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Name:Liana Kerzner
Current Roles:
Past Roles:
Other credits:
And we're rolling... - 12.31.2005

-- Started writing for site in Fall 2002, when then-411wrestling.com added several Zones, one of which was Music, which was the area where EM was drawn.
-- Only remaining contributor of the first generation of writers from that era.
-- Has contributed at least one of every for the various headings in the 411mania Music Zone, including some headings which have been folded into the remaining sectors.
-- To date, has completed 200+ music CD/DVD reviews for 411mania.
-- 77 Time Machines and counting. (Series will only go to 100)
-- Wrote first groundbreaking Essentials for the Movies Zone, thereby setting the standard.
-- Music Essentials column has been re-posted 3 times.
-- Has contributed to 4 Zones, 411Music, 411Politics, 411Black, 411Movies as a columnist.
-- Has appeared in columns in every Zone, though the greatest number of columns appears in the Music Zone.
-- EM's total site contributions number somewhere above 500, probably closer to 600.
-- In 2005, EM took a reduced role in the site, which he maintains currently, due to time considerations for a number of external creative projects, one of which can be found at The Mighty TFG.
-- EM's artistic creativity and genius is apparently boundless. At least count, he has written 300+ songs, 2 complete novels, started 12 other novels and completed 38+ short stories, with another 50+ in various stages of completion.
-- EM's IQ has been tested at 165.
-- EM's talent is also vast. He has the ability to play guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, cello, piano, violin, harmonica, kazoo, flute, Hammond organ and is an accomplished vocalist.
-- In short, EM is GOD.
full blog
Quest For Infamy (PC) Review (07.28.2014)
Liana Kerzner explores this retro point-and-click adventure game parody, and laughs a lot in spite of herself.
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (PS4) Review (07.15.2014)
Liana Kerzner grapples with this upgraded indie luchador hit, and it packs a bigger punch!
Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies (PC) Review (07.02.2014)
Liana Kerzner rallies the troops to check out this standalone DLC
E3 2014: BattleCry Hands-On Preview (06.20.2014)
Liana Kerzner explores the upcoming free-to-play PC team-based action combat game from Bethesda!
E3 2014: Nintendo Games Preview (06.19.2014)
From Yoshi Yarn and Splatoon to Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Nintendo announced a new slate of games at E3! 411's Liana Kerzner checks in with her preview of the upcoming games!
E3 2014: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege Multiplayer Preview (06.18.2014)
411's Liana Kerzner breaches the perimeter of Ubisoft's newly-announced revival of the Rainbow Six franchise! See what she has to say about the multiplayer action in her preview of the game!
E3 2014: The Evil Within Preview (06.17.2014)
411's Liana Kerzner braves an extensive hands-on session with the latest survival horror title from the creator of Resident Evil!
Dragon Age: Inquisition E3 2014 Preview (06.15.2014)
Bioware revealed more details about Dragon Age: Inquisition at E3, including what's new and what's totally retro in the game! 411's Liana Kerzner takes a behind-closed-doors look in her preview!
Assassin's Creed: Unity E3 2014 Preview (06.13.2014)
Ubisoft showed off the latest game in the Assassin's Creed franchise at E3! 411's Liana Kerzner checks in with her preview of the game!
E3 2014: Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved Preview (06.12.2014)
Does the Last, Best Hope For the Kinect Measure Up? Liana Kerzner Finds out!
E3 2014: Disney Infinity 2.0 First Look (06.12.2014)
Do superheroes and strong women make Disney's answer to Skylanders worth a second wave of investment? Liana Kerzner finds out!
E3 2014: Battle of the Console Press Conferences... Who Won? (06.11.2014)
Was it Xbox's year to come back from last year's mess? Or did Sony take it again with their PlayStation Presser?
E3 2014: Xbox Media Briefing Recap (06.10.2014)
“Gamers are shaping the future of Xbox, and we are better for it.” -- Find out what the new Xbox attitude means!
Ottawa Game Show Speaker Suggests Developers Should Kill Their Girlfriends and Move to New York (05.30.2014)
The Ottawa International Game Conference kicked off with a serious case of diarrhea of the mouth, then showcased games that featured battling space narwhals and a guy racing to the washroom. Also: Yars Revenge Creator Howard Scott Warshaw speaks
Watch Dogs (Multi) Preview (05.24.2014)
Ubisoft's highly-anticipated game Watch Dogs releases next week, but how is it stacking up pre-release? 411's Liana Kerzner checks in with her hands-on preview of the game!
Age of Wonders III PC Review (05.05.2014)
Is the latest update a strategy game with mass appeal, or for series fans only?
Fable: Anniversary (Xbox 360) Review (03.12.2014)
In celebration of its tenth anniversary, Microsoft Game Studios has given Fable an updated re-release! But how does it stack up? 411's Liana K checks in with her full review!
Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition (PC) Review (01.25.2014)
The classic PC RPG Baldur's Gate II gets a remastered edition! But how does it stack up? 411's Liana Kerzner checks in with her full review!
The Best Of 2006/Top 11 List (Music) (01.01.2007)
Roll another number for the road..
Ghostface Killah - More Fish Review (12.29.2006)
Ghostface breaks the habit of releasing an album every 2 -3 years with...something.
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