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Corey Taylor Wants A Slipknot, Mushroomhead, GWAR and Mudvayne Tour
Posted by Joseph Lee on 06.19.2014

In an interview with Live-Metal.net (on the red carpet of the Monster Energy Roast on the Range), Slipknot's Corey Taylor revealed he's trying to put together a tour consisting of all masked bands, including GWAR, Mushroomhead and Mudvayne. He's had the idea for the tour as far back as 2012.

He said: "I'm working on that, honestly. It probably won't happen right away, just because (Slipknot's) been gone for awhile and we have all these changes, and we've got a new album coming out. So we want to kinda take the first six or seven months and just kind of re-establish ourselves. But, I can say it's on my radar and it's one of the things I want to do, like for real. Honestly now, especially now since (GWAR vocalist) (Dave) Brockie's dead—that was one of the guys that I really wanted to tour with. It was GWAR, (Slipknot), Mushroomhead and Mudvayne. I really wanted to put that together. So trust me. Hopefully sooner than later we will see what happens."

According to Loudwire, Taylor brought up the plans during a Q&A on his solo tour in 2012.

When asked about the feud between Slipknot and Mushroomhead, he replied: "My problem has never been with that band, my problem was with their fans at the time. The first time we played Cleveland, their fans came down, mind you we didn't fucking say shit, their fans came down and threw everything but rocks at us. They hit (former bassist) Paul (Gray) in the face with a padlock the size of my fist; this is while we're onstage … If it's one thing I've learned, you don't hold on to this shit, you let it go. I'd love to put that together and just see what fucking happens—Slipknot, Mushroomhead, Gwar and Mudvayne."

Mushroomhead's J Mann had a different version of the Slipknot/Mushroomhead feud, but he agrees that they should tour together. He added: "As far as a feud goes, I really think that it was 99 percent media. I don't think we ever really had anything bad to say about them or vice versa. But media was all about trying to sell papers. This was back pre-Internet, in the early '90s when (Slipknot) was taking off and we were signed and people were still trying to sell magazines. But it was really kind of invented, to be honest with you, because fortunately I had the opportunity to hang out with (former Slipknot bassist) Paul (Gray) and he was a sweetheart of a man. It's sad that he passed away. He was a great guy, and we actually laughed about (the feud). And then we had a side project and (Slipknot's) Sid (Wilson) is on it. You know what I mean? So the whole basis of it was crazy because we've actually hung out with the guys and we've actually worked with one of the guys. It's just one of those things where gossip sells and creates interest or intrigue. I listen to the band and think they're kickass, and one day I'd like to play with them."

Of course there are problems, like the fact that Slipknot's Paul Gray and GWAR's Dave "Oderus Urungus" have both passed away. However, GWAR seems to be moving forward as a band, at least for the fifth annual GWAR-B-Q in Richmond, Virginia on August 15 (with a Brockie memorial happening before that). So it's possible they may want to be a part of what could be a massive tour. Mudvayne is currently on hiatus, however, as of March 2014. Chad Gray is busy with Hellyeah's new album Blood for Blood and the tour.

Mudvayne wrote on Facebook in March: "Mudvayne is on Hiatus. With respect to all the band members, we are all doing something in Music that satisfies our appetite right now. When the time is right, Mudvayne WILL be back in action. In no shape or form is this a disrespect to our Fans. We Love our Fans and will give them all they can handle when it is Time. Til then, Patience is needed."


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