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Name:Ramon Aranda
Current Roles:Boxing Editor / Sr. Boxing Writer / 3 More Rounds Co-Host / Games Events Coordinator
Past Roles:Boxing writer for Examiner.com (Oakland, CA) and bilingual writer for Primer Round Magazine.
Other credits:
Quote:"I'm huge in Japan!"
History:Ask if you must.
Pound for Pound Ratings for March '10 - 04.01.2010

Still the man

Photo by Chris Farina / Top Rank

If you’ve been wondering where our pound for pound ratings had gone, you’re not the only ones. Thankfully we’ve got our heads out of our collective asses and we’ve churned out our first P4P list of 2010. The ratings are current as of March 31 and with plenty of action to look forward to in April, don’t be surprised to see some changes by the end of the month. Particularly Hopkins' placement at #4 will be affected by how he performs against Roy Jones on Saturday.

Our regularly scheduled ratings column will return at the end of the month.

1. Manny Pacquiao
2. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
3. Shane Mosley
4. Bernard Hopkins
5. Juan Manuel Marquez
6. Nonito Donaire
7. Paul Williams
8. Vitali Klitschko
9. Chad Dawson
10. Wladimir Klitschko
Ten Reasons Why I'll Be Watching Hopkins-Jones II - 02.22.2010

A much better match-up in 2002

I recently wrote a column bashing the rematch between Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr. and even went as far as to take another short jab at it on my Inside the Ropes today. On the flip side, I'd like to play a little devil's advocate and list my top ten reason why I will be watching the fight with interest.

(In no particular order)

1. I'm curious to see just who Hopkins decides to call out after this fight. I bet it won't be Chad Dawson though. Perhaps Glen Johnson? Maybe Jeff Lacy? Or how about Nigel Benn? I'm sure he's got nothing to do these days.

2. Roy Jones' explanation as to why he lost the fight. Something tells me it'll involve poor officiating or a cheap shot. Either way, it sure as hell won't be because he's over the hill and Hopkins can still fight.

3. Roy Jones' attire. I just hope he doesn't come out as a pirate again. That thing was just awful!

4. To see how hard Hopkins tries to hit Jones throughout the fight. He still seems pretty upset about that loss in 1993. My guess is he'll try to take it out on him early.

5. To hear Roy Jones say he's retiring. I can hope right?

6. To hear Bernard Hopkins say he's retiring. Hey, I'm a fan of the guy but if he's not going to take on anyone of note in his division then he might as well let Dawson fight for the RING championship already. Stop holding the division hostage.

7. Can Bernard Hopkins knock him out? B-Hop hasn't had a knockout win since 2003 against the abysmal Morrade Hakkar, and even that was just Hakkar mercifully quitting on his stool. His last "real" knockout? In February of 2002 against Carl Daniels. Yeah, it's been a while, so if he can't knockout a Roy Jones who's susceptible to a mild gust of wind these days, it can't be a good sign.

8. So we can simply put this unnecessary fight behind us. No one outside of Hopkins' ego needs this fight.

9. Because if Hopkins looks great (and by all means there's no reason he shouldn't against a 2010 Roy Jones), his next opponent, if he has one, will surely be better.

10. To find out how badly the PPV sales did. I mean, really PPV? For this fight? Sigh.
Bums of the Ring - 01.29.2010

Gabby Jay; a wimp among pugilists

Maybe it's the fact that aside from this weekend's fights, there's been a drought of boxing action, but I've been rummaging through my large collection of boxing games; whether they are for the NES, N64 or the iPhone. As I've been enjoying myself during my downtime, I started thinking - there are some real bums in some of these games. Guys who'd fall on their faces at the simple sight of you lacing up your gloves. Let's face it, these following guys are about as likely to beat you as you are of brushing off a Manny Pacquiao punch in the face...it won't happen.

Needless to say, for your enjoyment (and mostly mine), here's my list of the most pathetic pugs to ever grace a video game ring, in no particular order.

  • Ralph Mahler (22-22) - Riddick Bowe Boxing [SNES]
  • Big Gip (0-20) - Super KO Boxing 2 [iPhone]
  • Gabby Jay (1-99) - Super Punch-Out!! [SNES]
  • Glass Joe (1-99, 1 KO) - Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! [NES]
  • Henry Cooper (40-14-1, 27 KOs) - Foes of Ali [3DO]
  • Rookie 5 - Ring King [NES]
  • Romeo - Facebreaker [PS3/Xbox360]
  • Don Flamenco (22-3, 9 KOs) - Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! [NES]
  • Barney - Celebrity Boxing [PC]
  • George W. Bush - White House Rumble [Mobile]

I'm sure I've left out some guys, so feel free to shoot me a Tweet and let me know who else is a massive push over.
The Human Octopus Isn't Going Anywhere - 01.17.2010

Coming to a GBP card near you

Looking at the current crop of heavyweights, there isn't much to get excited about. Outside of the title holders (Vitali, Wladimir and Haye), there's not much to brag about either and even they aren't exactly in the most fist-pumping contests. None however are as cringe-enducing to me than the "Quietman" John Ruiz.

Not since upsetting Evander Holyfield in 2001 has he done anything worth talking about. Not so much because the fight was any good, but because he became the first latino to win a heavyweight title. Unfortunately outside of making history, his fights have been consistent bores as he typically wrestles and bearhugs his way to victory. How he's managed to become a 2-time heavyweight titlist is mind boggling but after unsuccessful attempts at regaining the title he lost to James Toney (technically to Valuev since he was given the belt back after Toney tested positive for steroids), in recent years, we more or less figured he was out of chances.

Sadly that's not the case as he just signed a new contract with Golden Boy Promotions. It's actually a good fit for Ruiz given that GBP has a strong grasp of the latino market which Ruiz should be performing in front of. His next fight? A WBA title shot against David Haye - another recent signee for GBP. It makes sense for Golden Boy as signing Ruiz makes it an easier fight to promote but what's really frustrating is the fact that Ruiz, a WBA mandatory-for-life is yet again receiving a title shot from the joke of an organization. I can't imagine what it would be like if he won the fight but should he lose as expected, you can bet he'll still be forced down our throats for the forseeable future. It's like he's got a bearhug on boxing.

Someone please call for a 'break'!
It's E3 Time Boys and Girls - 05.28.2009

Ahhh, yes...can you smell it? It's the smell of E3 for those who have allergies or have congestion issues. Yep, it's about that time again to kick things into high gear as E3 is only days away. My team at 411mania.com is all set and ready to go as I've finished booking those appointments with all of the major publishers to get our paws on their upcoming titles. Of course we're leaving plenty of time to simply walk around and see some other stuff on the showroom floor and as alway. The press conferences begin on Monday and go into Tuesday so we'll be covering all of that good stuff. As usual, you can't have E3 without plenty of booze to go around so we'll try to do our best to stay as sober as we can but no promises =)

Yeah there's going to be a jack-load of work to do but that's what we're here for right?

You can follow us via Twitter at www.twitter.com/411Games and of course at www.411mania.com/games.
May 2 Can't Come Soon Enough - 04.23.2009

So we're just about a week away from the May 2 superfight between Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquiao. Needless to say I'm salivating at this fight and cannot wait to arrive in Las Vegas next week. This is a fight fan's fight and really one that has cross over appeal. Will Hatton finally beat the reigning P4P king (having lost to Mayweather in his first chance) or will Pacquiao prove to be just too good?

I'll be ringside for the fight next Saturday night and will be doing a live blog of the fight on 411mania.com so stay tuned for that. Hopefully I won't drink too hard during the week =). Official prediction? Ask me again on Friday!
GDC 09 - 03.23.2009

It's that time of the year when I drag my carcass in the middle of March to the Game Developers Conference. This year, I'll be joined by columnist Tommy Coloma again as we attend various conferences, meetings and go hands-on with some upcoming titles to give our readers all the dirt out of GDC.

We'll be attending this week beginning on Tuesday up until Friday. So stay tuned for breaking news, previews and feature stories!

You can get all of the scoops at 411mania.com/games or via Twitter at twitter.com/411Games.
Manny Becomes the New Golden Boy - 12.08.2008

Well I returned from Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon after five long but exciting days. As most of you know, I was in town to cover the De La Hoya-Pacquiao fight for 411mania.com and I made sure I was there all week to partake in the festivities and media events.

I have to say that I'm still in shock over what transpired Saturday night. Not that I didn't give Manny Pacquiao a chance to win because I did. In fact I said that if Oscar looked old, Manny could pick him apart, but never did I think it would turn out the way it did. Pacquiao put on an impressive display of skills in destroying The Golden Boy over eight lopsided rounds. The Golden Boy era is now officially over and Manny Pacquiao should now be your undisputed king of boxing, box office and all.

Congraulations Manny and to Oscar; thank you for the memories in a tremendous, hall of fame worthy career.
Does Pacquiao Stand a Chance? - 11.18.2008

You know as the days go by and the fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao inches ever so closer, one indeed begins to ponder of the Pac-Man has any chance of beating "The Golden Boy".

Most feel that Oscar should win. He has the physical advantages in both height and reach while also presenting the kind of power that Pacquiao has never seen. On the other hand as we've learned in the last few weeks in conference calls and HBO's 24/7 series, Oscar actually weighs less than Manny at this moment by about 6 pounds. I've always said that Manny looks extremely drained at his weigh-ins and with the added weight, I expect that Pacquiao won't have to punish his body as much to make weight in a smaller division.

You factor in the fact that Manny is quicker, younger and has more stamina than Oscar and maybe it's not so far fetched of an idea that the 1.5/1 underdog could pull it off. I may still favor Oscar come fight night but with De La Hoya having issues with sparring partners and the extreme confidence being shown by Team Pacquiao, don't be surprised if the best fighter in the world pound for pound looks phenominal yet again on the big stage.
Another iTunes Addition - 11.17.2008

Well if the boxing podcast wasn't enough, our own 411 Games Podcast has also hit iTunes. We've been cranking out new ideas and they're paying off, thanks in part to all of our readers and listeners. Thanks for keeping it glued to 411mania and stay tuned for bigger and better shows!
3 More Rounds Hits iTunes! - 11.17.2008

Well, we've been hard at work to rebuild 3 More Rounds and as of today, our boxing podcast has found its way onto the iTunes store. I can't tell you how excited we are to get the show more exposure and coupled with a brand new myspace page www.myspace.com/3morerounds, we're poised to have a big 2009. Stay tuned!
Darchinyan Proves Us Wrong - 11.05.2008

In a Showtime poll held last week with boxing writers giving their predictions for the Mijares-Darchinyan unification bout, almost every writer chose Mijares to outbox the Armenian slugger. Apparently this fueled the fire so to speak as Darchinyan put a beatdown on the former Mexican champ. During the post-fight press conference he told us all (the ones who predicted against him), that he's fulfilled his promise to win and that we shouldn't doubt him again.

Tu sais.
President Obama - 11.05.2008

What a historic night we experienced yesterday. The dawning of a new era and one that hopefully lives up to at least half of the expectations we have. I may not be African-American but to see someone of color finally reach the mountain top in the United States, is something that truly touched me as a hispanic.

Here's hoping that the entire nation can unite and that this country will be prosperous for years to come.
November 4, 2008 - 11.04.2008

Getting away from boxing and games for just a minute, today is quite an exciting day for Americans nationwide. Seems like voters are coming out in record numbers and truly we're all ready to see some change. Regardless of who wins tonight, we'll see history being made with either the first African-American president, or the oldest president and the first female vice president. Tomorrow morning should be very interesting.

Obama '08!
And we're rolling... - 06.15.2008

The CONCACAF World Cup 2010 qualifiers begin today with USA vs. Barbados and Mexico vs. Belize. I'll be glued to my TV now and I'll bring a full report of as many games as I can. I can't wait for this thing to get into full swing as I plan on going to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa!
And we're rolling... - 06.13.2008

We're only a month out but I'm pretty excited about attending E3 this year. With me will be Tommy Coloma and Jacob Lopez so we'll be looking to bring you readers the best damn coverage we can put together. We'll be going hands-on with some brand new and unannounced titles and of course, we'll be shooting over the the big media briefings for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

Of course, no E3 would be complete with parties so you can bet your asses, we'll be enjoying some drinks!
And we're rolling... - 06.13.2008

We're not even halfway through the month of June and we already have a sleuth of fights to look forward to in the coming weeks. The biggest fight in June goes down on the 28th between WBC lightweight titlist David Diaz and Manny Pacquiao who's making the jump to the 135 pound decision. I'm going with Manny but I wouldn't be surprised to see Diaz give him some issues late in the fight - should he still be around. I won't be at the fight but we will have 411mania presence at the fights courtesy of Matt Knowles whom I've decided to send over (he's pretty happy about it).

I will be in Vegas for the July 26 showdown between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito though. That should be a hell of a fight!
And we're rolling... - 04.12.2008

So I just suffered a pretty bad accident this week. I swerved out of the way of an oncoming vehicle that swerving towards me. That's the last thing I remember until I finally woke up to the scene of blood and my destroyed car (not to mention an airbag that never deployed). I had crashed into a parked diesel truck. Luckily for me I had my seatbelt on though my head smashed into my steering wheel causing a nasty gash over my right eye. I'll be fine..just have some bruises on my knee, ankle and chest. I'm just happy to be alive right now and although my car is gone, I'm thankful that I can walk.

Be careful out there!
And we're rolling... - 03.03.2008

I just came back from Los Angeles over the weekend and witnessed the end of a classic trilogy that will likely be considered among the very best in boxing history. Israel Vasquez and Rafael Marquez gave it their all and produced a magnificent fight that had the crowd eating it up. Kudos to both fighters and Gary Shaw for putting together a memorable series.

Congratulations to Robert Guerrero as well for knocking out Jason Litzau in the main event of Friday night's ShoBox telecast.
And we're rolling... - 01.28.2008

Just saw Rambo last night with a couple of cousins after spending the night at home checking out the Royal Rumble in HD. Let me just say that Rambo is a bloody damn good time!! Stallone pulls no punches here as he goes balls to the walls with John Rambo. The carnage is unbelievable and you almost feel like you grew a third testicale just from watching it. If you haven't checked it out, Rambo is bad ass! High recommendation!
full blog
[VIDEO] Holyfield vs. Williams Promo (01.15.2011)
The latest promo video for the Jan. 29 clash between Evander Holyfield and Sherman Williams.
Edwin Rodriguez Injured (01.14.2011)
Rodriguez suffers an injury in decision win over Aaron Pryor Jr.
Manfredo and Rodriguez Victorious in Florida (01.14.2011)
Full results from tonight's edition of ESPN Friday Night Fights.
“Kingpin” Johnson Issues Challenge (01.14.2011)
Kevin "Kingpin" Johnson challenges any heavyweight on the planet to face him on January 22nd.
Trainer Ronnie Shields Joins Chris Arreola's Camp (01.14.2011)
Arreola hoping Shields can make a difference.
Pascal-Hopkins Rematch Ordered by the WBC (01.14.2011)
The organization grants Hopkins the rematch.
Evander Holyfield to Host a Public Workout Next Week (01.14.2011)
Fans are invited to see "The Real Deal" prepare for Sherman Williams in NYC.
Sinan Samil Sam Released From the Hospital (01.14.2011)
Sam receives a clean bill of health.
Jose Antonio Aguirre Set to Face Gilberto Keb Baas (01.14.2011)
Former WBC Strawweight champion challenges for Light Flyweight belt.
Bradley and Alexander Focused on Jan. 29 (01.14.2011)
The two fighters speak out about their upcoming unification bout.
Hernandez to Face Herelius (01.14.2011)
The two men will battle it out for the interim WBA Cruiserweight title on February 12.
Ahmet Oner Rips Vitali Klitschko (01.13.2011)
The German promoter is confident of Odlanier Solis' chances on March 19.
[VIDEO] Ring Life: Devon Alexander (01.13.2011)
HBO spotlights junior welterweight titleholder Devon Alexander in the lead-up to his unification bout with Timothy Bradley.
[VIDEO] Ring Life: Timothy Bradley (01.13.2011)
HBO spotlights junior welterweight titlist Timothy Bradley in advance of his unification bout with Devon Alexander.
Ireland's Biggest Stars to Square Off on HBO (01.13.2011)
Andy Lee and John Duddy will rumble on March 12.
Holyfield-Williams Undercard Revealed (01.13.2011)
So who else is fighting on the PPV?
Miguel Cotto to Face Ricardo Mayorga (01.13.2011)
Press conference set for next week.
Solo Boxeo Weigh-In Open to the Public (01.13.2011)
The weigh-in takes place today at 1 p.m. in Indio, Calif.
Ticket Alert: Brandon Rios vs. Miguel Acosta (01.09.2011)
Tickets on sale now for the Feb. 26 bout.
Judah Fight Contract Sent to Kaizer Mabuza (01.09.2011)
The Mabuza team just has to sign on the dotted line to make the fight.
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