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411 Music Buy or Sell 08.15.13: Copy of A Tunnel Roar
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 08.15.2013

Greetings and salutations, Music Zone readers! Welcome to your top choice in music single opinion columns, 411 Music Buy or Sell! I'm your host Jeremy Thomas, and each week we'll look at some of the hottest new and hit singles and a couple of our esteemed writers will decide if they want to keep the song (Buy) or drop it like it's hot (Sell). Our listeners this week are the new man behind the Music Ten Deep Sean Walker taking our favorite metal fan at 411, Robert Cooper!

All right, enough of the introductions and rules…let's hop to it!

1) Justin Timberlake - "Tunnel Vision"
From The 20/20 Experience (RCA)
Released June 14, 2013
Sean Walker: SELL

This is one of those songs on his album that runs too long. He should've cut it by at least 3 minutes. It becomes a bit boring after while and the production doesn't hold my attention at all. It's not bad, just boring .

Robert Cooper: SELL.

But this is a VERY slight sell, like the slightest of sells. I liked the song for the most part, I'm a real sucker for Justin Timberlake, call it nostalgia from N'Sync, that makes it to my current tastes because I dig his voice. What puts this over the line into selling territory is the fact that the song kind of went on for a little longer than I would have wanted, not to mention that it was a little repetitive. Maybe I'll like the radio edit of it more. This does get extra points for the video, especially the uncensored one.


2) Flo Rida (ft. Pitbull) - "Can't Believe It"
From The Perfect 10 (Atlantic/Poe Boy)
Released July 30th, 2013

[Ed. Note: We're calling that a "Sell."]

UGH. After visiting the hospital, the vet, and my lawyer, I sat back downto finish writing the rest of these response.You have two of the men responsible for many,MANY oral abortions.This was a disaster waiting to happen. Of all the songs ....Jesus Christ I need a comb and some cream.

Robert Cooper: SELL.

Damnit, why does nobody recognize that Sir Mix-A-Lot is the only man that can pull of a great ass song, I really wish Mr.Rida here would figure it out. I mean, the guy isn't exactly David Bowie in terms of creativity, or Bob Dylan in terms of lyrics, but I really hope that he can pull something out of his ass that is better than this. It's a generic club banger, with Flo Rida psuedo singing badly, then Pitbull shows up to give me more of a reason to turn this song off. It's just a really mediocre song, and I'll die happy if I never heard it again.


3) Stone Sour - "The Uncanny Valley"
From House of Gold & Bones - Part 2 (Roadrunner)
Released June 20, 2013
Sean Walker: SELL.

This sounds like a Seether song, which isn't a bad thing. It's a solid song that I would definitely listen to again.

Robert Cooper: BUY.

I wanted to love this song, especially after the really good song that you made me listen to last time, and I really dug it. This song is just kind of a typical hard rock song with a bit of a ballad-y feel to it. If you're a fan of Stone Sour, or Corey Taylor's voice, you'll love this song. I don't mind this song, or his voice, so it gets a small buy from me, I think perhaps what put it over for me was the great solo towards the end.


4) Katy Perry - "Roar"
From PRISM (Capitol)
Released August 11, 2013
Sean Walker: SELL.

I am a fan of Katy Perry. She has her moments of brilliance, and her moments of mediocrity. This isn't a bad song. It probably will annoy me to death when I hear it on the radio a million times. She tries to make the song something it's not. It fails at connecting on an emotional level.

Robert Cooper: SELL.

I don't like Katy Perry, last time I was given Katy Perry, the song was good enough to warm even my pop hating cold heart uo it. This song...not so much, it's pretty bland and standard fare from Ms. Perry. That doesn't really surprise me, though, because Katy Perry and pop music are known for being safe, and if the masses can dig it, cool for them. Maybe I'm the problem when it comes to Katy Perry,but I just don't dig her standard music.


5) Ciara (ft. Nicki Minaj) - "I'm Out"
From Ciara (Epic)
Released June 3, 2013
Sean Walker: BUY.

This is the Ciara I've been missing for 6 years. Nicki Minaj doesn't sound like a helium induced chicken. The song is great for summer fun and a great head banger. It's a definite highlight of her album that should also be bought.

Robert Cooper: SELL.

Because Nikki Minaj......okay, it's not only because of her, but her being here really kind of hurt the potential of this song for me. I don't mind Ciara, her voice is okay, even if it is autotuned to hell. The beat was serviceable, but then Nikki Minaj showed up at the end, and her showing up can kill my enjoyment in almost anything. This song that was already bordering the sell line just went over that fence.


6) Nine Inch Nails - "Copy of A"
From Hesitation Marks (Columbia/Null)
Released August 13, 2013
Sean Walker: BUY

It's great that Radiohead has decided to release a new album...oh that's not them? I kid. I've seen Nine Inch Nails perform this live and it's way better than the studio version. However this version is still great. It's a bit underwhelming compared to previous NIN singles, but it's still a great listen.

Robert Cooper: BUY.

Surprisingly enough, I dug this song, and it wasn't even close to the usual stuff that I dig on this column. I've never been a real fan of Trent Reznor, more due to the fact that I've just not really heard enough of his music and been overly entertained to go back and find more. But this song here is really damn good, it really warrants multiple listens because there are many layers to the song, and I will be listening to it many times more!


Rough week this time around as only NIN gets a Buy and Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry and Flo Rida all get Sells! Thanks to Sean and Robert for their participation this week; that will do it us! What do you think of the singles we covered? Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments!


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