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411 Music Fact Or Fiction 05.24.13: Atomic Miguel Drop
Posted by Joseph Lee on 05.24.2013

New 411 Music Fact or Fiction Banner

Welcome to another edition of Fact or Fiction: Music. I'm your host, Joseph Lee.

This week we have Tony Acero against Joseph Paige Jr.

Round 1
1) You enjoyed Stone Temple's Pilots' first new song with Chester Bennington, "Out of Time".
Tony Acero: FACT.

I'd like you to keep in mind, however, that this is not my genre. So my ear isn't so inclined to the before or present act of STPs (so much, in fact, that I don't even know if I'm allowed to acronym them). Now for the song, I enjoyed it well enough. It is upbeat, the lyrics are actually pretty solid in terms of song lyrics, and it has a nice feel to it. My only concern with any band is that they don't yell at me.

Joseph Paige Jr: FACT.

Stone Temple Pilots are back ladies and gentlemen and this time Chester Bennigton joins them for "Out of Time". This track is loud, in your face, and bold which makes all the ingredients I need for my rock jams. This will definitely make the "Pump Iron playlist" for many of bros out there!

Score Card: 1 for 1

Round 2
2) Yeezus is a terrible name for Kanye West's next album.
Tony Acero: FICTION.

However! Kanye can name his album whatever the hell he wants! He is probably my favorite asshole outside of Jenna Haze, and I find his arrogance just a source of entertainment. I know some people think his head is too big, and I won't lie that it isn't. Still, I find something very awe-inspiring about his arrogance. I love that he's not afraid to experiment, not afraid to be brash, and yeah...sue me, I'm a Kanye fan. The album title is done for the same reason there were nude photos on the cover of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in that it gets a rise out of people and sells records.

Joseph Paige Jr FACT.

Kanye West… "Yeezus"…. Really? This guy is so egotistical that it's no surprise that he's starting a family with the ultimate narcissist Kim Kardashian. Here's a suggestion for an album title change Kanye, " I'm Going to Scream In a Microphone How Much I Hate America's Materialistic Culture While Simultaneously Representing All I'm Preaching Against".

Score Card: 2 for 2

Round 3
3) You do not believe Wade Robson's claims that Michael Jackson molested him.
Tony Acero: FACT.

Now, I know it's no secret that there was some shady shit going down at Neverland Ranch, and I'm not saying that Michael didn't diddle no kiddies. I simply cannot believe someone that comes from out of nowhere, years after, to try and talk about it. I understand this is a mentally shattering issue that can cause years of therapeutic necessities, but to come out and claim that a man who is now dead did such a thing seriously seems like just a money grab.
Joseph Paige Jr: FACT.

After being accused numerous times of child molestation you would think Michael Jackson's reputation would be permanently ruined. However, none of these claims ever come from reputable individuals. Wade Robson is now coming out of the woods to declare he was molested as a child by the pop superstar because his repressed memories came about during counseling. Child Please! You were the same man who testified under oath a few years ago that Michael was completely innocent and never touched you. So now that Britney Spears isn't calling you for choreography routines you have to get money any way possible? Go into hiding Wade, no one believes you!
Score Card: 3 for 3


Round 4
4) You're interested in a new Drake/Jay-Z collaboration.
Joseph Paige Jr: FACT.

Drake and Jay-Z collaboration on Jay's last "Blueprint" album was one of my favorite tracks on the album. If they can get Timbaland to lay down another hot beat for them than I'm all for it.

Tony Acero: FICTION.

I'm a huge fan of Jay-Z but I have absolutely no interest in Drake and haven't for a long time. The day he stops calling himself a rapper OR starts actually rapping is when I'll consider him some sort of interesting person. Until then, he comes off as a crooning baby, passing heavy R&B for rap.

Score Card: 3 for 4

Round 5
5) You would be interested in an R. Kelly country song.
Joseph Paige Jr: FACT.

R. Kelly doing country is an interesting idea. The guy is multitalented and I've heard him do many other genres flawlessly in the past. Besides, country music is all about the story telling and if you're a fan of the "Trapped In the Closet" series than you know Kell's can conjure up a good storyline.

Tony Acero: FICTION.

I miss R. Kelly. I haven't heard a song of his since his Trapped in the Closet series, and even that got old fast. A country song...seems like an experiment that will lead to nothing.

Score Card: 3 for 5

Round 6
6) There's no way Miguel avoids a lawsuit after his stunt at the Billboard Music Awards.
Joseph Paige Jr FICTION.

When I first saw Miguel, who I now refer to as "Puss In Boots" do a Hulk Hogan drop kick on two unsuspected audience members at the Billboard Music Awards this past Sunday I died. I literally died! I felt my spirit leave my body and God sent it back because he knew I still had an obligation to write this column. But Miguel is lucky that a lawsuit hasn't popped up. I've been following this story and last I heard the girl who was injured was actually enthused to have tasted Miguel's nuts and he hung out with her for the remainder of the night. Time will only tell if months later this girl neck goes haywire and she needs to "Adorn" it with casting. But for right now I think Miguel is safe from seeing the court room anytime soon.
Tony Acero: FICTION.

I want to say Fact, because people in America are all about suing. But considering Miguel makes all the girls go crazy, maybe this chick will find it flattering moreso than anything else. I haven't read up on it, I may be talkin out of our ass here, but I feel that some girls would love to be known as the woman that Migeul Ruff Ryder'd. With this though, I think saying there's "No Way" he gets sued is too strong.

Score Card: 4 for 6

Anything you agree with? Disagree with? Sound off in the comment section.


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