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New Poll Shows That Most Americans Hate Justin Bieber
Posted by Joseph Lee on 05.14.2013

Public Policy Polling reports that while issues like gay marriage, gun control and immigration may divide us, most Americans stand united in their hatred of Justin Bieber.

In a poll of the favorability of today's biggest music stars, Taylor Swift score 53-27, Adele scored 54-18, Beyonce earned 51-30 and Justin Timberlake scored 52-24 all in favor from voters. Those with negatives reactions included Chris Brown (13-57), Lady Gaga (29-50), and Justin Bieber (20-54), who were rated unfavorably by 50% or more. Others with low ratings were Jay-Z (25-44) and Rihanna (30-39). Meanwhile most Americans didn't know Morrissey (17-31 with 52% not sure) and dubstep pioneer Skrillex (11-35 with 54% not sure).

Bieber was the only artist most disliked across all party lines, including Democrats (23-54), Republicans (17-52), and independents (18-56).

When asked which artist they'd like to see as President, Timberlake won by 34%, followed by Adele (19%), Beyonce (14%), Jay-Z (9%), Lady Gaga (9%), Bieber (8%), Chris Brown (5%) and Rihanna (2%).

Meanwhile, in a poll about which music Americans prefer, Classical music (77 favorable-13 unfavorable), country (71-23), jazz (71-20), pop (59- 26), R&B (58-27) and rock music (65-26) all received generally favorable reviews. The negative votes went to rap music (19 fav -68 unfav) and dubstep (14-38, with 47% not sure). Voters were split on "today's popular music" as 45% rated it favorable, 37% unfavorable and 19% not sure. When asked for their favorite genre, 24% chose country, 22% classical, 16% rock and 12% pop, with R&B and jazz each earning 6%, dubstep 2% and rap 1%.

In other polls, 17% of voters revealed they had been to "the club", while 75% said they haven't. More women (24-67) than men (11-82) admitted to going.

When given a choice between Snoop Doggy Dogg (30%), Snoop Dogg (56%) and Snoop Lion (14%), over half stuck with Snoop Dogg. 8% of voters said Rihanna should get back together with Chris Brown while 67% said she shouldn't. 40% think Justin Timberlake should stick with making music instead of acting (22%) reforming N'Sync (7%) or playing golf (31%). Women (49% music - 23% golf) want more music instead of men (40% golf 31% music). Men also chose Timberlake for who they'd like to see as President with 39%.


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