in Wales. Plant came up with the lyrics and Page pieced together the song from several guitar samples he had recorded.

The two had been working on the song for awhile as a centerpiece for their concert sets. The accusation that the song contained Satanic messages when played backwards came quickly after the release of the song. Page's purchase of famous occultist ALEISTER CROWLEY's mansion shortly after didn't help matters. The rumor persisted that the band sold their souls for the song. Everyone involved has, of course, denied those rumours.

Check it out for yourself:

Did Stevie Nicks have a roadie blow cocaine up her ass?


The legend is that FLEETWOOD MAC star STEVIE NICKS had done so much cocaine that she developed a hole inside her nose and doctors told her that her nose would keep disappearing should she continue her idea of a good time. Instead of cleaning up, Nicks got clever and hired a roadie whose sole function was to take a straw and blow cocaine up Stevie's ass.

I can see where this rumor started. Stevie's coke problems are well documented. It did cause interior damage to her nose, so this is a logical conclusion – kind of. Other body parts would probably have been more logical, but Stevie was a hottie and people wanted to have a reason to talk about and look at her ass. Even better, they wanted to imagine getting paid to mess with her ass on a daily basis.

For the record, in a May 2001 interview with Britain's Q magazine, Stevie flat out denied it:

"You know, I heard that [myth] too. But of course that never, ever happened. That is an absurd statement. It's not true. Maybe that nasty rumour came from the fact that people knew I had such a big hole in my nose, which of course didn't stop me from doing cocaine one little bit. The hole in my nose is this big. I have very delicate tissue, so it ate away my nose. It's so painful. I curse the day I ever did cocaine. Nothing really works right in my head now."

Of course, no one expects Stevie to own up to it if it were true. It the reverse sexism thing. Male members of rock ‘n roll bands are heroes because of all the chicks they bang, but if Stevie Nicks or BLONDIE wants to bang a bunch of dudes, they're gross and looked down upon. The same thing applies here. If NIKKI SIXX told you he blew cocaine up his ass, he'd be awesome, but Stevie Nicks can't get away with the same thing. She says she didn't, so that's what we have to go by for now unless a roadie from that time shows up in the press singing a different tune and holding a 30+ year old used straw.

That's all I got for you this week, kids. Hope everyone has a great week. Check out the podcast is you have a chance. As always, questions can be left right here in the COMMENTS section or sent to me via email.

I must leave you now.


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