// Is Obi-Wan Kenobi Getting His Own Star Wars Spin-Off?
// Kanye West Confronts Handicapped Audience Member for Not Standing Up During Concert
// WWE Resistant to Turning John Cena Heel for Financial Reasons
// Ronda Rousey Says She Has Alternate Opponents if Gina Carano Doesn't Sign
// New Alien: Isolation Trailer Has a Warning: 'Don't Shoot'


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Name:Greg Bruno
Current Roles:What If The Gamer Girlfriend Reviews
Past Roles:News, Features
Other credits:B.A. in Philosophy M.A. in Communication PhD in Badassery
Quote:"Bear Down!"
Halo 3: ODST (Xbox 360) Review (09.23.2009)
Halo 3: ODST is finally here, but is it a full fledged, self standing game?
What If? 09.15.09: Natal Smackdown, Disney, And Price Drops (09.15.2009)
Check out the latest edition of What If? to see what 411's Greg Bruno and Company have to say about recent price drops, Project Natal, and who they'd like to date.
What If? 08.25.09: PS3 Slim, PETA, Natal (08.25.2009)
What If? makes a triumphant return. You can't resist the urge to see what Mark Salmela, Ramon Aranda, and Greg Bruno thought about Bungie using project Natal, Kratos joining PETA and more in the latest edition of What If?
Guitar Hero: Smash Hits (Xbox 360) Review (08.16.2009)
Ready To Rock or Already Rocked? Check out the review to see if these Guitar Hero greatest hits are worth the encore!
What If? 6.26.09: Week 15 - The Madden Franchise, Zombies, and Megan Fox (06.26.2009)
Oh yea! You know What If? is back and is all up in ya' grillz! Check out what Greg Bruno and the 411 Staff have to say about the Madden Franchise, Zombies, and, of course, Megan Fox.
What If? 6.09.09: Week 14 - Capcom, Lara Croft, Losing to Your Mom, More (06.09.2009)
What If? Returns with more writers than ever before! Greg Bruno hosts What If? with Ramon, Sam, and Todd. This week, they discuss a Capcom system, Lara Croft, and their own mothers. Yep, you read that correctly.
What If? 05.20.09: Chief vs. T-Rex, Cannibalistic Cooking Mama and More (05.20.2009)
What If? returns with a vengeance. Check out what Alexandra Pusateri, Mark Salmela, and Greg Bruno have to say in the newest edition of What If?
The Gamer Girlfriend 04.16.09: Halo 3 (04.16.2009)
This month we're playing some game called "Halo 3". Ever heard of it? Check out Andi's impressions of one of the Xbox 360's biggest games!
What If? 04.08.09: Week 12 - FRIENDS Shooter (04.08.2009)
What if Joey from FRIENDS got his hands on some weaponry? What if Sony were up for sale? Greg Bruno and the 411 Staff have your answers in the latest edition of What If?
411Music Interview with Juvie-D (04.06.2009)
One of Philadelphia's most up and coming hip-hop artists, Juvie-D, spends some time with 411!
50 Cent: Blood On The Sand (Xbox 360) Review (03.24.2009)
Parental Advisory: I'm going to swear.
What If? 03.24.09: Week 11 - Multi-Platform Compatible Brawler, Master Chief as Solid Snake, More (03.24.2009)
What if there was a Multi-Platform Compatible Brawler or what if Master Chief was Solid Snake? 411ís Greg Bruno, Joe Roche and Ramon Aranda discuss these topics and more in the latest edition of What If! Check out the full column for all the details!
The Gamer Girlfriend 03.17.09: LittleBigPlanet (03.17.2009)
Check out what The Gamer Girlfriend thinks of one of the PS3's hottest titles and how you could get your significant other to create with you!
What If? 03.10.09: Week 10 - Heel Donkey Kong, Xbox Handheld System, More (03.10.2009)
What If Donkey Kong turned heel? What If Microsoft made an Xbox handheld system? And perhaps the most important 411 related What If question ever asked...all inside!
Infinity Ward Using Twitter to Get Gamers' Thoughts (03.02.2009)
Voice your thoughts on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
Segment (iPhone) Review (03.02.2009)
The Unique Slider Puzzle Is Now Touch Sensitive!
What If? 2.24.09: Week 9 - Single Mario, Kratos vs. Master Chief, More (02.24.2009)
What If Mario finally dumped Princess Peach? What If Kratos fought Master Chief? Greg Bruno and the 411 Staff tackle these questions and more in Week 9 of WHAT IF?
What If? 02.20.09: Bizzaro Jack Thompson, WOW Fanboys, More (02.20.2009)
It's fan appreciation week!
The Gamer Girlfriend 2.14.09: Soul Calibur 4 (02.14.2009)
Greg and Andi battle it out in a special Valentines day Edition of The Gamer Girlfriend. Love is war!
Bonsai Blast (iPhone) Review (02.10.2009)
Great Puzzle Action At Your Fingertips!
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