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411s CHICK FIGHT TV Report 5.03.08
Posted by Larry Csonka on 05.03.2008

I am back again for another edition of CHICK FIGHT TV! We are onto the finals of CHICK FIGHT V, and are promised two other matches as well including one for the NEO Japan Ladies Title! But first I will answer a question from the last recap:

Question Time: Where can I watch CHICK FIGHT?
On MAV TV, check your local listings. MAV TV is a "channel for men by men," but is basically the lowest form of what SPIKE was supposed to be. Also you can go to Clickwrestle.com. That site has the CHICK FIGHT matches, some are free on the site; some matches you have to pay to download. I hope that information helps you out.

Sit back, relax and I hope that you enjoy today's show!

Matches from the CHICK FIGHT V Tournament
San Francisco, California
June 24th, 2006

  • CHICK FIGHT V FINAL: Cheerleader Melissa vs. Jazz

    Before the match Jazz grabs the mic, reminds us that she is the Super Bitch of them all, and with that being the case she wants to mix things up and make this a falls count anywhere match, ECW STYLE. Melissa grabs the mic and says she prefers San Francisco style, which include jacking Jazz in the grill with the mic before the bell can ring! HAHA! Melissa is like, "What's up NOW bitch?" Melissa with some ground and pound on Jazz, chokes her out and then kicks her in the head. Clubbing forearms by Melissa, to the corner and then slams Jazz to another. Rights by Melissa, off the ropes and Jazz counters with a knee, slams her down and lands vicious cross-face strikes! Melissa rolls to the floor and we head to a commercial @ 2:10.

    Back from commercial @ 4:15, Jazz follows Melissa to the floor with a Thesz press! Jazz in control and slams Melissa to the apron, chops follow then Melissa fires back with chops of her own. Melissa with a whip to the railing, Jazz hits hard and Melissa then chokes her out. Jazz with shots to the gut, slams Melissa to the railing and then gets a butterfly suplex on the floor and covers for 2. Jazz lays the boots to Melissa, gets a dragon sleeper and then into a neck breaker and a cover for 2. Jazz whips Melissa to the railing, and then slams Melissa into a chair. Melissa is now tossed into the crowd, Jazz follows and lays Melissa on a chair and drops the elbow on her! Melissa reverses a whip and Jazz is sent into the pile of chairs. Melissa covers for 2. A body slam by Melissa on the floor and another cover for 2. Jazz sets up a chair, and does the Raven drop toehold onto it. She then slams the chair on her hest and follows up with boots. Body slam by Jazz and we head to a commercial @ 10:30.

    We are back from commercial @ 12:40 and Jazz drops Melissa throat first on the railing. Knees to the back by Jazz, and another whip into the railing and Jazz covers for 2. Jazz tosses her over the railing back to ringside, and then catapults Melissa into the railing. Melissa tries to fight back and manages a roll up for 2. We go back into the ring and Melissa gets a cover for 2. Uh ohCURB STOMP by Melissa! 12NO Jazz gets the ropes! Muta like elbow drop by Melissa gets 2. Jazz back with forearm strikes, they trade from their knees and Melissa gets the better of it for a bit but Jazz clotheslines her and covers for 2. We head to a commercial @ 17:00.

    We are back from commercial @ 18:30 and Jazz fires away with knees and a big dropkick, cover for 2 as Melissa gets a foot on the ropes. Forearm strikes by Melissa, off the ropes and a roll up by Jazz gets a close 2! Clubbing shots by Jazz now, Irish whip and Jazz MISSES a corner splash, roll up by Melissa 123! Melissa wins CHICK FIGHT V!

    She gets the trophy, and then goes to Jazz and helps her up, and they hug.

    Winner and CHICK FIGHT V CHAMPION Cheerleader Melissa @ 20:35 via pin
    I have to say that while I appreciate them mixing it up with the falls cont anywhere rules, in the end it hurt the match. It was fine in the end, but not nearly what they were capable of. The good was that Melissa won her first CHICK FIGHT title, after failing four times and doing it by beating Jazz, an established name was a great move.
    Rating: **½

  • Allison Danger and Simply Luscious vs. Tanny Mouse and Sumie Sakai

    Luscious and Sumie to begin. Luscious wants to shake, bows to Sumie and they do some wacky counters, catch each others foot, hop around and agree to let go at the same time. We head to a commercial @ 1:30.

    Back form commercial @ 3:10, counters off the ropes and then hip tosses and a dropkick by Sumie. Luscious tags in Danger and Tanny tags in as well. They play the crowd a bit, circle and lock up. Head butts by Tanny, forearms by Danger. They trade, jabs by Tanny and off the ropes but Danger answers with a clothesline. Forearms by Danger, Tanny slams her back to her corner, Sumie tags in and gets a drop toehold and Tanny delivers a head butt. Camel clutch by Tanny, and Sumie kisses Danger. She gets a camel clutch with the hair and HUMBLES Danger a bit, and Luscious breaks that up. Danger spikes Sumie with a DDT and covers for 2. To the corner, tag to Luscious and she elbows Sumie in the back. Chops now and Luscious then chokes her out with the foot. We head to a commercial @ 7:05.

    Back from commercial @ 9:25 with Luscious in control, choking Sumie in the ropes and gets a cover for 2. Tag to Danger, lays the boots to Sumie in the corner and then face washes her. The ref has to hold Tanny back and Danger gets a cover for 1. Tag to Luscious, she goes for the three amigos, but only gets 2 as Sumie counters the third into a DDT. Tag to Tanny and Danger and Tanny with thigh chops to Luscious and Danger. Corner attack to Danger, and then drop toe holds Luscious into the crotch of Danger. Luscious alludes that it smells down there. Tanny with a people's head butt on Danger and a cover for 1. More head butts to Danger, and a cover for 2 as Luscious breaks that up. Off the ropes and a forearm strike by Danger, neck breaker to the knee and she gets 2 as Sumie breaks it up. Danger and Luscious whip them together, and Danger rolls up Tanny for the win as Luscious held Sumie down.

    Winners: Allison Danger and Simply Luscious @ 13:50 via pin
    I didn't expect much from the match and well, I didn't get much from it. It was far from bad, but it just never got going to the point that I got into it.
    Rating: *½

  • NEO Japan Ladies/NWA Women's Title Match: Yoshiko Tamura vs. MsChif

    Tamura has a swank robe on, and is not only the NEO Ladies Champion here, but also the NWA Women's Champion as she has that title as well. They slowly circle, MsChif scream and Tamura blows her off. They slowly work the knuckle lock into the test of strength, kicks by Tamura and a hip toss follows. She then gets a hair mare, which pisses off MsChif and she drops some stiff forearms. Basement dropkick to the knee and then a stretch back breaker by MsChif. She slams Tamura to the mat, picks her up and shoots her off the ropes, but Tamura comes back with double thrust forearms three times and gets a cover for 2. We head to commercial @ 2:30.

    Back from commercial @ 4:40 and in a pleasant surprise I have noticed that we have no commentators. Tamura works a surfboard beautifully on MsChif! Holy hell that looks good. Tamura releases, and goes into the camel clutch to HUMBLE young MsChif. MsChif escapes, but takes stomps to the back of the head for her trouble. Off the ropes and a boot by Tamura into the Tamura Cutter! She now works the neck crank, shades of Sakuraba there, and then rolls it into a pinning combo for 2. MsChif battles back with a neck breaker out of nowhere and gets a cover for 2. MsChif now returns the HUMBLING with a camel clutch and then transitions into the Iron Maiden! We'll head to commercial @ 8:40.

    We are back from commercial @ 10:30 as Tamura escapes that, forearms by MsChif, an Irish whip and reversal leads to the corner kicks by Tamura! A running Tamura cutter gets 2. MsChif blocks a northern light suplex, off the ropes and a boot by Tamura into a SPIKE DDT! Northern lights suplex by Tamura gets a CLOSE 2! Knees by MsChif, a clothesline follows and another. She nails a 3rd and gets a cover for 2. Standing moonsualt by MsChif gets another close 2. A suplex into a float over by MsChif gets 2. Tamura back with rights, off the ropes and MsChif gets a flatliner on MsChif and a cover for 2. Irish whip now by Tamura, forearm attack and a spin kick follows. Northern lights suplex with a bridge gets 2. They trade forearms center ring, Tamura gets the better of it, but MsChif with a roll up into a bridge gets 2. That was sweet. Off the ropes, forearms by Tamura, and the full nelson into a uranage finishes it for Tamura.

    Winner: Yoshiko Tamura @ 14:50 via pin
    A damn fine match here. Tamura really impressed at the event in my opinion with two good tournament matches and this title defense. MsChif also looked good, even with the two losses. A good match here, clean work with no mistakes.
    Rating: ***

    The 411: Another solid show here for CHICK FIGHT. Melissa finally got her big win, even if the match wasn't what I had hoped it would be. The tag match left a lot to desire, but the ladies title match more than made up for that. The all matches and no bullshit format is extremely enjoyable if you are in the mood for that kind of show, and ladies wrestling of course.

    I have to say that I did dislike that the CHICK FIGHT final match was the opener. I mean, the show is called "CHICK FIGHT" and is based around these tournaments that they run and the finals are put in the opener? The commentators even said that this was the final match of the night. Also, Melissa has been in all five CHICK FIGHT tournaments to this point, and she FINALLY got the big win, and it was in the opener. I think that this was a poor edit job of the show. Sure some will say I am looking way too much into it, but it is the way I feel.

    Score: 6.0


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