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411 Music Fact or Fiction 06.21.13: Kanye West Just Name-Dropped Bobby Boucher
Posted by Joseph Lee on 06.21.2013

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Welcome to another edition of Fact or Fiction: Music. I'm your host, Joseph Lee.

This week we have myself against Robert Cooper.

Round 1
1) You were impressed with Kanye West's new album Yeezus.
Joseph Lee: FICTION.

You probably shouldn't take my opinion to mean anything as I don't listen to a whole lot of rap and I'm not a huge fan of Kanye West anyway. However, we have three excellent reviews on this very website if you want a good, educated look at the album. But I'll say this. I did my homework and listened to every single second of this album. I didn't like it. More than that, I hated it. I personally thought it was a bunch of noise playing in the background of really bad lyrics that sound like a second grader came up with. Take this one ("I wanna fuck you hard on the sink/After that, give you something to drink") or this one ("Baby girl tryna get a nut/And her girl tryna give it up/Chopped 'em both down/Don't judge 'em, Joe Brown") or this one ("Stop all that coon shit/Early morning cartoon shit/This is that goon shit/Fuck up your whole afternoon shit"). That last one is my favorite, because he decides he's going to rhyme shit with shit TWICE. He knows what kind of album he made.

Robert Cooper: FICTION.

I've not heard the album, and while I usually do go and do the homework for columns like this, I'm not going to go listen to the whole album. All the reviews are saying that it's great, so I'll take their word for it. I personally find Kanye West to be a guy whose vision I can respect, but my views on his music gets muddled by the fact that I find him to be a douchecanoe. I have no interest in listening to the album, so I can't say that I'm impressed by something I haven't listened to, or really want to listen to.

Score Card: 1 for 1

Round 2
2) You're excited about the release of a new Jay-Z album.
Joseph Lee: FICTION.

Eh. Jay's has written some good stuff in the past, but I'm not what you would call a fan. I'll probably give it a listen. I may even like it, but I've got a lot of other music on my plate to listen to that I'm way more excited for.

Robert Cooper FICTION.

This week is not really my week in terms of questions. Hip hop isn't really my wheelhouse, and while I do like Jay-Z when I hear him, I can't say that I'm excited about the release of his new album. I guess the fact that I'm not apathetic towards the album is a good sign, but as I said, not a hip-hop guy, so it's hard for me to be pumped for it. Oh well, new Amon Amarth album next week, I'm pumped for that!

Score Card: 2 for 2

Round 3
3) Lil Wayne trampling the American flag was blatant shock value and should be ignored.
Joseph Lee: FACT.

Pretty much, yeah. Wayne went back and said that it was an accident and he didn't mean to, but I think that was just a way to curb any possible backlash he might suffer. Wayne's just like a troll in this case. He's simply trying to get attention and if we ignore him, he won't get it. Of course we're giving it to him right now with this very question, so maybe he wins after all. What have I done?!?

Robert Cooper: FACT.

Pretty much, I always wondered why everyone in my high school back in 2010 was so up in arms about this guy, and I still don't get it. The dude, in my opinion, is far too untalented to have the fame and fortune, as well as the accolades that he has. Now I see that a lot of other people agree with me, and I think Lil Wayne sees that, too. So now he is resorting to shock value to keep his name on TMZ. I wish people could ignore stuff like this, but they wont, because he's being an asshole, and he should be yelled at for doing so. But by yelling at him is what he wants, so maybe if we all just ignore him, he'll go away, or go drink more purple drank.
Score Card: 3 for 3


Round 4
4) You didn't care for MIA's latest single "Bring the Noize".
Robert Cooper: FACT.

I gave it a try, I really did, but the opening of the song turned me off, and never gave me enough to where I found anything that would equal it out. I guess if I were to give a saving grace, it'd be the fact that I liked M.I.A's voice, maybe it's because she's British, but I overall, I found her voice to be the best part of this song. But besides her voice, the rest of this song really just drove me insane. I didn't like the beginning of the song, at all, it wasn't catchy or anything like that, it sounded like a woman with a stuttering problem over an electronic beat, and really it didn't do much more after that. It had your typical beat, now the chorus is a bit better, it does have a few catchy elements, and the ending is different. But for my tastes (which are pretty far off of this), I found this to be pretty generic and slightly annoying because of how it started.

Joseph Lee: FACT.

Remember what I said up there about noise? I guess I can't complain here because the song is called "Bring the Noize". She seems to have better control of her lyrics (from what I can hear, she raps kind of fast I noticed). This just isn't for me. But I did like "Paper Planes", like pretty much all of America. I didn't like this one though.

Score Card: 4 for 4

Round 5
5) You're interested in a new album from Arcade Fire.
Robert Cooper: FACT.

I originally was going to say Fiction, because I'm not exactly interested in them as an act, BUT I changed my answer after I realized that they are a good listen, and I think a new album by them would actually get me interested in their music, so the combination of the fact I don't mind them and the opportunity to get more into them, I can call myself interested.

Joseph Lee: FICTION.

I swear this column is making me sound like some grumpy old man, wishing for the days of Elvis and Sinatra. I promise you, I do enjoy current and popular music. It's not even that I hate Arcade Fire. I just don't know much about them and what I've heard hasn't clicked with me. I can't say I'm interested in a new album if I'm not a huge fan of their past material. Maybe after I do more research and listen to more songs, but right now, I have to say fiction.

Score Card: 4 for 5

Round 6
6) iTunes Radio will be a bigger success than other internet radio services like Pandora.
Robert Cooper FACT.

I don't see why not, iTunes is still pretty big stuff, not as big as it used to be, but still big. Plus, it's run by Apple, and we all know Apple will push the unholy hell out of their product until you buy it. I wouldn't personally use it, not when I use iHeartRadio quite a bit, and would still go to that damn troll Pandora Radio before I turn somewhere like iTunes Radio. But that is just me, I can see most people going for the new game in town that is run by a company that they know and love....or at least are programmed to know and love, but I guess time will tell, right?
Joseph Lee: FACT.

For the simple reason that they're iTunes and they're powered by Apple. Apple will not let an iTunes Radio Service be anything but a success. If anything, it's going to make services like Pandora (but not quite Spotify, which is different) irrelevant. A lot of people have iTunes and I imagine those same people will not mind switching to iTunes Radio to have everything in one place.

Score Card: 5 for 6

Anything you agree with? Disagree with? Sound off in the comment section.


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