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The Low End Theory Hip-Hop News Report 4.12.13: The Straight Out of Cuba Edition
Posted by Tony Acero on 04.12.2013

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"Driven" - By Tony Acero
"Through the Looking Glass" - By Tony Acero

Good Afternoon all! Yes, I've finally taken a break from reruns of Friends and Pinterest (typical girl shit) to blast some Hip Hop in my vacant home and write for only one of the greatest columns known to 411mania! Although I'm super bummed about having to work my chump change ass job later, I'm so glad I can escape for a bit and let my words flow here. Our last column was pretty dope though, wasn't it? Our ALL KENDRICK edition hit everyone close to home, which made for an amazing read! Tony wasn't lyin when he talked about settin off a bomb with one single sentence..."Tell me about Kendrick". Speaking of which, make sure you scroll down to my section to see what my weekend was all about...It'll be worth the read.

Speakin of worth the read…waddddupppp! Last week ,I took a break due to some essays bein due and all that other unnecessary crap a student needs to get done. I thank you for your patience, and hope you and yours are doin well. As for now, let's get to the news!

Video of the Week
Nicki Minaj -

I mean, it's a song…

- Rick Ross has officially been dropped as a sponser for Reebok, leaving Joseph Paige wondering "Why was Rick Ross representing a brand of running shoes anyways?"

- Riff-Raff will be starring in the "moved-to-Hulu" soap opera, One Life to Live, proving that the internet is about the biggest stage this guy is going to ever step foot on.

- Lupe Fiasco reportedly stopped a concert due to being hit with a glowstick. He later informed fans that he has multiple black belts. Because glowsticks is the new way of challenging for a duel…

- Nicki Minaj will not be touring this Summer. Let the world rejoice.

- Ray-J has teamed up with Chris Brown for a remix to "I Hit it First.


With America in a position where North Korea is throwing threats, the economy is still hurting, criticism is at an all time high, budget-work is being considered, and fat people everywhere are getting Large soft-drinks for a dollar at McDonald's, it appears that Congress wants to focus on something much more pressing. About a week ago, Jay-Z and Beyonce took a trip to Cuba to celebrate their five year wedding anniversary. Sounds like a nice trip, right? Only problem is the fact that American's aren't supposed to be heading to Cuba for fun in the sun due to our ever-lasting stand against communism (right, China?) and anti-Castro sentiment. Members of Congress wanted to hold an investigation as to the real reason behind the power couple's trip to Cuba. Jay claims it was an educational trip, as he and Beyonce were making "meaningful contact" with the Cuban population. This meaningful contact required a "full-time schedule of education exchange" and some people are a bit upset that Jay and Bey had a bit too much fun on their trip. One Representative (Rep. Ros-Lehtinen) claimed, "it is clear that the Obama Administration is not serious about denying the Castro regime an economic lifeline that US tourism will extend to it."

Well…damn. Look man, I'm no political guru, and maybe this did piss off a few people, but is THIS what we are worried about as a country? That one man, a rapper, took a trip to Cuba with his wife? THIS is what Congress is talking about right now? THIS is what we're worried about? Although I'm not too big on the idea of Communism, is Jay-Z going to Cuba showing a complete support of the way the country is run? And what of the hypocritical stance of the government as a whole in the way they turn a blind eye to certain other communist countries? I don't want to spend too much time on it, but suffice to say, I am sure there is plenty more to be worrying about than whether or not Jay-Z is a secret communist supporter…I mean, I thought he was in the Illuminati, right?

Anyways, here's what Jay-Z had to say:

Of course, since Jay-Z didn't leave it alone, neither did Congress, as just a few short hours ago, a press secretary was questioned regarding the lyrics of Jay-Z's "Open Letter," questioning the validity of it. Who the fuck are these people?

Your Turn: Is Congress overexaggerating?


I swear, sometimes you can just smell the douche radiating from hip-hop. If you don't know by now, practical no-name, RAY-J dropped a track called "I Hit it First" where he makes a bunch of references to a certain someone and how he handled dat ass first. If the ass in question is Kim Kardashian, I highly doubt he hit it "first," but even assuming it is true, what kind of childish machismo move is this? Ray-J, of course, claimed that he is meaning a lot of different things towards a lot of different people in the track. Because, "She might move on to rappers and ball players" isn't Kim Kardashian at all…

The track in question is here:

Musically, there is no growth on the side of Ray-J, as it's some simple ass lyric spewing, and sounds like radio-fodder, with the exception of the content. But the bigger key here is that it's getting a buzz, and that's got to be what Ray-J wanted, right? Look, Kim means jack and shit to me, but telling a dude "I hit it first" in reference to his baby's momma will do one of two things: piss the dude off or make him laugh. As a man, when you get older and meet a girl, there is a realization that this girl may very well have had sex with someone before you, and guess how much that shit matters…zip zero. Ray-J's track screams for attention and a mentality that – unfortunately – lives large in hip hop and urban communities. For whatever reason, claiming you hit it first is a badge of honor, when in reality it doesn't mean shit – especially considering, like I said before….I highly DOUBT you hit it first.

In honor of that made-up Facebook day that I've never heard of dedicated to siblings and shit, here are the Vu sisters!!! Both ladies have been in the column on their own, and both are such lovely ladies, both behind the camera and in front of it. (Ashley is on the right, Victoria on the left).

You can find each one of these beautiful ladies on Instagram!


Busta Rhymes

Busta what it is right now? You definitely will have people looking at you now, but not in a good way. Early last Wednesday morning, Busta Rhymes left a Miami Beach night club with his entourage and entered the Cheeseburger Baby restaurant, which has hosted stars like Jay-Z & Beyonce. Unfortunately Busta still thought it was the 90's and requested that his entourage be allowed to skip the line and order. What he wasn't aware of is that the Cheeseburger Baby has a policy of not giving celebrities any special privileges. Busta wasn't having it and went into a tirade in the crowded restaurant forcing the manager to serve his crew ahead of others. But the fun doesn't end there. Once Busta received his order he was outraged that all of his condiments were served to him on the side instead of actually on his burger.

I am no stranger to the dangerous combination of being drunk and hungry simultaneously. Last thing you need at this point is another obstacle in the way of you getting your grub on! Busta Rhymes insisted that the workers put the condiments on his burger themselves, but according to the manager the restaurant serves the condiments on the side to prevent soggy hamburger buns - Understandable, right? Not for Busta Buss! He reportedly went into Hulk mode, yelled disparaging and homophobic comments at the employees, and stormed out once cops were called. This all sounds like a bad World Star Hip-Hop video gone bad but it truly happened, and I'm for one shocked. Out of the slew of rappers 40-year-old Busta Rhymes seems to have his head on straighter than the majority of his peers. But Jay said it years ago, "When the Remy in the system…" Busta Rhymes, you sir are the douche of the week!

March 30, 2013 marks the first Saturday I was up before 7AM, and actually ecstatic about it without requiring coffee. Why, you ask? Well a little something called Paid Dues 2013...that's why. Being that I haven't been to one of these gigs since my early hip hop days (of being an energetic 17 year old) I was hydrated with gallons of water already in my system and ready to take on the San Bernardino sun at the San Manuel Amphitheater.

After swoopin up the homies & making a long drive on the two lane 138 Highway, we arrived and heard nothing but bass & sound checks as we waited in what was probably the longest damned line in the world. Guys got their sacks searched, and girls got bags searched...and we were promptly on our way inside. Bought brew, rolled blunts, all while listenin to Terrance Martin own Poetic Justice with his saxophone, and Chevy Woods reppin Taylor Gang by bringing Wiz Khalifa out on stage.
Then, the pilgrimage from one stage to another with strict time scheduling and planning began. With one other person and myself being the only two veterans of the group, we led everyone else when it came to dope music. We traveled up & down dusty ass hills to see act after act (Styles of Beyond, Flatbush Zombies, and others) and although I LOVED each and every one of them, few stood out to me. WC had to be one of my most sentimental moments as weird as that sounds...as he started bringing back Westside Connection I quickly reached for my phone to call their number one fan..my dad.

I shed a couple tears of joy knowing he was probably throwin up his WESTSIDE W right next to his little "NEAH NEAH" (yes, that was my nickname he gave me growing up) then I quickly remembered HE was the reason I was there. Talib brought out Jean Grae and Terrence Martin, and they jammed out on stage flowin to The Beatles. Later in the evening we saw Trinidad James, Jedi Mind Tricks, and Mobb Deep put on..and managed to head back in time for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' set (which you might doubt, but they put on a fuckin SET!) and then...the Grand Finale..

BLACK HIPPY! I managed to get a few shots and about one shitty quality video on my phone before it completely died for the night so I'll explain now and let the videos below do the rest...The Curtain Dropped to "Black Lip Bastard" and the crowd went absolutely APESHIT. Each member then proceeded to play their single acts alone. they ALL were DOPE! ,b>Kendrick hyped the crowd like none other..HE PLAYED EVERY SONG I HOPED FOR! Just watch...&ENJOY! (thanks to these people for the better quality videos by the way)

Then when we tried heading toward the exit and he finished the night with this CRAZY ASS FINALE:

It was an amazing time, and if you're in the area next year, please do yourself a favor and get to the show.

The Low End Theory Team

Tony Acero
Twitter: @TonyAcero411
"Driven" - By Tony Acero
"Through the Looking Glass" - By Tony Acero
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