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NWA: TNA Xplosion Report 06.01.03
Posted by Ashish on 06.02.2003

NWA:TNA Xplosion Reprt For 6-1-03
By: Phillip McConnell NWA:TNA Correspondent

This weeks show kick off with the Raven video from this past weeks NWA:TNA Pay-Per-View.

Video of Glenn Gilberti telling Julio and Alexis to tell Raven that he was going to kick his ass.

Bombs explode and we are underway with this weeks edition of NWA:TNA Xplosion.

Jeremy Borash and Mike Tenay are the host again this week. Jeremy and Mike talk about some of the events from this past weeks PPV and hype the show coming up this Wednesday night.

“Mr. Xplosion” Erik Watts with Mortimer Plumtree (www.mortimerplumtree.com) vs. Preston Quinn with “Controversial” Eddie G (www.eddieg.org):

Watts starts off by talking to Plumtree then playing it up to the fans when they start up a “WATTS, WATTS, WATTS” chant. Watts and Quinn lockup in a collar and elbow. Quinn quickly grabs a wristlock and follows that up with an arm wringer and a side headlock. Watts shoots Quinn into the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder block. Watts whips Quinn into the ropes, hooks in a hiptoss but half way up turns it into a sidewalk slam. Watts applauds himself as Plumtree applauds him from ringside. Eddie G gets in the camera and calls them both pieces of trash. Watts chokes Quinn in the ropes and makes fun of him to the camera. He slides to the outside and punches Quinn. Mike Tenay and Don West wish David Webber the best of luck in the future and praise all the great work he did in the front office for TNA over the last year. Watts talks to Plumtree at ringside. Eddie G comes up from behind them but Plumtree warns Watts who turns around and swats Eddies’ hat off his head. Watts back in and lands a few rights to the head of Quinn. Watts goes to whips Quinn into the ropes but Quinn reverses and Eddie trips Watts. Plumtree runs Eddie away to the other side of the ring. Swinging neck breaker by Quinn which he follows up with a leg drop off the top for a two count. Quinn with a couple of rights send Watts into the ropes. Eddie nails Watts with a right only to get run off again by Plumtree. Quinn with two more rights but Watts fires back with three of his own. Watts bounces off the ropes but gets turned inside out by a clothesline from Quinn. Watts slumps in the corner. Quinn charges in but Plumtree warns Watts and he moves just in time and Quinn crashes into the corner. E-Bomb by Watts. He then sticks his hand in his pocket, pull it out and flips off Eddie. Eddie gets in the ring and screams at the ref. Watts motions to Plumtree who gets in the ring and flies into Eddie sending him crashing to the outside. Watts hits Lights Out and covers for the win.

Winner, by pinfall, Erik Watts.

Commercial break.

Jeremy and Mike back with hype for the 6/4 PPV.

Highlights of Kid Kash vs. Trinity from this past weeks PPV.

Commercial break.

Video of Jeff Jarrett in New Zealand and Australia.

Jeremy and Mike with talk of Jeff Jarrett vs. Glenn Gilberti which will happen this coming Wednesday night.

VJ Love (www.myvalentina.com) vs. Tracy (www.notjustanotherprettyface.cjb.net ):

Before I get started, I need to clear something up real quick. VJ talked to me after the show this past Wednesday and wanted to let me know that even though she was announced as being JV Love before her match she is not going by that name but rather by the name of VJ Love. And for those that don't know who I'm talking about she use to go by the name Valentina and is a member of Hollywood Inc. Ok, now to the match between these two great looking women. Match starts off with a collar and elbow tie up. Tracy with a knee to the mid-section followed be a nail rake to the side of VJ. Tracy with a hard knife edge chop to the chest. VJ has on a one piece white zip up outfit. Tracy slightly unzips the outfit and giver VJ another hard knife edge to the chest. Tracy, looking awesome as always, goes to whip VJ into the opposite corner but VJ reverses it and then monkey flips her out of the corner. Arm drag and a hip toss by VJ. She charges at Tracy in the corner but Tracy grabs her by the waist and drives her head first into the middle turnbuckle. Tracy grabs a hand full of hair and drives VJ head into the mat. Worked so well she does it again and then a third time with a little bit more of force behind it the third time. Cover gets two. Crowd behind Tracy loved the pin attempt as Tracy skirt was up above her waist. Tracy grabs VJ by the back of the head and slams her to the mat by her hair. Cover gets one. VJ with a small package for a two count. Hard clothesline by Tracy. Tracy goes up top and hits a super hairmare for a two count. She didn't like that too much and grabs the ref by his head and shoves him face first into her breast. VJ with a school girl (can’t rightly call it a school boy here) for a two count. VJ with a cross body but Tracy rolls through that, grabs the tights, and gets the three count.

Winner, by pin fall, Tracy.

Commercial break.

Jeremy and Mike back and they discuss the Asylum Alliance Tag Tournament.

Highlights of Chris Sabin and Chris Harris over Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible from this past weeks PPV complete with post match fight between Lynn and Credible.

Commercial break.

Shark Boy vs. Vinnie Valentino:

Collar and elbow to start. Shark Boy grabs a side headlock quickly followed by a hammer lock and another side headlock. Valentino shoots Shark into the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder block. Another collar and elbow and Valentino pushes Shark into the corner. He misses a right hand and Shark hits three of his own. Shark off the ropes, Valentino drops down then leapfrogs Shark on his way back. Valentino goes for a tilt-a-whirl but Shark turns that into a head scissors take down. He charges at Valentino but gets tossed over the top rope for his trouble. Shark lands on the ring apron. Valentino tries to punch him but misses and Shark bites him on the butt. Valentino tries again to punch him but Shark pulls the top rope down and Valentino crashes to the floor. Shark with a crossbody to the floor. Both back in and Shark with a kick to the mid-section. He goes for the Dead Sea Drop but Valentino reverses that into a version of a fisherman buster suplex. Valentino then plants Shark with an exploder suplex. Right hand then a hard clothesline in the corner by Double V. He goes for a back suplex but Shark rolls back and grabs a waistlock. Valentino reverses. Shark elbows out then hits a kick to the mid-section and bounces off the middle rope with a back elbow. Valentino catches Shark off the top with a powerslam for two. Double V whips Shark into the corner but eats boot when he charges in after him. Dead Sea Drop by Shark Boy and the cover gets three.

Winner, by pin fall, Shark Boy.

Hard 10 video.

Commercial break.

David Young and Mike Sanders with Desire vs. Matt Stryker and BJ Whitmer:

Young and Sanders attack to start. Young tosses Whitmer to the outside. Young and Sanders send Stryker hard into the corner with a double whip. Sanders then goes to whip Young into Stryker but Stryker moves and from the apron Whitmer clothesline Young. Stryker off the top with a nice crossbody for a two count on Sanders. Wristlock by Stryker who then tags in Whitmer. Sanders gains control while the camera gives us a nice shot of the beautiful Desire at ringside. Young tags in. Sanders whips Whitmer into the ropes and kicks him in the mid-section. Young goes to follow that up but Whitmer nails him with a clothesline. Cover gets two. Whitmer whips Young into the ropes and catches him with a back elbow. Whitmer then alternates between stiff kicks and chops to the spine of Young. Cover gets two. Young misses a right hand. Whitmer goes for a back suplex but Young rolls out of that and plants him with a back suplex of his own. Sanders tags in. Double whip followed by a double Booker T snap back spinebuster. Cover gets two. Sanders whips Whitmer into the ropes. He puts his head down to soon and Whitmer kicks him in what looks to be the mouth. Sanders looks up with this “I’m going to f___ up look” and goes postal on Whitmer. Stiff forearm to the jaw, shin to the face and a series of clubbing forearms to the back while jerking Whitmer off the mat by his hair. Drags Whitmer by his hair to the corner and tags in Young. Sanders has a pissed off look going on. Young kicks Whitmer then whips him into the ropes and takes him down with a vicious clothesline. TV doesn’t do justice for how hard Sanders and Young are hitting Whitmer. Sanders tags in and they whip Whitmer hard into the corner chest first. They then both grab a leg and roll forward, the momentum flipping Whitmer into the mat hard. Young tags in. They hammer Whitmer in the corner. Stryker gets in and breaks it up by ramming Sanders and Young together. Stryker then hip tosses Whitmer across the ring and gets on the ring apron so he can tag in. Styrker off the top with a double clothesline. Dropkicks Young and hits Sanders with a neckbreaker. Stryker and Whitmer with a combo fireman's carry/neckbreaker. Cover gets two. Sanders nails Whitmer with a back elbow and superkick, sending Whitmer to the floor. Stryker dropkicks Young but when he turns around he gets kicked in the mid-section by Sanders. Sanders then hits a face buster quickly followed by a spinebuster by Young for three.

Winners, by pin fall, Young and Sanders.

Highlight of AJ Styles and D-Lo Brown beating CM Punk and Jason Cross from this past weeks PPV followed by the promo by AJ and D-Lo about being held back.

Commercial break.

Jeremy and Mike with more hype for the 6/4 show.

Highlights of the greatest catfight of all time when Tracy and Desire went at it this past Wednesday night.

Commercial break.

Jeremy and Mike with final hype for 6/4 including Jeremy saying that Gilberti is the favorite for this weeks main event against Jeff Jarrett and they say that Vince Russo will be at ringside with Gilberti during the match.

Highlights of Glenn Gilberti beating Raven at this past weeks PPV with a little help from a returning Vince Russo.

End Show.

Closing thoughts and comments:

Overall a very enjoyable show this week. All four matches taped this past Wednesday night where shown and all were fun to watch. I don't know if it was a work, a carry over from some past heat, or a spur of the moment thing, but when Mike Sanders went postal on BJ Whitmer it was a sight to see and TV doesn't do any justice for just how hard Sanders was nailing him.

Once again my thanks to all of you for your continued support of these reports and of such great sites as www.totalnonstop.com , www.tnarevolution.com , www.tnattitude.com , and www.heelsection.com .

Have a great week and I’ll be back late Wednesday/early Thursday with the NWA:TNA Live Notes Report. Once again a heartfelt good bye to Mortimer Plumtree. A true class act and it won’t be the same without you. Thanks for all your support and help over the last year. This ones for you Morty. As always, best wishes.


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