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Dancing About Architecture 07.10.07   (12.31.1969)  - Ashish

It’s a slow week but we’ve still got news on Morrissey, the Wall Of Sound, Roskilde and ATP as well as a ton of tour dates.
End Of The Road 8.26.02: Random Musings   (08.27.2002)  - Josh Nason

Encores, Beastie Boys and that damn Gideon Yago...
Till My Head Falls Off: Thoughts On This Year’s MTV VMAs   (08.30.2002)  - Koeddy Laemmle

From MJ and Britney to Axl F’n Rose, a surreal VMAs to say the least. And when are those Olsen twins legal, again?
A New Day Dawns - The Birth Of Ask 411Music!   (08.31.2002)  - Adam Wallis

Original? No. Useful? Perhaps.
Totally Wired 8.31.02: Unpopular Pop Music   (08.31.2002)  - Garrett Martin

Plastic Trash: An Overview of the Fake Underground
The People Tree Sessions: 9.03.02: The Shaggs – Philosophy Of The World   (09.03.2002)  - Claire Flynn Boyle

There really is no describing this album. Curio doesn’t do it justice. The tempo is wrong, the melodies are awful and the whole thing seems faintly wrong.
Voice Of Reason 9.05.02: Striking While The Iron Is Hot   (09.05.2002)  - Nuri Feder

In the constantly changing world of pop music, bands who hit it big should move fast to release their followup, and bands already in the spotlight should release new material at least every other year. Then why does it usually take so long?
Till My Head Falls Off 9.06.02: The Year Pop Ate Itself   (09.06.2002)  - Koeddy Laemmle

Two Words: Fah Getaboutit
Voice Of Reason 9.12.02: Crossover Appeal   (09.12.2002)  - Nuri Feder

No Doubt, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and other "former" rock bands have changed their sound to remain current and relevant to the pop music masses. Is it selling out? Or coming to grips with the reality of rock radio.
X-Factor 9.13.02: Rock Icons And Old Men   (09.13.2002)  - Freakboy

The X-Factor debuts with a look at the greatest rock band in the world, the remains of who that used to be, and two other bands.
Till My Head Falls Off 9.14.02: Now What?   (09.14.2002)  - Koeddy Laemmle

A year and two days later, can music really make a difference?
Mainstream Hangover 9.15.02: The Beginning Of The   (09.15.2002)  - Joseph Weathered

Can you all feel it? It’s like that feeling you get when you can almost almost anticipate the presence of someone whose about to enter a room.
Pop Culture Locket 9.16.02: The Sexiest Debut In 411 History   (09.16.2002)  - Iago Ali

Some debut columns debate great rock bands. This debut column debates sex appeal, Snoop’s sobriety, and the most annoying trend in hip-hop. Which one do you really want to read?
Voice Of Reason 9.19.02: Picking Singles   (09.19.2002)  - Nuri Feder

When I first listen to a new CD, I like to pick out which song on the album will be the band's next choice for a single. And more often than not, I'm right.
X-Factor 9.20.02: Pop Girls And Emo Kids   (09.20.2002)  - Freakboy

Michelle Branch sure is purty. Hey, I warned you about "somethings pop" last week, didn't I?
Till My Head Falls Off 09.23.02: All I Need   (09.23.2002)  - Koeddy Laemmle

Ten days since his last column, Matt finally delivers the Top Ten Albums I Don’t Own. Plus: Why Freakboy Was Right (sorta), and much much more…
Ask 411Music 9.24.02: The Inaugural Edition!   (09.24.2002)  - Adam Wallis

CD Clubs, Praga Khan, Justin Timberlake, Korn vs. Orgy, The Rarest Record In The World, Eminem vs. Everlast, Eminem vs. Limp Bizkit, Matthew Wilder… How can you resist all this useless information?
Pop Culture Locket 9.25.02: Mailing It In   (09.25.2002)  - Iago Ali

Reader mail on everything that’s every happened in the illustrious 411 history of this column. Plus…why has this year sucked so hard?
Indie Info 9.26.02: First Edition   (09.26.2002)  - Eric Katz

You thought you knew a lot about music. But I bet you don’t even know HALF the bands I’m about to mention!!
X-Factor 9.27.02: 5 Artists To Watch   (09.27.2002)  - Freakboy

Two you may have heard off, two you might not, and one you'll only know if you're East Coast.
Totally Wired 9.28.02: Unpopular Pop Music   (09.28.2002)  - Garrett Martin

“How Many Dead or Alive: Wire’s Just About the God-Damned Greatest!!!”
Pop Culture Locket: In Defense Of Digging In The Crates 9.30.02   (09.30.2002)  - Iago Ali

Iago gets semi-serious in response to comments from a certain freak. Boy, does he get semi-serious. Also…Timberlake's latest conquest and Angie Martinez can't rhyme, Puerto Rican or not.
Mainstream Hangover 10.01.02: The Fall Album Line Up   (10.01.2002)  - Joseph Weathered

Simply put, the fall and winter is when the record industry wants, begs, and needs your dollars the most.
Till My Head Falls Off 10.02.02: Work With Me   (10.02.2002)  - Koeddy Laemmle

Matt and Bigg Snoop Dogg respond to your reader feedback, scanning the weekend’s news, Music at Work, and five embarrassing CDs. Come on in!
Indie Info 10.03.02: Part 2   (10.03.2002)  - Eric Katz

I apology, a bunch of new releases, at least it’s not death, and other wonderful things.
The Good, Bad, And Sad 10.05.02: All Filler, No Killer.   (10.05.2002)  - Cody Webster

Finally, a column just like Timberlake in the sack, quick and hard hitting.
X-Factor 10.06.02: That One Band   (10.06.2002)  - Freakboy

Everyone has that one band...
Till My Head Falls Off 10.07.02: Musicians And Rock Stars   (10.07.2002)  - Koeddy Laemmle

Seven days + four concerts + three CDs = one happy Biscuiti.
Pop Culture Locket 10.09.02: Fabolous Is Not Fabulous   (10.09.2002)  - Iago Ali

A lot of folks dig Fabolous. Iago does not. This week, he'll give you one example why—line by line. Get a firsthand glimpse at the effects of a New York University education up close.
Totally Wired 10.10.02: Unpopular Pop Music   (10.10.2002)  - Garrett Martin

In Which the Wire Live Review is Completed, and Random Notes of Interest are Discussed
X-Factor 10.11.02: The Song Remains...The Remix?   (10.11.2002)  - Freakboy

No, I'm not taking my feud with Iago Ali and all other things hip-hop too far. Let me 'splain. No time, Let me sum up...
Indie Info 10.11.02: Let's All Do The Skank   (10.11.2002)  - Eric Katz

The Suicide Machines do the skank, conspiracy against T(I)NC, Student Rick, Northstar, Mad Caddies, H20, Rise Against, and some more non-generic nonsense.
The Good, Bad, And Sad 10.13.02: And A Bonus RIAA Rant!   (10.13.2002)  - Cody Webster

Spears lovers stay away, far, far away.
Ask 411Music 10.14.02 - The Short Form   (10.14.2002)  - Adam Wallis

A Quick One This Time: Shannon Curfman, David Essex, Some More People You've Probably Never Heard Of, The New Prodigy Album, More Eminem Feuds, And My Favorite Rappers.
Till My Head Falls Off 10.15.02: Three Types Of Soundtracks   (10.15.2002)  - Koeddy Laemmle

Explaining myself, soundtracks, and Fun With Spellcheck!
Pop Culture Locket: 10.16.02 Tupac- Three Percent Poet?   (10.16.2002)  - Iago Ali

What makes one of the all-time greats great? Plus- how Biggie and Tupac changed hip-hop... for the worse.
Indie Info 10.17.02: Down The Drain   (10.17.2002)  - Eric Katz

We say goodbye to a long-standing emo legend, some bands say goodbye to their comfy major labels, Jets To Brazil say goodbye to a month, and Thursday says hello to a new sound. Well at least something is optimistic . . . maybe.
Mainstream Hangover 10.18.02: The New Mainstream "Work."   (10.18.2002)  - Joseph Weathered

I'm seeing an evil trend happening these days, and as a consumer in this modern world, I'm feeling the fear something heavy.
Highway's Revisited 10.19.02: The War Of Seattle   (10.19.2002)  - James Marshall

Pearl Jam's Ten and a look at 1990 era Seattle...
The Good, Bad, And Ugly 10.20.02: The RIAA Is The WWE!   (10.20.2002)  - Cody Webster

Bon Jovi can't beat a dead man, Britney Spears is Hitler, Scott Stapp goes to prison and gets rear ended, and more!
Till My Head Falls Off 10.21.02: Back To The Old School   (10.21.2002)  - Koeddy Laemmle

A look at the Billboard 200, reader feedback on soundtracks, and Spellchecker Fun continues!
Indie Info 10.23.02: Damn The Man   (10.23.2002)  - Eric Katz

Way too much stuff about MCA and it’s incarnates, more about post Cap’n Jazz bands, Victory in a few ways, and more.
Pop Culture Locket 10.24.02: Biggie Smalls Is The Illest   (10.24.2002)  - Iago Ali

Last week, Tupac; Biggie can't be far behind.
X-Factor 10.25.02: Van F'n Halen Rules   (10.25.2002)  - Freakboy

The Top 10 Van Halen songs of all time, a little Carlos Santana in la casa, Jon vs. Bruce (no, not the two guys who got into a fight at Iago's Tupperware party), and much more! Okay, maybe not much more. Just read...
Weekly Rewind: 10.26.02   (10.26.2002)  - Jeff Modzelewski

I’ll get to ramble and spew out my own brand of music opinions every week, and who doesn’t want to hear what I have to say?
The Good, Bad, And Sad 10.27.02: One Man's Trash Is Another's Treasure   (10.27.2002)  - Cody Webster

Aguilera's piercings, Lopez's nipples, Bjork's past, and Kane's future theme music!
Till My Head Falls Off 10.28.02: Passion   (10.28.2002)  - Koeddy Laemmle

Kurt Cobain, passion and sincerity, Iago Ali vs. Greg Biscuiti, and Matt Biscuiti quits…
411's Music News Report 10.29.02   (10.29.2002)  - Yabba Dabba

Let me tell you what to think about all the news in the music world!
Ask 411 Music: Actual Feedback! Hooray!   (10.29.2002)  - Adam Wallis

More on "Rock On" and the Eminem/Canibus feud; What "emo" REALLY is and a ridiculously overly-long list of albums to buy; Jack and Meg White; Why Slash hates Axl; Marilyn Manson's ill-fated collaboration with the Sneaker Pimps; N.E.R.D.'s "other" album; miscellaneous Nirvana stuff; Steelheart and the movie Rockstar. Sure, it's trivia, but it's all in good clean fun!
Highway's Revisited: 10.30.02: Madonna, Ryan Adams, Cobain And The Stones   (10.30.2002)  - James Marshall

All you ever wanted to know about absolutely nothing!
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