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Name:Ron Martin
Current Roles:A Fool's Utopia; Ghost Hunters Recap; Ghost Hunters International Recap; The Damn Dirty DVD Review, Contributor: Weekly Top Five, Movies Fact or Fiction, The Office, The Watcher Diaries
Past Roles:
Other credits:
A Fool's Utopia 11.16.13: When Remakes Are Okay (11.16.2013)
This week in one man's utopia, the column goes rogue! We take a look at when remakes are okay (and maybe even warranted). We also talk purple and black smurfs, new Mountain Dew flavors and the softness of the next generation!
A Fool's Utopia 10.19.13: A Community Halloween (10.19.2013)
This week in one man's utopia, we take a look at Community's Halloween episodes and why they should be included amongst TV's best. We also talk about my stay in Salem, Peyton coming back to Indy, American Horror Story and Jesse Ventura's new book.
A Fool's Utopia 10.12.13: The Other Lucasfilm Franchise (10.12.2013)
This week in one man's utopia we take a look at what Disney can do with the other Lucasfilm franchise, talk skinny Adam Richman, McDonalds Trick-or-Treat gift certificates and girls getting all telekinetic in coffee shops.
A Fool's Utopia 9.20.13: Universal Monsters on the Loose (09.20.2013)
This week in one man's utopia we rank the six main Universal Monsters in the order of how frightening they would be if they were real. Also on the agenda, Halloween Jones Soda, The Big Bang Theory asks for more money and bloodsucking pens from the 80s.
A Fool's Utopia 9.14.13: Hulu Fall Preview (09.14.2013)
This week in one man's utopia we'll take a look at a few of Hulu's original programming for the Fall, talk first week of the NFL, Freddy's Nightmares and Horrorhound!
A Fool's Utopia 9.6.13: The Three Timer Club (09.06.2013)
This week in the glorious return of a fool, we're going to take a look at TV actors who have or almost have appeared as a regular cast member in three different sitcoms. We'll also talk Fruit Brute, Yummy Mummy, Halloween lunchables and I'll make my NFL Predictions for the year!
A Fool's Utopia 8.23.13: Lack of Horror Icons (08.23.2013)
This week in one man's utopia we talk the lack of new horror icons being created, preseason football, Stephen Colbert and Choosing Your Own Adventure!
A Fool's Utopia 08.02.13: SItcom Bowling (08.02.2013)
This week in one man's utopia we talk a little about some the bowling episodes from our favorite sitcoms. Also discussed -- Wolverine as a terrible superhero, The Children from 1980, rules changes to the Pro Bowl and cast changes to Parks and Rec.
A Fool's Utopia 7.26.13: Fall TV Preview FOX (07.26.2013)
This week in one man's utopia we take a look at what FOX has to offer for the upcoming Fall season, talk Monopoly, Resident Evil 6, Ghostbusters 3 and Mr. Belvedere.
A Fool's Utopia 7.19.13: 2013 Fall TV Preview - CBS (07.19.2013)
This week in one man's utopia, we take a look at the new shows CBS will be offering us this coming Fall. Also, in this column we'll talk Disney vs. Universal, The Devil's Carnival and the 1992 MTV Music Video Awards!
A Fool's Utopia 7.11.13: Reality TV, Drunk History, More (07.11.2013)
This week in one man's utopia we take a look at how effective the reality competitions shows are, Drunk History, Gauntlet and Sarah Michelle Gellar after Buffy.
A Fool's Utopia 7.5.13: Fall TV Previews - ABC (07.05.2013)
This week in one man's utopia we take a look at what ABC had in store for us this coming Fall season as well as talk Entertainment Weekly's Top 100 TV Shows of all time, 7UP Gold, the NBA draft and Universal Studios latest addition to their Halloween Horror Nights.
A Fool's Utopia 6.27.13: Fall TV Previews - NBC (06.27.2013)
This week in one man's utopia we take a look at some of the upcoming shows on NBC's schedule, watching TV shows online, rant about technology and Ikari Warriors. Yep, Ikari Warriors.
A Fool's Utopia 6.15.13: Analyzing the Paramount/Warner Brothers Trade (06.15.2013)
This week in one man's utopia we analyze the franchise trades between Paramount and Warner Brothers, talk Colts signings, and Archie movie, the Bourbon Trail and an exclusive action figure that is cooler than you!
A Fool's Utopia 06.06.13: CSI - Sunnydale High School Library (06.06.2013)
This week in one man's utopia we take a detailed look at Sunnydale's HIgh School Library, talk Bar Rescue, Donkey Kong Country and car alarms. Seriously, car alarms.
A Fool's Utopia 5.31.13: In Defense of Temple of Doom (05.31.2013)
This week in one man's utopia I defend criticisms of the forgotten Indiana Jones film, talk NBA Playoffs, River Monsters, Man of Steel and lessons I learned from the movie Big.
A Fool's Utopia 5.23.13: Necessities for a Scream TV Series (05.23.2013)
From sticking with the backstory and referencing the rules to pop culture references and more, 411's Ron Martin looks at five steps needed for a successful Scream TV series! Plus thoughts on the new Xbox and more!
A Fool's Utopia 5.20.13: Who Would You Rather? (05.20.2013)
This week in one man's utopia we answer lifelong questions about TV characters in a special "who would you rather?" column. Also, we talk the renewing of Community, Megan Fox as April O'Neil, Demolition Man's promotion with Taco Bell and the Maxim Hot 100!
A Fool's Utopia 5.9.13: The Iron Anniversary (05.09.2013)
This week in one man's utopia we celebrate the number six, talk Grimm, TO's bowling skills, recording on blank cassettes and a remake of Cujo.
A Fool's Utopia 5.2.13: Unanswered TV Questions (05.02.2013)
This week in one man's utopia we take a look at some questions left unanswered by their respective television shows, try to figure out with Friday the 13th movie I saw first, talk Adrianne Curry, Wind Through the Keyhole and Bill Belichick torpedoing a nice moment at the NFL draft.
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