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The 411 Music Top Five 4.22.14: Top 5 Wanted Album Reisues
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 04.22.2014


Criteria: Reissuing albums is all the rage these days. Record labels are always looking for ways to make money off the back catalogues they have and re-releasing old content with extra bonus material is popular, particularly for anniversary releases. This past week we had the re-issue of Nas' Illmatic and the announcement that Prince will be re-releasing Purple Rain through Warner Bros.; as such we're going to look at reissues we would like to see.


5. Demigod - Slumber of Sullen Eyes

I'll start this list by saying that this was one of the harder lists for me to come up with a list for simply due to the fact that nearly every single album that I could think of. So I asked the internet for a little help as to the rarest metal albums they could think of and what they would want reissued, and this album came up a lot. I remember this album from Dan Haggerty's old Mosh Pit column and I listened to it not too long after he talked about it, and I was thoroughly impressed. When I saw this album being mentioned I immediately agreed. This album is a brutal slab of classic, old school death metal. It's a real shame that the internet wasn't around when this album was, because in my mind, if more people had been aware of this album when it came out, because it is great, and is well worth a rerelease any time!

4. Black Death - Black Death

This band is very unique and very cool, I just want to start by saying that. They've the first all African-American metal band that I know of, and they sound like an awesome mix of Black Sabbath and a dash of Venom. Unfortunately, this is the only album they have made so far, and I know for a fact that it is high demand, so why not release this beauty sometime soon? Oh, and before I leave, I want to say that whenever I want to make a black metal joke, I post this band, because it's a good pun.

3. Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla

I think this is the one Priest album I have never actually seen in a store, or even for sale. I think this album is the one that Priest never tend to talk about (minus the Ripper albums, which didn't even get a song played off of them during the Epitaph tour) because it was before they were the Priest that we know and love today. It's not like they ignore this album, but I've yet to see it rereleased in the past 10 years of so, I feel like it'd be warranted.

2. Woods of Ypres - Pursuit of the Sun & Allure of the Earth

I almost had Woods 3 at this spot, but then I remembered that Woods 3 got rereleased a few days ago, so then I decided to pick the album before it. It's a criminal shame that all of Woods of Ypres albums aren't readily available for all to own physically, it's because their first 2 albums and EP were released independently, and unfortunately David Gold passed away before any more copies could be pressed. This album was great, it was much more rooted in black metal than their later albums, but still did visit the complex and emotional lyrical themes that they are known for. Hopefully this album will get picked up and released like its follow-up, I feel like you can never go wrong with Woods, so we'll just have to see.

1. Pantera - Power Metal

This was my automatic number one, I've talked about this album plenty of times over the numerous Top 5 columns that we've done. It's a real damn shame that the guys in Pantera and their management choose to sweep the hair/speed metal era of Pantera under the rug, because it's doing a real injustice to fans of the band who haven't heard it. This album especially needs a rerelease, it's heavy enough to where their badass image isn't hurt, and the songs are stellar, absolutely stellar. Besides, it would sell hotcakes, I will bet you that it would do them great sales numbers and then you'll have people clamoring for even more of their older material, there really is no losing with this. So c'mon guys at Pantera HQ, if you're reading this, do me a solid and rerelease 'Power Metal', because it's awesome!


Note: For the purposes of my list, I kept it to albums that would be receiving potential anniversary re-releases this year. So a lot of multiples of five; albums released in 2004, 1999, 1994 and so on. I cut out anything that has not already had a special re-issue to the best of my knowledge. By "special" I mean more than just more copies being printed in a new kind of case; the kind that could include demos, remastering, that sort of thing.

Honorable Mention: Pixies - Doolittle, The White Stripes - The White Stripes

5. Green Day Dookie (1994)

Is it hard to believe that Green Day's breakout LP is twenty years old? It is for me. But yes, Dookie turns two decades old this year and is almost old enough to drink...not that this would have stopped any of the underage types who were listening to it upon its release. One of the things I was looking for were albums that held up well over time, and I think that while they get a bad rap, this LP is still a classic that is as listenable today as it was then. What's more, it comes from a formative time for the band and I'm sure there is a ton of great bonus content that could be released. I don't see why they wouldn't do it.

4. Dr. Dre - 2001 (1999)

Most people think of The Chronic when they think of Dr. Dre, or the long-delayed Detox album. But 2001 (ironically, released in 1999) is a hell of an LP in its own right. This was an album that helped cement Dre as royalty in the rap game. Anyone can release one good solo album (okay not anyone, but you get the idea). Following it up is key. While Dre still hasn't released an album since, this one has definitely stood the test of time and deserves to be honored with a re-release.

3. Hole - Live Through This (1994)

You know what, I hate Courtney Love as a person just as much as the next guy. She's a complete train wreck and no one would deny that. But I also can't deny that when Hole was good, they were very good. And Live Through This, their breakout album, is a really amazing piece of work. I still listen to it regularly today and I would love to see a reissue that included some remastering or demo tracks to see what else they were up to at the time. Hell, make it one of those CD/DVD releases and include a documentary on the band and the great music videos. I would snatch that thing up in a heartbeat.

2. Portishead - Dummy (1994)

Ah, Portishead. There are few acts I out and out love more in music. They're one of the most incredibly evocative groups out there, with an ability to instantly put you in a mood and drag you out of whatever doldrums you might be in. Their debut album is masterful but this one tops even that and it turns freaking twenty this year. (1994, I note by the way, was a good year for music.) We've only had three albums from them to date so if they would just give this a reissue with some kind of bonus content I think that would keep us rabid Portishead fans satisfied for a good long while. We're used to waiting.

1. Kanye West The College Dropout (2004)

It amazes me that Kanye West's debut LP is not getting a reissue this year. If anyone was going to do it, you would think it would be Kanye; no one wants to celebrate themselves more. Perhaps he just doesn't like looking back and wants to keep moving forward, or perhaps there's something to be worked out with the label. Whatever the reason, this album was groundbreaking and turned West from a production master to a master in front of the mic. It's a landmark LP of the 2000s and deserves to get a little love for its tenth anniversary.

As always, the last thoughts come from you, the reader. We're merely unpaid monkeys with typewriters and Wikipedia. Here's what you need to do: List your Top Five for this week's topic on the comment section using the following format:

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