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411 Music Fact or Fiction 07.05.13: My Girl Likes To Reggae All The Time
Posted by Joseph Lee on 07.05.2013

New 411 Music Fact or Fiction Banner

Welcome to another edition of Fact or Fiction: Music. I'm your host, Joseph Lee.

This week we have Tony Acero against Shawn S. Lealos.

Round 1
1) You don't care for Snoop Dogg and Eddie' Murphy's reggae song "Redlight".
Tony Acero: FICTION.

At least, I don't NOT care. It's Eddie and Snoop! An interesting mix if there ever was one. Sure, relating either of these to Reggae isn't something we'd do even a year ago, but I can't help but vibe to it. Anything that gets Eddie away from kiddie movies is alright by me.

Shawn S. Lealos: FICTION.

I have always had a soft spot for Eddie Murphy's singing, even if he isn't great or anything like that. I liked this song. When it comes to Snoop's reggae rapping, I am not as enthusiastic, but I thought Eddie was fantastic in this song. Hell, eliminate the Snoop parts and this song would be a complete winner. I just don't like this phase of Snoop's career, but I really dug Eddie and that made it a plus for me.

Score Card: 1 for 1

Round 2
2) You're a fan of J. Cole's new album Born Sinner.
Tony Acero: FACT.

In my Review, I said

J. Cole is still blossoming as an artist and as a man. His internal struggles are laid out on wax here for us and a majority of it is instantly relatable. He is able to weave a simple story together with the needle of production and the thread of lyrics in a glorious way. In some cases the colors are not as vibrant, but for the most part he does solid work in creating a piece of musical history.

A week or so laer, and I still feel this way. I think the album was pretty solid and had a lot of great storytelling in it. At times, it got a bit repetative, but it had far more good than it had bad.
Shawn S. Lealos FICTION.

I have to be honest right here and say that this is not the kind of music I listen to or really enjoy. There are some good things about the songs I have heard (I liked the horns in Let Nas Down), but I really didn't enjoy anything I listened to enough to ever want to hear it again. Now, that is not to say I don't like rap at all, but I just don't like the songs I listened to from this album at all.

Score Card: 1 for 2

Round 3
3) You want to listen to Avenged Sevenfold's new album Hail to the King.
Tony Acero: FICTION.

I feel like I was asked this before. Maybe I had to review one of their songs over in "Buy or Sell." Either way, I have no interest. Nothing against the group, just not my cup of tea.
Shawn S. Lealos: FACT.

Yes, 1,000 times over. While I said that I don't like the kind of music J. Cole puts out, I love me some Avenged Sevenfold. One thing that has me really excited is that Shadows compared to sound to a Sabbath/Zeppelin feel, and they were really writing more in the vein of Sabbath. Yeah, I am really interested in this new album and will definitely give it a listen when it comes out in August. It has been way too long.
Score Card: 1 for 3


Round 4
4) Wiz Khalifa's music video for "Old Chanel" was dull.
Shawn S. Lealos: FACT.

You know, from the start of the video, it looked like it was going to be pretty cool with the location shots, and the entire feel of the video was pretty fresh. Then after about two minutes, I was already tired of the video and the song. This was a situation of taking a good idea and then just dragging it on and on until I wanted to turn it off and stop watching. I did find the Trayvon Martin mention in the middle interesting and the quick RIP at the end was nicely done from an editing standpoint. But the video was just putting me to sleep.

Tony Acero: FACT.

The song is pretty dope, particularly every part without Wiz. But the video just doesn't juxtapose well. It depicts a trip to the roots of a person/city. In essence, going back to where you came from. "Rockin Old Chanel" isn't exactly a similar message. Aside from that, how many slow scans of a menu are we going to get?

Score Card: 2 for 4

Round 5
5) A Broadway show based on Tupac's life is a bad idea.
Shawn S. Lealos: FICTION.

I don't think it is a bad idea at all, if it is done right and respectfully. Honestly, Broadway shows are better when they try something new and unique. Of course, I am a fan of "rock operas" so take that into account when I say that. I really think that telling the story of Tupac on the stage is something I would have to see. I mean, Broadway doesn't have to be traditional (look at Book of Mormon) and I think that a story about Tupac would be something that might be very interesting. Plus, I really think he has a life outside of just the audience he built up before his death.

Tony Acero: FACT.

Let me say this: A broadway show based on the life of a man that emulates Tupac is a good to great idea, although rags to riches has been done to death. A Broadway show based on TUPAC's life is just...meh. Pac's life was unfinished, and most likely wouldn't translate to a complete story without some creative justice, and by that point, it's just a different story. The rise of his popularity, and the odd way in which he really wasn't all that "Thuggish" could translate into something, but I'd have absolutely not interest in seeing a play about it.

Score Card: 2 for 5

Round 6
6) You enjoyed The Pixies' new song "Bagboy".
Shawn S. Lealos FACT.

This was an interesting song and really reminded me of old school Iggy Pop, which I was a huge fan of. If a new song is supposed to make you interested in new music by a band, this one succeeded big time. I want to hear more, and if this song was any indication, it makes me want to hear more ASAP. Sadly, with Kim Deal leaving the band, this might be one of the last great songs by the band. That is very sad after hearing this one (I am pretty sure that was her in the background vocals).

Tony Acero: FICTION.

I mean, it ain't bad. It has this air of addiction. And it's the Pixies....but it gets a bit too spoken word for me. I found the lyrics to be pretty funny and both a callback and a fresh start for The Pixies. Even so, I don't see myself listening to the song again, willingly. Like I said, it's not bad, it's just something I'd probably turn the station on. If it were on shuffle, though, I'd let it play...I don't fux with my shuffle.

Score Card: 2 for 6

Anything you agree with? Disagree with? Sound off in the comment section.


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