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Name:Mike Chin
Current Roles:The Importance of...
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Other credits:http://www.acappellablog.com
The Magnificent Seven: The Top 7 Wrestling Bodyguards (08.30.2014)
From Diesel and the Acolyte Protection Agency to Chyna and more, 411's Mike Chin counts down the top 7 pro wrestling bodyguards of all-time!
The Magnificent Seven: The 7 Lessons to Take Away from The Steve Austin Show (08.23.2014)
From learning about wrestler's origins and speaking from credibility to putting over others, splitting content into an uncensored and family-friendly edition and more, 411's Mike Chin looks at the 7 seven lessons learned from the Steve Austin Show!
The Magnificent Seven: Top 7 Oddities of Hulk Hogan's Legacy (08.16.2014)
From his heel antics in the ring and his disloyalty toward WWE to his backstage politicking and more, 411's Mike Chin denotes the top 7 oddities of Hulk Hogan's otherwise-legendary career!
The Magnificent Seven: Top 7 Kings of the Ring (08.09.2014)
From Randy Savage and Steve Austin to Owen Hart and more, 411's Mike Chin counts down the top seven Kings of the Ring!
The Magnificent Seven 8.02.14: Top 7 SummerSlam Main Events (08.02.2014)
From Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena and Undertaker vs. Edge to Bret Hart vs. The British Bulldog and more, 411's Mike Chin counts down the top 7 SummerSlam main events!
What TNA Closing Would and Would Not Mean (07.29.2014)
Spike TV opted to not renew TNA Impact. Does that mean TNA will shut down? 411's Mike Chin looks at what closure would mean for wrestlers and fans.
The Magnificent Seven 7.26.14: Top 7 Late Bloomers (07.26.2014)
From Eddie Guerrero and Mick Foley to Steve Austin, Kevin Nash and more, 411's Mike Chin counts down the top 7 great late bloomers in professional wrestling history!
The Magnificent Seven 7.19.14: Top 7 Matches That Made Triple H Hated (07.19.2014)
From beating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 29 and squashing the Spirit Squad to beating Booker T at WrestleMania 19 and more, 411's Mike Chin counts down the top 7 matches that made Triple H a hated man!
The Magnificent Seven 7.12.14: The Top 7 Most Interesting WWE Social Commentaries of the Last 10 Years (07.12.2014)
From the Straight Edge Society's no drugs attitude and Muhammed Hassan as a terrorist heel to Darren Young coming out, Cryme Tyme's African-American stereotyping and more, 411's Mike Chin counts down WWE's top 7 most interesting social commentaries from the past decade!
The Magnificent Seven 7.05.14: The Top 7 Babyface Managers (07.05.2014)
From Paul Bearer and Miss Elizabeth to Lita, Lou Albano and more, 411's Mike Chin counts down the top 7 babyface managers of all-time!
The Magnificent Seven 6.30.14: The Top 7 Non-WWE American Promotions of the Last 30 Years (06.30.2014)
From ECW and the Memphis territory to TNA, the AWA and more, 411's Mike Chin breaks down the top 7 non-WWE American promotions of the last thirty years!
The Magnificent Seven 6.22.14: The Top 7 Women Who Could Have Starred in Total Divas (06.22.2014)
From Stephanie McMahon and Kharma to Missy Hyatt and more, 411's Mike Chin counts down the top 7 women in wrestling history who could have made Total Divas a better show!
The Magnificent Seven 6.15.14: 7 Things Today’s WWE Does Right (06.15.2014)
From tweeners to respectable women to part-time stars, 411's Mike Chin counts down the top 7 things WWE is doing right.
The Magnificent Seven 6.08.14: The Top 7 Money in the Bank Cash-Ins (06.08.2014)
From Daniel Bryan cashing in on the Big Show and Edge cashing in the original MITB on John Cena to Dolph Ziggler defeating Alberto Del Rio and more, 411's Mike Chin counts down the top seven MITB cash-ins of all time.
The Magnificent Seven 6.01.14: 7 Ways Payback Could Make History (06.01.2014)
From major heel turns to a career-defining moment for Alicia Fox, 411's Mike Chin counts down the top seven ways Payback could make history.
The Magnificent Seven 5.25.14: The Top 7 World Title Changes That Shouldn’t Have Happened (05.25.2014)
From Mick Foley's run with the TNA Championship to David Arquette as the WCW title holder, 411's Mike Chin counts down the top seven world title changes that should never have happened.
The Magnificent Seven 5.18.14: The Top 7 Potential WWE Champions (05.18.2014)
From Triple H and John Cena to Sami Zayn and more, 411's Mike Chin counts the top seven guys who could take the WWE title if Daniel Bryan has to give it up…
The Magnificent Seven 5.11.14: The Top 7 Challengers for Daniel Bryan (05.11.2014)
From Brock Lesnar and Cesaro to Bad News Barrett and more, 411’s Mike Chin breaks down his top 7 challengers for Daniel Bryan!
The Magnificent Seven 5.02.14: The Top 7 Talents WWE Should Raid from TNA (05.02.2014)
From Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe to Austin Aries and more, 411's Mike Chin counts down the top 7 wrestlers WWE should try to steal away from TNA!
The Magnificent Seven 4.25.14: The Top 7 Gimmick Matches in WWE Today (04.25.2014)
From Money in the Bank and Hell in a Cell to street fights, the Royal Rumble and more, 411's Mike Chin counts down the top 7 current WWE gimmick matches!
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