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Gossip Guide 1.29.14: Bieber Arrested
Posted by Jeremy Lambert on 01.29.2014

Gossip Guide here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of entertainment's elite.

Long Live
(News stories involving celebrities who have unfortunately passed)

All Too Well
(News stories involving celebrity hook-ups and break-ups)

Heidi Klum and Martin Kirsten have split. The two had been dating since September 2012.

This was never going to last. Martin Kirsten, whoever that is, was nothing more than a rebound for Klum after she split from Seal. Good job by Kirsten though, he got over a year out of the relationship. A relationship with HEIDI KLUM, who still looks better than most models even though she's 20 years younger than them. Klum needs someone her age and successful otherwise these relationships are going to fail. You know who would be good for her? George Clooney. That's right. THE George Clooney. If anyone is going to tame this man, wouldn't you put some money on Klum to be the one to do it? I don't know if Vegas has odds on who Clooney will eventually marry, but I'd definitely put $50 down on Klum. Anyway, best of luck to Martin Kirsten, who will never be heard from again.

Better Than Revenge
(News stories involving celebrity feuds and disses)

Ariana Grande was bullied on the Grammys red carpet for checking her twitter feed.

Doesn't everyone check their twitter while on the red carpet? They're all taking selfies or pictures of other stars and then putting the pics on twitter and instagram. So the fact that these people singled out Ariana is a shame. But no one gets attacked by blogs without reason and the reason why they attacked Ariana is simple: she is very sensitive and they wanted to test her. And they won, because Ariana was crying and asking, "why am I here?" after they attacked her. While I do think that Ariana needs to develop thicker skin because, now that she's more famous than some Nickelodeon show, she's going to be attacked by no-names looking to make a girl cry, this is still just uncalled for. If Beyonce did this, everyone would praise her for giving her fans access to the Grammys red carpet because these bloggers wouldn't dare go against Beyonce. Keep your head up Ariana, Deshaun Sheppard will be there to comfort you.

I Knew You Were Trouble
(News stories involving celebrities in trouble)

Justin Bieber was arrested was for driving while drunk, resisting arrest, and drag racing.

I hate this kid and if you support him or try to defend him, then I hate you too. Don't give me "oh, he has so much money at such a young age, how would you act?" excuse. Plenty of people have a lot of money at a young age but they aren't causing trouble or getting in trouble every week. The worst part about this moron is that he shows no remorse for his actions. He smiles in his mugshot, tells his fans to stay strong, doesn't apologize, and thinks the media is out to get him. He acts like he's doing nothing wrong and because no one punishes him, he's going to continue to act this way. Which leads me to ask, where are this idiot's parents? According to reports, his dad is a terrible influence who actually left Justin when he was a kid but came back once he became famous. It sounds like his mom is trying, but she's been cut out of his life because Justin would rather have a good time with his dad.

The only thing left for his friends and family that really care about him to do is to just leave him. They need to give him an ultimatum. Either clean your act up or leave him. And if he chooses to keep being a douchebag, then that's his choice and he'll live to regret it in a year when his money runs out, his hanger on friends leave, and he's left with nothing. You can't reason with the unreasonable so they only thing to do with them is to let them make their own mistakes and hope they realize that they screwed up and are actually willing to turn their life around before it's too late.

Bieber is enjoying his fame right now, but just wait because at the rate he's going, it won't last long. He'll either be broke or dead by the end of this year.

The Lucky One
(AJ Grey's Pic of the Week)

Once again, it's the love of my life, Jaclyn Swedberg.

Our Song
(Music Pick of the Week)

To the joy of many, this is already my last Gossip column. Leave the memories alone.

XOXO, Gossip Guide


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