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//  Iggy Azalea - The New Classic Review
//  Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty Review
//  Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey - Going Back Home Review
//  Kaiser Chiefs - Education, Education, Education & War Review
//  The Used - Imaginary Enemy Review
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//  Nicki Minaj
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50 Cent has returned to his roots for his latest music video, "Hustler!" Check out the full article to see it!
The man who has been accused of extorting Jay Z says that he was actually doing the right thing and called the rapper "a stupid kid smoking blunts!" Check out the full article for all the details!
Amber Rose got her booty twerking in a new Instagram video! Check out the full article to see it!
(04.23.2014) - Joseph Lee
Trying to stop the illegal use of it...
(04.23.2014) - Joseph Lee
Check out "Sheezus"...
(04.23.2014) - Joseph Lee
Their latest collaboration...
(04.23.2014) - Larry Csonka
In case you missed the show…
(04.23.2014) - AJ Grey
Amber shakes that booty...
(04.22.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Check out Fiddy's latest track...
(04.22.2014) - Joseph Lee
Due to the current political climate...
(04.22.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
"Hello Kitty" is her latest single...
(04.22.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
"You Know My Name" to be available next month...
(04.22.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
His lawyers need more time...
(04.22.2014) - AJ Grey
But he'd rather get with Alicia Keys...
(04.22.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
It pays to be friends with the band...
(04.22.2014) - Joseph Lee
Their tenth...
(04.22.2014) - Joseph Lee
He defends himself...
(04.22.2014) - Joseph Lee
The plane didn't arrive on time...
(04.22.2014) - Joseph Lee
To keep out the stalkers...
(04.22.2014) - Joseph Lee
Better or worse?
(04.22.2014) - Joseph Lee
On Jimmy Kimmel Live...
(04.22.2014) - Joseph Lee
Among others...
(04.22.2014) - Joseph Lee
You can call her sick bee...
(04.23.2014) - Tony Acero
Iggy Azalea has gone out of her way in the past couple of years to prove to herself and the hip hop world that she is more than just someone from Down Under with a lot down under. Does her debut album The New Classic erase the hate or leave more doubt in peoples' minds? Check in with Tony Acero's full review!
(04.15.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
R&B star Jason Derulo is back with Talk Dirty, his third American studio LP! But is this collection of club songs able to put him back on top or is it just a collection of soulless pop schmaltz? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
(04.08.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
Two British music legends collaborate to tackle 11 classic blues tracks for what might be Johnson's last hurrah.
(04.03.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
After losing a founding member and principle song writer, how does Ricky Wilson and the Kaiser Chiefs fare with their comeback album Education, Education, Education & War?
(04.03.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
The Used gets all political on new album Imaginary Enemy.
(04.03.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
Howler's sophomore record offers up more of the same garage rock workmanship of its debut and succeeds.
(04.01.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Gothic metal band Lacuna Coil tries to follow up on the momentum built off 2012's Dark Adrenaline with a new LP, Broken Crown Halo! But are they able to move forward or does it fall apart? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
(04.01.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Nick Cannon returns to music in an attempt to satire the EDM pop trend with White People Party Music! But does he make a successful comedic point or is he just trolling the charts? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
(03.26.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
Andrew Stockdale's Wolfmother have surprised fans by dropping its third album, New Crown, but is it the glorious return fans had hoped for or was New Crown best left under wraps?
(03.26.2014) - David Hayter
Shakira has all the good will in the world, but can she translate a likeable personality into cutting edge pop music or does she spread herself too thin on her latest self-titled LP?
(03.26.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
Liars' seventh studio album Mess continues the band's work with the electronic genre but is it worth your time or is the title an apt description of the content?
(03.25.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
Following their split last year, emo pioneers MCR offer up their greatest hits as one last hurrah for their fans, but what will the legacy of the band be?
(03.25.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
Shakira steps away from the dancefloor for her new self-titled effort and embraces a more subdued country and rock sound with mixed results.
(03.25.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
If you liked what you saw on Letterman, Future Islands' fourth album Singles will confirm them as your new favourite band.
(03.24.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
Temples look to transport us back to the 60s psych rock sound but fail in making debut album Sun Structures sound relevant in 2014.
(03.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Indie rock band Foster the People try to follow up on the breakout success of their first LP with Supermodel! But are they able to capture the magic of "Pumped Up Kicks" a second time? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
(03.18.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
Happiness Is is album number six from Taking Back Sunday, but is there still a place for one of the former poster boys of the emo scene?
(03.18.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Taylor Momsen's hard rock outfit The Pretty Reckless are back with their second LP, Going to Hell! But is the band able to deliver or are they damned to the sophomore curse? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
(03.18.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
Last week Skrillex surprised us with the release of his first official studio album, Recess! How does it stack up?
(03.18.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
Taylor Momsen and co. are back with album number two, Going to Hell, an unrelenting record about sex, sins, love and everything in between.
(04.23.2014) - Mikey MiGo
What happens with one dude with ears takes in the music of a critically acclaimed artist?
In the 393rd edition of The Savage Animal Mike listens to the five studio albums of St. Vincent and more!
(04.22.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
From Kanye West's The College Dropout and Judas Priest's Rocka Rolla to Pantera's Power Metal, Green Day's Dookie and more, the 411 staff count down their top 5 wanted album re-releases!
(04.19.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
From "Little Red Corvette" and "1999" to "Purple Rain," "Let's Go Crazy" and more, 411's Jeremy Thomas counts down the top 8 Prince singles of all-time!
(04.19.2014) - Jeff Modzelewski
The first studio album from The String Cheese Incident in 9 years
(04.18.2014) - Joseph Lee
Is Lil Wayne's new freestyle track better than the rest of his recent work? What did we think of Kanye West's guest verse on Future's "I Won"? Are we excited for a new Muse album? 411's Joseph Lee and Jeremy Thomas debate these topics and more!
(04.17.2014) - Sean Walker
From "Like a Prayer" and "Papa Don't Preach" to "Like a Virgin," "Oh Father" and more, 411's Sean Walker counts down the top 10 Madonna songs of the 1980s!
(04.16.2014) - Mikey MiGo
This band has been around for years and remains to be one of the most energetic and fun bands out there today. Does their laid back funky vibe translate into laid back funky album art? Let’s find out! In the 392nd edition of The Savage Animal Mike looks at the album art of 311. Plus a rant on ‘life hacking’, a review of the Veronica Mars movie, a look at the Transcendence trailer, and more!
(03.22.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
Fall Out Boy hit the road in the UK for the first time in five years, and they're bringing a new found confidence and swagger with them in their attempts to "save rock and roll."
(03.17.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
Scottish electro-pop trio Chvrches brought their debut album The Bones of What You Believe to Wales for a night of polished pop extravagance, but as the venues get bigger, how does the band handle the hype?
(03.17.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
Frank Turner takes his folk rock sensibilities on his largest headline tour to date, but how does his sound hold up in front of much larger audiences?
(09.11.2013) - Bill Wannop
Madchild and Slaine embarked on a tour of Canada in support of their upcoming collab album. Were the two able to live up to their reputation and put on a great live show or was something lacking?
(01.05.2013) - Gina Bortolussi
The Starting Line pay tribute to Say It Like You Mean It with ten year anniversary tour.
(09.18.2012) - Bill Wannop
Tech N9ne and Madchild embarked on a tour of Canada in support of their upcoming albums. Were the two able to live up to their reputation and put on a great live show or was something lacking?
(08.20.2012) - Matt Arena
Winding down the summer, Lackawanna Music Festival brought some powerful names from the indie rock scene to New Jersey for a free day of music.

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