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// Miley Cyrus Wears Giant Fake Butt In New Instagram Videos
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411mania » The 411 » Dino Zucconi
Picture: none
Name:Dino Zucconi
Current Roles:Author of Marking My Territory, One-time author of ReMarkable Days, Participant in TWO Fact or Fictions
Past Roles:Awesome-O McSanchez
Other credits:
Quote:Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino; at least he's got a ring.
Marking My Territory 9.07.06: LOCALS ONLY! (09.07.2006)
I actually got an interview... SMELL THE CREDIBILITY!!!
Marking My Territory 2.17.06: The Most Hated Fans (02.17.2006)
Yet, We're the Winners
Marking My Territory 11.19.05: Undivided (11.19.2005)
Where we once were divided, now we stand united.
Marking My Territory 9.02.05: HBKiss My Ass (09.02.2005)
It came crashing down and it hurt inside
Marking My Territory 8.07.05: Scorpion Deathlocked? (08.07.2005)
This'll Sting a bit
Marking My Territory 7.09.05: Highs And Lows (07.09.2005)
I Love Avril Lavigne... I HATE Sum 41
Marking My Territory 6.11.05: Rough Draft (06.11.2005)
Reputation gained through Intimidation
Marking My Territory 04.02.05: Demolition! (04.02.2005)
What? That's not enough to get you to click?
Marking My Territory 03.02.05: Hart Attacks! (03.02.2005)
Frank Sullo is gonna be SO stoked!!!
Marking My Territory 01.15.05: Crap Hits The Fan (01.15.2005)
And the fans, too.
Marking My Territory 01.06.05: 2005 Reasons To Watch (01.06.2005)
Okay, maybe not 2005 exactly...
Marking My Territory 12.17.04: Maven Rules (12.17.2004)
Yeah, Maven RULES.
Marking My Territory 11.19.04: Less Is... Less (11.19.2004)
You guys were ALMOST right...
Marking My Territory 10.16.04: The Truth Hurts (10.16.2004)
Ha-ha HA-HA, yes yes...
Marking My Territory 10.05.04: The Truth (10.05.2004)
I Don't Care if You Don't Care
Marking My Territory 09.24.04: A Red Face For Yellow Fans (09.24.2004)
Lemme Tell Ya Something, Brutha...
Marking My Territory 08.31.04: Tantalizingly New Action (08.31.2004)
The Acronyms are Totally Non Stop!
Marking My Territory 08.11.04: SummerSlammed (08.11.2004)
Who wants a piece?!?
Marking My Territory 08.02.04: Fanning The Flames (08.02.2004)
Who cares about feelings?
Marking My Territory 07.24.04: Branding The Disbelievers (07.24.2004)
I wanna kiss you every minute, every hour, every day!
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