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Alice Cooper Says Super Duper Alice Cooper Isn't Just a Standard Documentary
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 04.17.2014

Alice Cooper and co-director Sam Dunn recently spoke about the Alice Cooper "doc opera" Super Duper Alice Cooper, which debuts today at the Tribeca Film Festival. Check out the highlights below:

Cooper on the documentary: "They came to us and said, 'You can't just do a documentary on Alice Cooper. You've got to make it something that's as theatrical as the character.' I said, 'I agree with that. What's your idea?' And they said, 'We love the idea of a Jekyll and Hyde thing, 'cause you are Jekyll and Hyde, basically. The guy who walks around all day and does interviews and plays golf and goes to church, that's Dr. Jekyll. And your stage character is Mr. Hyde.' I said, 'Well, I love that. That's great.' And it certainly is not going to look like everyone else's documentary."

Co-director Sam Dunn on the project: "It definitely stretched our creative boundaries in ways we never imagined. We wanted to do something different. We felt that Alice is such a visual character, and creating something theatrical is absolutely integral to Alice's DNA. He just seemed a perfect fit for tacking people into this archival world, and rather than doing your conventional talking-head approach, we wanted people to feel like they were living in the world of Alice at any particular time during his career, like they're living in the moment with him."

Dunn on his experience as a feature director: "I wasn't indoctrinated with the sort of standard documentary ethics. After we'd done some interviews and no one was giving us the same story, I said, 'Let's do a mythology of Alice -- whoever tells the best story wins, that's the story we'll use.' And his music just lends itself so well to that."

Cooper on staying out of the editorial aspects of the docu: "We gave them the right to say what they felt, and we weren't going to go back in and change it just to save our own egos. When you get into something like this, every once in awhile you get punched in the nose, and you go, 'OK, next time I'll duck...'"

Cooper on the status of his next album: "The album's 99 percent done, but every once in awhile somebody comes up and says, 'Hey, you forgot to include me,' and it's somebody you can't ignore, so it's like, 'Sure, absolutely...I never thought that guy would ever want to be on the album, but, cool, let's get him on.' All these people loved the idea, some huge names that we never really had the guts to call. There's no hurry to put this thing out right now, 'cause we've got the (Crue) tour and of course we want to wrap a show around (the album), so it'll have to wait, but I don't think it will lose anything."


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