// Khloe Terae is a Twitter Topless Tease
// Miley Cyrus Under Investigation For Getting Spanked With Mexican Flag
// WWE's Inspiration For Hideo Itami's Name
// Andrei Arlovski: Who's Next?
// New Trailer For Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


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Picture: none
Current Roles:Columnist
Past Roles:You may be familiar with my portrayal of Sir Toby Belch in BBC's 2003 production of Twelfth Night.
Other credits:UWM gave me $75 once for a story I wrote. Your tax dollars at work.
History:Not until you buy me dinner.
This Week in Amusement 09.04.13: So How Do We Feel About This Nice Miley Cyrus Lady? (09.04.2013)
Everybody else is talking about Miley Cyrus, so why can’t we?
This Week in Amusement 08.28.13: Ben Affleck Announced as New Batman, World Fails to End (08.28.2013)
Moviegoers were less than enthusiastic about the news that Ben Affleck will portray the Dark Knight. If previous reactions about Batman casting decisions are any indication, Affleck will turn in a widely respected performance.
This Week in Amusement 08.21.13: Ashton Kutcher Praised for Saying Nice Things About Hard Work and Being Smart (08.21.2013)
Plus, did you hear that Paula Deen isn’t as racist as everyone thought? And speaking of racism, Oprah’s Swiss handbag misunderstanding may not have been motivated by prejudice after all.
This Week in Amusement 08.14.13: Time Warner-CBS Dispute Depriving Americans of More “Big Brother” Racism (08.14.2013)
Plus, a look at Leah Remini’s Scientology apostasy. Double plus, a blast from Amanda Bynes’ past.
This Week in Amusement 08.07.13: Simon Cowell Surprised to be Baby Daddy (08.07.2013)
Is it possible to feel any pity for the often-insulting pop star judge? Let’s find out! Plus, a new television program will focus on a man with a giant scrotum. Double plus, a tale of heartbreak from Jeopardy Kids Week.
This Week in Amusement 07.31.13: Sharknado or Insane Clown Posse on TV – Who’d You Rather? (07.31.2013)
The “success” of SyFy’s silly movie and ICP’s new Fuse program is either a testament to declining cultural standards, or a heartwarming reminder that our entertainment options are essentially boundless. Unlike the rest of the internet, let’s try and look on the bright side…
This Week in Amusement 07.17.13: George Lucas Awarded National Medal of Arts for Something He Hasn’t Been Good at in Decades (07.17.2013)
Also receiving medals were Ellsworth Kelly, Laurie Olin, and Ernest J. Gaines…but since we’re not familiar with their work, let’s review the never-gets-old subject of Lucas’ questionable artistic choices.
This Week in Amusement 07.10.13: Let’s Play the “How Racist is Johnny Depp’s Tonto?” Game (07.10.2013)
The new Lone Ranger movie has not set the world on fire, but Depp’s version of the Native American sidekick is...different. Plus, some show called Big Brother has racists on it, which may be ratings gold. Double plus, LeVar Burton has some advice on being pulled over for DWB.
This Week in Amusement 07.03.13: Alec Baldwin Provides (Another) Cautionary Lesson for Celebrity Tweeters (07.03.2013)
Actor tweets anti-gay slur, but GLAAD forgives him faster than you can say “Paula Deen just lost another job.” Speaking of whom, Ms. Deen’s employment prospects are improving…
This Week in Amusement 06.26.13: Should Paula Deen Lose Her Job for Saying the N-Word Once? (06.26.2013)
Do we really want to live in a world where using bad language from another era renders us unemployable? Even Bill Maher doesn’t think so…
This Week in Amusement 06.19.13: Kraft Uses Nude Man to Sell Salad Dressing, World is a Better Place (06.19.2013)
Plus, apparently a big reason people watch True Blood on HBO is because of all the nude scenes. Since nudity is an enduringly interesting topic, let’s have a closer look at it.
This Week in Amusement 06.12.13: Star Trek’s Long Track Record of Promoting Sexual Deviance (06.12.2013)
Plus, our hero Aaron Rodgers offers “24-Hour Rule” defense for spoiling Game of Thrones on Twitter. Double plus, Glee cast member comes out as straight…wait, check that…
This Week in Amusement 06:05:13: Mermaids Are Not Real, But Neither are They a “Hoax” (06.05.2013)
Plus, a lesbian movie that may or not be porn wins at Cannes. Double plus – is Honey Boo Boo a worthwhile cultural export?
This Week in Amusement 05.29.13: Dirty Wars – A Documentary about Patriotism’s Victims (05.29.2013)
A movie every American should see...
This Week in Amusement 05.23.13: Let’s Look at Boobs – Specifically, Angelina Jolie’s, Bea Arthur’s, and Teen Mom’s (05.23.2013)
Breast-themed stories are big lately...
This Week in Amusement 05.15.13: Will We Ever Be Rid of Reality TV Disasters COPS or Dr. Drew? (05.15.2013)
Thoughts on Spike TV picking up COPS after FOX cancelled it, Dr. Drew Pinsky no longer hosting Celebrity Rehab, Lindsay Lohan’s struggles with Betty Ford and more!
This Week in Amusement 05.08.13: Betty Ford Center Won’t Say If They Can Help Lindsay Lohan (05.08.2013)
The tribulations of starlets Reese Witherspoon and Lindsay Lohan raise questions about how law enforcement should treat very important persons. In particular, our (very brief) chat session with the Betty Ford Center indicates Lilo may not be getting the help she needs. Original reporting inside!
This Week in Amusement 05.01.13: In Defense of (Some of the) Most Hated Celebrities (05.01.2013)
What have these celebrities done to us to earn such scorn? Let’s look on the bright side of some of those who have been labeled “Most Hated”: Jesse James, Shia LaBeouf, Kristen Stewart, Jay Leno, Kim Kardashian, and Gwyneth Paltrow.
This Week in Amusement 04.24.13: Condom Law Makes California Porn Industry Go Soft (04.24.2013)
Smut peddlers look to ply their trade elsewhere rather than lose sensitivity, Boston bombing leads to strange television programming decisions, Justin Bieber cracks wise at Anne Frank hideout, and more!
This Week in Amusement 04.17.13: “Oprah Penis Cream” is Apparently a Thing (04.17.2013)
News and thoughts on Oprah protesting in Canada over something that sounds like a dirty joke, the FCC reexamining its ban on nudity, a lingerie football coach losing his mind and more!
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