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Transcendence Review

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Sexy Girl's Bikini Selfie

UFC Still Interested in Gina Carano?

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Quick ‘n’ Dirty Music News: 07.31.09   (12.31.1969)  - Mitch Michaels

The five big Michael Jackson stories and why that creep isn’t #1, how long before the Tony Romo booty call to Jessica Simpson, when will Britney be free, Amy Winehouse is a freak, Marilyn Manson is a good man, Katy Perry’s new obsession, is “American Idol” fixed and more! Plus, the best of 2007, chart news and Pixie Lott is our barely legal Piece of the Week!
Radio Free Berry 12.28.05   (12.28.2005)  - Brian Berry

TOP TEN ALBUMS OF 2005, Against Me sells out, new Devo album, My Morning Jacket sticks it to the man, and Stereolab news, all in the 5th edition of Radio Free Berry!
LOOP DIGGIN' THURSDAYS, News & Rants 12.29.05   (12.29.2005)  - Phil Watts, Jr

2005's Disappointments, Things I want to see next year, and finally, IN MEMORY OF...
All You Cannot Live Without 01.01.06: New Year's Hangover Edition   (01.01.2006)  - Ben Czajkowski

What you should expect in terms of rock/alternative/metal for 2006.
Dancing About Architecture 01.03.05   (01.03.2006)  - Ian Wright

New GN’R material, Bono to leave U2, boring political music and maybe Gary Glitter does rape kids after all.
Radio Free Berry 01.04.06   (01.04.2006)  - Brian Berry

Flaming Lips new album, Belle & Sebastian/New Pornographers announce tour, Death Cab For Cutie music videos y mucho mas, all in the 6th edition of Radio Free Berry!
LOOP DIGGIN’ THURSDAYS, News & Rants 01.05.06   (01.05.2006)  - Phil Watts, Jr

The return of Baatin of the Slum Village. Plus depressing soundscans, MC Lyte, and future Justus League material.
The Southern Fried Chronicle 01.06.06   (01.06.2006)  - Rhett Walker

My New Year’s resolution is to be an angrier columnist
All You Cannot Live Without 01.08.06: Bigger, Scarier, and on the ‘Juice’   (01.08.2006)  - Ben Czajkowski

A System of a Down movie?? Godsmack is found, and part of me is scared by it. Plus, double the Chili Peppers fun! Who gets this week’s BCSA? Read to find out!
Monday Morning Metal 01.09.06   (01.09.2006)  - Jeff Modzelewski

It's a new year, but it's the same old metal inside!
Dancing About Architecture 01.10.06   (01.10.2006)  - Ian Wright

The new Bloc Party Album, Arthurball, Franz v. Oasis, charity albums and I love you but I’ve chosen darkness.
Radio Free Berry 01.11.06   (01.11.2006)  - Brian Berry

Wolf Parade concert review, Pedro the Lion, Jenny Lewis, and Two Gallants news, new releases, tour dates, and Akron/Family & Angels of Light get the pick of the week all in RFB 7!!!
LOOP DIGGIN' THURSDAYS, News & Rants 01.12.06   (01.12.2006)  - Phil Watts, Jr

2006 barely got started, and already we lost another one...
The Southern Fried Chronicle 01.13.06   (01.13.2006)  - Rhett Walker

It’s Friday, so after reading my column, my advice to you is to start drinking heavily.
Wake Up, Time to Rock 01.13.06   (01.13.2006)  - Tollah

One of those Best of '05 and What to Look Forward to in '06 type deals. Includes an interview with Kanye West!
All You Cannot Live Without 01.15.06: It’s Gramm-tastic!   (01.15.2006)  - Ben Czajkowski

2006 Grammy picks. Start thinking ‘bout Ozzfest. Scott Weiland's 12-Step Weight Loss Program. Babes in Tommyland? Plus, another BCSA and BIG F-ing news you cannot afford to miss! All inside!
Monday Morning Metal 01.16.06   (01.16.2006)  - Jeff Modzelewski

Breaking news on the future of this column, plus, you know, music stuff.
Dancing About Architecture 01.17.06   (01.17.2006)  - Ian Wright

ATP, New Pantheon Award, New Sonic Youth, New Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Velvet Underground are old.
Radio Free Berry 01.18.06   (01.18.2006)  - Brian Berry

Built To Spill, The Walkmen, and Coachella news, Babyshambles new album in stores now, and a comedy album gets the pick of the week all in the 8th edition of Radio Free Berry!
The Southern Fried Chronicle 01.20.06   (01.20.2006)  - Rhett Walker

Flame on, readers! This one is guaranteed to piss at least a few people off!
All You Cannot Live Without 01.22.06: Conference Championship Edition   (01.22.2006)  - Ben Czajkowski

Wylde shoots craps. Smashing Pumpkins are back! Deftones close to completion. BCSA and a rant on why I think Amy Lee is destroying America youth.
Monday Morning Metal 01.23.06: The Curtain Call   (01.23.2006)  - Jeff Modzelewski

F*** Pittsburgh!
Dancing About Architecture 01.24.06   (01.24.2006)  - Ian Wright

Axl speaks, the Flaming Lips, Bell X1, The Thrills and SXSW.
Radio Free Berry 01.25.05   (01.25.2006)  - Brian Berry

A TON of new releases dropped this week. Radio Free Berry delivers the skinny on the quietest & LOUDEST independent albums released on January 24 from such acts as Cat Power, Test Icicles, and two side projects from members of Rilo Kiley.
LOOP DIGGIN' THURSDAYS, News & Rants 01.26.06   (01.26.2006)  - Phil Watts, Jr

Ghostface Killah's new album and more!
All You Cannot Live Without 01.30.06: Now With Mailbag!   (01.30.2006)  - Ben Czajkowski

This week features some sweet news about Tool performing with Kanye West, the new Rob Zombie Album, and a deliciously, self-centered bit by Amy Lee. You NEED to read this.
Radio Free Berry 2.01.06   (02.01.2006)  - Brian Berry

Coachella line-up announced, Grandaddy quits, and new releases by She Wants Revenge & The Flaming Lips all in the issue #10.
LOOP DIGGIN' THURSDAYS, News & Rants 02.02.06   (02.02.2006)  - Phil Watts, Jr

The Southern Fried Chronicle 02.03.06   (02.03.2006)  - Rhett Walker

Allow me to explain
All You Cannot Live Without 02.06.06: Manic Monday Edition   (02.06.2006)  - Ben Czajkowski

The Steelers are super again, more Smashing Pumpkins and Tool, rare Guns ‘N Roses, P.O.D. flops, Marilyn Mason music and movies, Wes Borland vs. Fred Durst, and so much more inside!
Dancing About Architecture 02.07.06   (02.07.2006)  - Ian Wright

A Smashing reunion, Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Modest Marr, indie awards, summer festivals and a much loved Grandaddy passes away.
Radio Free Berry 2.08.06   (02.08.2006)  - Brian Berry

Ted Leo & other bands find new homes, Cat Power cancels tour, a Cars reunion(?), and tons of tour info all in issue #11
Loop Diggin’ Thursdays, News & Rants 02.09.06   (02.09.2006)  - Phil Watts, Jr

MF Doom vs. GM Grimm, Pete Rock finally responds to CL, and NEW & UPCOMING MUSIC!
The Southern Fried Chronicle 02.10.06   (02.10.2006)  - Rhett Walker

Life is good, but I’m still pissed about something.
Wake Up, Time To Rock 02.11.06   (02.11.2006)  - Tollah

Led Zep Dykes, urinating on Metallica, new Whitesnake DVD, GnR emails and Josh Homme's new band - plus the first EVER weekly Tollah and Flash MSN Conversation!
All You Cannot Live Without 02.13.06: Seriously, Read This   (02.13.2006)  - Ben Czajkowski

Saint Bono upstages everyone at Grammy’s; plus Headbangers Ball III: The Revenge; Fuel burns out, probably permanently; new Hoobastank; 411Music’s Making the Band; Tool album name and track listing; and so many new/updated release dates, you’ll (s)cream.
Dancing About Architecture 02.14.06   (02.14.2006)  - Ian Wright

Doherty Watch, The end of Pink Floyd, Kevin Shields’ live return, Radiohead concert dates and My Morning Jacket.
Radio Free Berry 2.15.06   (02.15.2006)  - Brian Berry

Smashing Pumpkins at Lollapalooza? Flaming Lips at Noise Pop! U.S. Air Guitar Championships info! Deadstring Brothers & Metal Hearts album reviews! Tour dates & recommendations too, all in issue #12!
Loop Diggin' Thursdays, News & Rants 02.16.06   (02.16.2006)  - Phil Watts, Jr

James "Jay-Dee/J-Dilla" Yancey...1974-2006.
Wake Up, Time To Rock 02.18.06   (02.18.2006)  - Tollah

Tool, Van Halen, Audioslave, Judas Priest, new Guns N' Roses tracks and more!!
All You Cannot Live Without 02.20.06: Exposing You To Musical Toxins   (02.20.2006)  - Ben Czajkowski

Sounds of the Underground Tour details unfold. Oh, Good God, Metallica news. The American Head Charge War rages on. Scott Stapp, Big Bubba and a sex tape with Kid Rock. Atreyu featured in this week’s “Listeners’ Lounge”. [Chinese Democracy] partially leaked. Have [you] heard it illegally? If not, you’re missing out.
Dancing About Architecture 02.21.06   (02.21.2006)  - Ian Wright

Radiohead go nude, Albarn goes to the theatre, Cam’ron vs. perverts, Mogwai are mean and the Polyphonic Spree have a new album.
Radio Free Berry 02.22.06   (02.22.2006)  - Brian Berry

Sasquatch festival line-up, The Walkmen return, Arctic Monkeys history, and a Serge Gainsbourg tribute album featuring Portishead and Tricky…all in RFB #13!
Loop Diggin’ Thursdays, News & Rants 2.23.06   (02.23.2006)  - Phil Watts, Jr

Master P flops in WCW! HOODY HOOOOO!
Wake Up, Time To Rock 02.25.06   (02.25.2006)  - Tollah

Guns N' Roses tour dates, European festival lineups, Trivium to tour with Iron Maiden, Opeth setlist and more.
All You Cannot Live Without 02.27.06: Not A Daily Source Of Vitamin C   (02.27.2006)  - Ben Czajkowski

Alice In Chains are back, but Layne Staley is still dead. Sorry. Adema has a new frontman. The Chili Peppers tour with Kanye West. New Deftones and Pearl Jam. Plus, I flame the flamers in this week’s BCSA, featuring In Flames. All this and more inside!
Loop Diggin’ Thursdays, News & Rants 03.03.06   (03.02.2006)  - Phil Watts, Jr

Busta's dilemma, and Dilated Peoples needs a serious eye examination. Plus: NEW & UPCOMING RELEASES!!
Wake Up, Time To Rock 03.04.06   (03.04.2006)  - Tollah

Loads of new Guns N' Roses news, upcoming releases from Avril Lavigne, Pearl Jam and Velvet Revolver, 80s metal bands on tour and the cream of European festivals.
All You Cannot Live Without 03.06.06: Not An Oscar Nominee   (03.06.2006)  - Ben Czajkowski

Official Tool album title. This time, I (maybe) swear it’s true. Guns ‘N Roses’ Chinese Democracy: a TRIPLE disc set?? Pearl Jam self-titled release date. Insane Clown Not-Posse’s “Fuck the Fuck Off” tour. New Pink Floyd music. Listeners’ Lounge: Rock Singles Suck (Staind, Rob Zombie, Godsmack). And a war brewing between Crossbreed and Nothingface.
Dancing About Architecture 03.07.06   (03.07.2006)  - Ian Wright

The only thing old punks love is publicity, TV On The Radio, New Springsteen, Cohen is broke and a touching confession from The Vines.
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