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411 Music Buy or Sell 04.24.13: Bitch, Don't Kill My Easy Red Hards
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 04.25.2013

Greetings and salutations, Music Zone readers! Welcome to your top choice in music single opinion columns, 411 Music Buy or Sell! I'm your host Jeremy Thomas, and each week we'll look at some of the hottest new and hit singles and a couple of our esteemed writers will decide if they want to keep the song (Buy) or drop it like it's hot (Sell). Our listeners this week are the mster of the Low End Theory, Tony Acero, taking on 411 Music Zone writer emeritus David Hayter!

All right, enough of the introductions and rules…let's hop to it!

1) Drowning Pool - "Anytime Anyplace"
From Resilience (Eleven Seven Music)
Released March 18, 2013
Tony Acero: SELL.

But just barely. Drowning Pool isn't exaxtly at the top of my list in terms of music, but I'm well aware of their existence and actually like a few tracks by them. Still, this one is a bit too jarring. Not in a "hardcore" type of way (far from it, to be exact), but the constant in and out of the music is annyonig to my ear. Maybe it's the copy on YouTube, but it seriously felt like someone was jacking off the volume control, and it made the listening experience a bit unpleasant. I also have to comment on the singer, who brings a different sound to the band, but not a unique sound. In a sense, it feels like he's trying to emulate others before him instead of trying to be himself. But what do I know?

David Hayter: SELL.

Drowning Pool have never had a problem providing impetus and oomph, but "Resilience" feels trite. The lyrics are testosterone charged to the point of caricature. Good times can certainly be had throwing yourself against the wall to "Anytime Anyplace" but it doesn't add anything particularly notable or inspiring to a tired sound. It is what it is, but "Anytime Anyplace" is unlikely to stick in your memory.


2) Drop City Yacht Club (ft. Jeremih) - "Crickets"
From Crickets (Exit 8/A&M/Octone)
Released March 26, 2013
Tony Acero: SELL.

It appears we got some new kids on the block of hip hop attempting to make an impact, and although their sound is solid, this song lacks content to latch onto. It's funny in a way, but it seems like a Bruno Mars and B.o.B. track, and although that gets radio play, it doesn't get recognition from me. Not to say that the track is bad, but it's not new, and as a new artist, that's what you're trying to do, right?

David Hayter: BUY.

Jeremih continues to earn indie cred by delivering yet another dreamy hook. Drop City Yacht Club certainly have their ears attuned to summer time, inoffensive, FM radio rap – and you know what? That's no bad thing. Whether this sound would wear thin over the course of an hour long LP remains to be seen, but this is a decent stab a late night summer single.


3) The Saturdays (ft. Sean Paul) - "What About Us"
From TBA (Fascination)
Released March 12, 2013
Tony Acero: SELL.

Well, they're hot...And hey, Sean Paul is still alive! This is the 4 AM Vegas track that they play to get me out of the club. It has that feeling of looking around and wondering how much you drank, where your keys are at, and just how ugly that girl really was that you made out with. Which is to say, it has its place in my life, but it's not by choice...

David Hayter: SELL .

Over here in the UK we've been waiting for someone to step up and fill Girls Alouds' stilettos. The Saturdays were intriguingly odd when they first arrived with harsh angular synth driven pop – unfortunately since their debut they've been focus grouped into a blandness. "What About Us" is symptomatic of their plight – it's about as flaccid and forgettable as pop gets. These girls are so marketable their handlers can afford to take some risks.


4) Sheryl Crow - "Easy"
From TBA (Warner Music Nashville)
Released March 12, 2013
Tony Acero: BUY.

It's Sheryl Crow, how can ya say no? I have a soft spot for Country artists, in that they are incredible story-tellers, and this isn't all that different. Sure, there are some aspects that are cliche, but it's a song called "Easy," so I chock it up to being clever. I like a song that can take me somewhere, and this one did.

David Hayter: SELL.

The record industry is officially gearing up for the summer. "Easy" is your typically leisurely paced stroll down to the seaside (or not in Sheryl's case). Its hard to make the take it slow aesthetic exciting and Sheryl isn't quite up to the task. This track is perfectly passable in everyway, but like Drowning Pool's "Anytime Anyplace' it's simply impossible to get excited about a track that is so formulaic and devoid of edge – that said, I wouldn't complain if this came on the radio while I was lying on a beach.


5) Kendrick Lamar - "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe"
From good kid, m.A.A.d city (Top Dawg/Aftermath)
Released March 19, 2013
Tony Acero: BUY.

Oh, you better buy the shit outta this, y'all. Kendrick is at the top of his game with this song, and it's one of the standout tracks from the standout album, good kid, m.A.A.d city. I'd say get the Gaga version, but she doesn't really add anything to the experience. Even if you don't like the voice-altered Kendrick (like I don't), this song evokes a particular feeling and tells a story. It's also the perfect track to play in the house when your woman pisses you off. She may not get the message, but you know you're sayin it...and it feels good.

David Hayter: BUY.

In my previous responses I talked about artist struggling to make chilled songs intriguing, Kendrick Lamar has no such trouble. His word play is tight and he carries the listener along with his densely packed narrative, but the star of the show is the warped stoned tranquility of Kendrick and Gaga's choruses. It's relaxing but reassuringly odd. The juxtaposition between the intensity of Lamar and the hazy groove is superb, by putting the listener in a docile state Kendrick's words feel as if they are being beamed directly into your subconscious. Fantastic stuff.


6) Walk Off The Earth - "Red Hands"
From R.E.V.O. (Columbia)
Released March 19, 2013
Tony Acero: SELL.

I like the combination of voices this group possesses. I've truly never heard of them, but they seem like a solid group with a lot of potential. What they shouldn't be doing, however, is trying to sound like fun. I know it's only the heavy drums that allow me to make the connection, but I can't be the only one, and what that does is draw comparisons that this group simply doesn't need. I think they need something else aside from this in their catelog in order for me to get behind them.

David Hayter: SELL.

The post-Arcade Fire, post-Noah And The Whale, post-Lumineers naturalistic chanting and roots infected strain of pop may have reached critical mass, and "Red Hands" is that final step too far. The rustic power has been sapped and Walk Off The Earth have left us with in an insipid single that refuses to imposes itself. "Red Hands" is too mannered.


Rough week this week, as only Kendrick gets a Buy agreeable week this time around as Drowning Pool, Saturdays and Walk off the Earth get Sells! Thanks to both Tony and David for their participation this week; that will do it us! What do you think of the singles we covered? Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments!


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