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Gossip Guide 1.08.14: Jelena is Back On
Posted by Jeremy Lambert on 01.08.2014

Gossip Guide here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of entertainment's elite.

Long Live
(News stories involving celebrities who have unfortunately passed)

Actor James Avery passed away from complications following open heart surgery. The actor was 68.

If you didn't grow up watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air, first off, what is wrong with you? Second, this death probably didn't hurt you as much as it hurt me and the rest of the cool kids in the 90's. Uncle Phil was one of the best TV dads in history. Even though Will was always mean to him and made a fat joke at every turn, Hilary was an airhead who only watched his money, Ashley was your typical teen, Carlton was a suck up, Jeffrey made his life miserable, and he had two different wives; Uncle Phil took it all in stride and never stopped caring of them and getting them out of the eventual mess they would find themselves in.

One of my favorite episodes is when Uncle Phil was a pool hustler. After Will lost everything, Uncle Phil walked into the bar, played stupid, and then had Jeffrey break out Lucille so Uncle Phil could teach the guys in the pool hall, and Will, a lesson. There were many classic Uncle Phil moments, but that one will always stand out to me. Also, every time Uncle Phil thew Jazz out the front door, if you didn't laugh, you have no sense of humor.

It's a shame we never got a real Fresh Prince reunion and if they decide to do it now, it just won't be the same without Uncle Phil.

RIP James Avery.

All Too Well
(News stories involving celebrity hook-ups and break-ups)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were hanging out over the past week, riding segways and posting instagram pictures together.

UGH! I really want to like Selena Gomez, she is BFF's with my future wife after all, but he obsession with Justin Bieber just makes her unlikeable. How many times does this guy have to break your heart before you realize that he's no good for you, Selena? Not only is he sleeping around with a bunch of women, including Brazilian porn stars, but he hangs around with bad people and idiots. You seem like a sweet girl Selena, but you're just as dumb as him if you believe there is a long term future here. Your BFF doesn't approve of this relationship, so why do you continue to move forward with it? Sooner or later, Selena will have to choose between Taylor and Justin. And if she chooses Justin, within a year she'll come crawling back to Taylor because Justin will have ruined her life. Everyone in the world is warning you Selena, so open your eyes and see what is it front of you. This is just more proof to my theory that girls love guys who treat them terribly.

Also, segways are still cool in 2014?

Emma Roberts, 22, is engaged to Evan Peters, 26.

I'm excited to be writing about their split in about 6 months. Maybe that's mean of me, but I will point out to you that last year the police were called on Roberts for domestic violence against Peters. Sorry, but no relationship that starts with domestic violence ends in domestic bliss. I hope I'm wrong because, even though I love celebrity break-ups, I hate celebrity divorces. So if they do split, hopefully it's before they go through with the wedding.

I don't know too much about Peters, but if the domestic violence thing is true, then I kind of feel bad for him. That stuff puts a guy in a tough position because he can't exactly hit her back, but he comes off weak if he lets the girl beat him up. That said, I'm not sure if he actually loves Emma, he might just be afraid of what she'll do to him if he leaves her. If that's the case, well played Ms. Roberts.

Emma Watson and Will Adamowicz have split.

YES! I'm a huge Emma Watson fan and now I have a chance to date her. And unlike most celebrities, who I have a .1% chance with, I actually feel like I have a 1% chance with Emma, because she's not afraid to date regular people. Never heard of Will Adamowicz? Don't be concerned, neither had I until he started dating Emma. The reason for that is because he was just a regular student at Brown University. I just hope that dating this guy didn't ruin Emma's "regular person" experience and she's willing to give a gossip columnist a chance in the near future.

Better Than Revenge
(News stories involving celebrity feuds and disses)

Taylor Swift was reportedly rejected by Douglas Booth.

Good for you Douglas Booth. You realized that you're not the one for Taylor and you decided to not even go down that road. I respect that. This is a problem that Taylor is going to run into now that the whole world knows about her song writing habits. Granted these habits were on display from the very first album she released, but she's become one of the biggest stars in the world since then and has shown no fear of holding back, which means everyone she potentially dates is going to be worried about ending up in a song. Not me though. I embrace that. A life goal of mine is to be the subject of a Taylor Swift song. Because of this, I feel like I have a chance with her. Most guys will be afraid of her and will look at her like she has a Scarlett letter. Not me, Taylor. Not me.

I Knew You Were Trouble
(News stories involving celebrities in trouble)

Ke$ha has checked herself into rehab for an eating disorder.

I'm not a big fan of Ke$ha but I feel bad for her if she does have an eating disorder. At least she recognizes her problem and has gone to seek help. It sounds like she's heading to the same rehab center that treated Demi Lovato, which means they know how to handle celebrities, who obviously need to be treated a little bit differently than normal people. I never thought of Ke$ha as being all that skinny, which just goes to show that you don't have to be super thin to have an eating disorder. I'd say this could lead to some reflective music from Ke$ha, but I don't know how you turn an eating disorder into a club banger. On second thought, I can't wait to see everyone on the dance floor jamming to "Throw It Up" this summer.

The Lucky One
(AJ Grey's Pic of the Week)

This was a close one between Jaclyn Swedburg's cleavage and Lea Michele's bikini booty, but in the end I went with my true love.

Our Song
(Music Pick of the Week)

This one is for you Ke$ha. Hope you get better.

XOXO, Gossip Guide


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