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New CNN Poll Shows Obama & Clinton Tied In Texas
Posted by Ashish on 02.18.2008

While the Clinton camp wastes their time throwing out ridiculous charges of plagerism and debate dodging against Barack Obama, Obama seems to have made up a ton of ground in Texas and could ruin what the Clinton camp calls her "firewall."

A new CNN poll has Texas a virtual tie (factoring in the margin of error) with Clinton at 50%, Obama at 48%. If Clinton loses Texas, her campaign is basically finished. Even if these numbers hold up, and Clinton wins by 2%, it would be considered a loss for her since the two candidates would more or less split the state's delegates and she would not eat into Obamas 130+ pledged delegate lead.

As I have been saying, Texas is NOT as favorable to Clinton as many seem to think. Yes the state has a large Hispanic population, a group that has been supporting Clinton, but the Hispanic population is basically wiped out by the African American population which is almost as large but supports Obama in greater numbers than Hispanics support Clinton (and also keep in mind that the Texas Hispanic population is pretty young, and younger Hispanics are more or less split between Obama and Clinton). With those two groups countering each other, it leaves the race as a battle between white men (who have been supporting Obama) and white women (who have been supporting Clinton). Also remember that Texas is a Republican state and Clinton has done pretty poorly in those states as the Clintons were never very popular there to begin with, especially in Texas where many were ashamed of the Clintons and blamed them for hurting American family values during the Lewinsky scandal.


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