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Geoff Tate Sort Of Discusses Queensryche Settlement, Says Split Was 'Such a Betrayal'
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 04.29.2014

If you're a fan of progressive metal than you've probably followed the sad and bitter split between Geoff Tate and Queensryche, along with the battle that they had over the group's name. In a confusing situation, there were two Queensryches running around since September of 2012; a new band headed by Tate and the remaining members of the core band, with both claiming rights to the name and advertising shows. They even both released albums under the Queensryche name.

Well, that situation is over thanks to a settlement of the lawsuits, as announced yesterday. Tate has given up the rights to the band name in the complicated settlement and the band has given over ownership of certain albums. Tate spoke with Billboard about the settlement, delivering some details (and refusing to give others) and reflecting on his experience. Check out the highlights:

On how he's feeling now that the settlement is announced: "I think it's great. I'm very happy that it's over and done and we can all move on with our lives. It's been a long, bitter two years, I'll tell you. I'm glad it's over."

On when things started moving toward resolution: "We've been trying to work something out for months and months and months, and it's like any kind of lawsuit, it's just slow going. But finally I think the realization that going to court over the whole thing was going to be a huge nightmare and huge financial mess for everybody that [we] really started to look at it more seriously and realistically."

On the details of the settlement: "It's pretty similar to the Pink Floyd settlement where one group got the name and Roger Waters got The Wall It's very similar to that. I retain Operation: Mindcrime and everything revolving around that, and they got the name, so it's a win-win for everybody."

On whether he has any entitlement to future details: "Honestly, I'd really don't feel comfortable commenting on the details of the settlement. I think what's out there is sufficient. I'm just really happy to be done with it all, and I think the other side is probably happy as well so we can turn the tide in this episode in our lives and move on to nicer things."

On dates that were previously announced by both groups as Queensryche: "We're both allowed to do all of our pre-contracted dates as they were advertised, so once those dates are over then it all changes...I think my last date as Queensryche is Sept. 1, Aug. 31, something like that."

On the Monsters of Rock show that is advertised on his Queensryche website: "I don't know anything about a Monsters of Rock show...I don't know anything about the show, and secondly, that's not part of our deal, so I don't know anything about it really. I can't really comment."

On what he's going to be doing musically going forward: "I can't really give any details now. I'll be announcing some information over the summer what my future plans are going to be. Right now I'm concentrating a show I've got in rehearsals for now in Seattle. I've got five shows doing my Rock in Vaudeville show and when that's done, the last of the Queensryche dates."

On whether he would have done anything differently: "Oh gosh, you know, the whole experience was such a betrayal and so negative that I'm really ready to get past it, not think about it anymore, and it doesn't really bear looking back on in my mind right now. [laughs] That's the last thing I want to do is think about it some more."

On what changed his mind in regard to giving up the Queensryche name: "I think just, I'm ready to move on and do something different. And this is a great launching point to do that from, and I'm really looking forward to it."

On any last statement he wants people to know: "I think one thing that needs to be clarified is this never went to court. The decision to settle was a mutual decision among everyone. They're getting the name and I'm getting Operation: Mindcrime, and that's where it's at. It's an agreed-upon settlement, so there wasn't any winning or losing attached to that. It's not a case of that. It's just an agreement."


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