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Name:Mike Campbell
Current Roles:Wrestling video reviews, the occasional column, and I've recently crossed over to doing MMA reviews.
Past Roles:Larrold's podcast.
Other credits:I've also got my own site, http://www.splashmountain.150m.com
Quote:"[Alcoholism is] a disease? I thought we checked for that stuff here." (The always awesome James Storm)
History:Reviewing here since 2003. Married Erin June '08, Cadence was born in December 2009
One cool thing about marrige - 09.03.2008

I got a small promotion at work, and my wife went out and bought me a little ice cream cake to celebrate.
And we're rolling... - 05.08.2008

Everyone needs to watch more Bob Backlund from the 70s and 80s. Bob vs. Hogan had massive heat in Philadelphia. You think they could do that today?
And we're rolling... - 01.22.2008

Being poor pretty much sucks, people. I was thinking today about some of the shit that I want that I really can't have due to needing to save money for more important things.

- "Marvelous" Mitch Ryder T-shirt
- Chris Hero Hoodie (and he now has them in RED)
- a 411 shirt of some kind (even a BERRIED shirt)
- HE-MAN and the Masters of the Universe on DVD
- Edge T-shirt or sweatshirt

Wow. Looking over that list, I feel even worse now.
And we're rolling... - 01.20.2008

My work schedule recently changed, for the better!

I used to have Sunday and Tuesday off. Now I have Sunday and Monday off! Not only is Monday the busiest day of the week, but it means that I don't have to hold back at all during out monthly treks to Buffalo Wild Wings on PPV nights.

One week till the Royal Rumble, and I'm getting BLAZIN' Wings, just because I don't have to worry about any potential next day effects causing me issues at work.
And we're rolling... - 12.31.2007

- I've really got to talk with Csonka more often. Our conversations always rule. Csonka, Campbell, Ari, and Cook. The 411 Cliq, holding others down!

- Since the ROH board banned me, does that count as a dishonorable discharge?

- My knee is all bruised from the guardrail slamming into it from the 2CW show Saturday night. My first bump in the business!

- I bought my fiancee Lego Star Wars for Christmas and it rules. I don't even like Star Wars and I have tons of fun playing that game.

- I only took one bump Saturday night. Loca Vida took about 200, and still won. Them Mexicans are feisty!
And we're rolling... - 11.29.2007

I was feeling a bit nostalgic last night so I started surfing youtube. I came across the following angles/interviews:

- Undertaker locks Warrior in the coffin
- The 3 skits where Warrior wants to learn about the dark side (Jake's heel turn)
- Jake attacks Savage, and the Cobra bits his arm
- Roberts promo during Survivor Series '91
- Aftermath of Savage/Roberts at Tuesday in Texas (Jake slaps Elizabeth)
- Roberts attacks Undertaker on Funeral Parlor
And we're rolling... - 11.25.2007

"Ric Flair and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee were together at yesterday's Clemson vs. South Carolina football game with Flair campaigning. Also there was former South Carolina governor David Beasley and Mike Campbell, the son of former South Carolina Governor Carroll Campbell. Flair is good friends with the Campbell family. Lots of fans were doing the "Whoo" and there was a sign advocating Flair to head the Environmental Protection Agency." (From the Observer website)
And we're rolling... - 11.16.2007

Best Theme Song Ever!

From Montreal To Memphis,
Parlez Vous Francais?
Tell all the girls,
The Rougeaus on their way !
We're not pretty boys,
We're not a muscle head,
We hate that long haired look,
We like that preppy look instead !!

We're All American Boys,
All American Boys,
We're All American Boys,
All American Boys,

We don't like Heavy Metal,
We don't like Rock N' Roll,
All we like to listen to is Barry Manilow,

On peut pas les sentir,
Dans le monde ils sont les pires,
On aime les faire facher quand qu'on dit "We love the USA"
HEY !!!

We're All American Boys,
All American Boys,
We're All American Boys,
All American Boys...
And we're rolling... - 11.08.2007

Credit: Someone that sent it to Larry Csonka
And we're rolling... - 11.04.2007

If you're writing blog entries about how you're a "real" fan of a promotion based on how many DVDs you have, how many shows you've been to, and that you decided not to order or attend a show of another promotion. And in your capacity as a "real" fan, you're able to dictate who else is a real fan and who others should and shouldn't cheer. Guess what, you're a douche bag.

If you're on message boards shooting off your proverbial mouth about how you're better than others, because of how many shows you've gone to and how many miles you've traveled to said shows. Guess what, you're a douche bag.

If someone says a match or a show you like isn't very good, and you offer up 'proof' that you're right, in the form of a review or write up that someone else wrote about the match or show. Guess what, you're a douche bag.
And we're rolling... - 10.29.2007

I think Eddie, my Jack Russell Terrier, has a death wish.

Friday: I get out of the shower and he stares at me in the kitchen, white white face with a ring of black and his usual guilty look. I ask him why he looks guilty and I see a bag of charcoal ripped open. Not just any charcoal, but instant light charcoal. I call Erin at work (Veterinary assistant) and she tells me to bring him in, with the bag. Luckily for him, it wasn't toxic.

Sunday: Our bathtub is clogged, so Erin buys some liquid plumber to pour down the drain. We go to watch a DVD and can't find the dog. He's in the bathroom with Drano breath. We grab him and force about 5 glasses of water down his throat to flush it out, and he's A-OK.

I know Jack Russell Terriers are supposed to be smart, but I must have the exception.

I'm Eddie. I like to eat Charcoal and drink Liquid Plumber
And we're rolling... - 10.18.2007

I've apparently been banned from the Ring of Honor board. I was logged in, then I was logged out, and I couldn't log in anymore. I guess insinuating that broken down, past his prime, 2007 Mitsuharu Misawa just *might* not be able to put on classic wrestling matches, hit a nerve with someone. As is suggesting the possibility that he might not give two shits about the ROH fans, but that's he's coming for the big payday he's obviously getting (considering ROH is charging $100 a pop for tix).

You think I pissed someone off?
And we're rolling... - 09.11.2007

Yes, after five years either reviewing under the name of Black Tiger, or posting "Black Tiger Reviews" here on good old 411, it's time to call it quits. I've got three reviews in queue and that'll be it for Black Tiger.

Not that I'm leaving 411. I'm just in the process of coming up with a different name for my U.S. based reviews, as I'll always maintain the Puroresu Love.

I'm taking suggestions for a new column title, JD Dunn sent me a few good ones. If anyone has any good names that have a sort of local feel (be it my local Syracuse, NY or NY State in general) drop me a line.
And we're rolling... - 04.23.2006

I love wrestling.

I'm certainly not alone in that sentiment. Anyone who writes for this site, obviously loves wrestling. Those people who buy all the PPVs, obviously love wrestling. Most people who love wrestling praise it to death. I'm not that type. I've got problem criticising a match. Why? Because I love wrestling. That may seem confusing to some, but that's how it is. I love wrestling and I'm holding it to the highest standards I can set.

With that being said. I really feel like I need a change of pace in the wrestling I've been watching lately. ROH, TNA, and WWE are all fun products, but nothing has been especially blowing me away lately. It's not the angles, as stuff like Carlito's face turn, Haas' return, Mickie/Trish and ROH vs. CZW is holding my interest. But it's the actual wrestling where they're losing me.

On the other side of the Pacific, there's NJPW who've not interested me in ages. NOAH just ran a show with the worst wrestler on the roster in the main event slot, and as fun as AJPW's booking can be at times, the matches more often than not don't hit the highs they seemed like they could.

So with that, I feel like I need a change of pace in what I'm watching. So I'm looking into areas I've never really ventured into. Namely, Deathmatches, and Toryumon/DG. I've acquired a Necro Butcher compilation (and am awaiting another one with his Japan work), and I'll never say they're great matches. But Holy Shit! They're certainly intense. I've also invested in a Torymon show, a Dragon Gate show, as well as show from the DG spinoff fed "Dragondoor".

It's the curse of loving wrestling and seeing so much great wrestling. You get underwelmed over time.
And we're rolling... - 02.12.2006

I've recently started a new job, working as a sales agent for Cingular Wireless. Meaning I sit in a cubicle all day taking phone calls. As long as it's appropriate, we're allowed to decorate our cubes and personalize them.

Now I rotate between three of them, so I can't exactly tack up pictures and what not. But I do have a Freddy Kruger figure and a printout picture of my sister's three puppies. I'd like to add a wrestling figure. But there's a problem.

THE WRESTLING FIGURES NOWADAYS LOOK HORRIBLE! I'm looking on Highspots and the ROH site for something good, and they're way overpriced and look terrible. The Carlito one is cool (pun intended) and even comes with an apple. But his physique looks like Chris Masters. The TNA ones look okay, but not that great either. Plus there aren't any TNA figures of guys who I really like (Aries, Strong, Joe, Simon Diamond). The Japanese figures actually do look very good, but I can't justify paying upwards of 25 bucks for a wrestling figure, otherwise I'd have been all over that Ebessan one.

This is why Delrious needs his own figure.
And we're rolling... - 01.23.2006

Some people may have noticed I've not been reviewing any puroresu stuff lately. It's funny because I've always been known as "The Puro Geek", and in fact I was originally brought on board 411 because of my Puro reviews and the fact that there wasn't much international coverage at the time.

But I've been having so much fun with ROH, early 90's WCW, and those old WWE PPVs I've got, that Japan just hasn't been much of a priority lately. I've got both the 11/5 NOAH show (TAUE! TAUE! TAUE!), and the 10/22 All Japan show (KONDO SHUJI!) to be reviewed soon, it's just a matter of actually sitting through them and banging them out.

I also started my new job today. No longer am I part time, night working, working stiff of a bakery clerk. I'm now a full time, 9-5, tie wearing sales associate. Well after two weeks I'll be working 12-11.
And we're rolling... - 01.11.2006

Nobody said women were easy to understand. And I think I hit the jackpot with this one, because I finally figured out her major malfunction. She's just nuts. Follow along here and see if you agree.

1. She's not sure if she wants her and I to be an "us". So instead of spending time together to see if it helps her out, she never sees me at all. Peroiod.

2. She makes it clear to me that she doesn't want me to sit around and wait for her to decide.

3. When I go to my company x-mas party (with a date no less) she gets all pissed off. Because I should be at home crying in my Ramen noodles rather than having fun.

4. She cries to her friend about how much she misses me

5. When her friend tells me about this, I ask if she wants to do something, and I get a "maybe later, I'll let you know" and of course nothing happens.

My buddy Dan from work summed this up rather nicely. She calls dibs on me, but then tells me she's not calling dibs. Meanwhile despite that she told me to not act as though she called dibs, she wants me to act as though she called dibs.

Does anyone have any other idea, other than that she's crazy?
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