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Name:Ari Berenstein
Current Roles:writer: Column of Honor (Wrestling Zone)
Past Roles:writer: Tracklisting, The Other Side of the Galaxy (Music Zone) Music reviewer, Music Roundtable organizer, The iTune In (Music Zone), ROH Roundtable Editor
Other credits:Lead in The Great Quillow (7th Grade play) Insert 25 cents for more credit(s)
Quote:I teach, definitely. You learn? Maybe.
Attack of the ROHbots Episode 4 - 01.12.2008

411's back with another huge podcast broadcast! Column of Honor is proud (?) to present Attack of the ROHbots, Episode 4: A New Hero. Ari Berenstein of 411Mania and Chris Hero fan extraordinaire Chris Miccio are back for an episode all Chris Hero Worshippers have been waiting for…the Chris Hero tribute show! Almost fifty minutes of discussion about why Chris Hero is "as good as advertised" the fittest athlete in the world and just an all around ambassador for the world of professional wrestling. We talk his ROH career, his moves (including the CRAVATE!), SHENANIGANS, Hero's 2007, PWG, Ted Petty 2007 and the inevitability that he will be YOUR ROH World champion sooner rather than later. It's a Hero-riffic edition of the show! Thanks for listening to Attack of the ROHbots right here on 411mania.com!

Click Here to Download
Attack of the ROHbots Episode 3 - 12.31.2007

411's back with another huge podcast broadcast! Column of Honor is proud to present Attack of the ROHbots, Episode 3: The Rise of the ROHbot Machines. Ari Berenstein of 411Mania and wrestling “enthusiast” Chris Miccio are back for more final battle radio before 2008 kicks in! Topics include fan demographics and fan reaction for the Rising Above PPV as compared to Final Battle 2007, Nigel McGuinness and what it means to be injured and still sacrifice your body, The ROH tag title change, the FIP title change and more. Then Chris talks up the UFC 79:Nemesis show, including his thoughts on St. Pierre vs. Hughes and Silva vs. Liddell! The sound levels are actually quite good this week, but there is some interference here and there…it’s always something isn’t it? Thanks for listening to Attack of the ROHbots right here on 411mania.com! Don’t forget that Lando Calrissian is a strong role-model in the realm of science fiction/fantasy. Happy New Years and May the Force Be With You!

Click Here to Download This Podcast
Attack of the ROHbots Episode 2 - 12.22.2007

411's back with another huge podcast broadcast! Column of Honor is proud to present Attack of the ROHbots, Episode 2: R2--ROHbots 2: Judgment Day. Ari Berenstein of 411Mania and wrestling “enthusiast” Chris Miccio are back for more glory by radio honor. It’s only the second show but we already break curfew as this is a FULL HOUR of wrestling talk. Topics include Aries vs. Danielson, why Ari thinks he is a wrestling DVD mark and memories of World Class Championship Wrestling. The second half of the show is a huge ROH Final Battle 2007 Weekend preview as we run down both shows and give our thoughts on such mighty men as the Necro Butcher, Claudio Castagnoli and yes, Chris Hero. Sounds issues have been improved greatly but may still be a bit low in parts. As they say in those commercials “we’re working on it!” Thanks for listening to Attack of the ROHbots right here on 411mania.com and if you plan on shoplifting, please let us know!

Click Here to Download the Podcast
Attack of the ROHbots Episode 1 - 12.16.2007

Column of Honor is proud to present Attack of the ROHbots, Episode 1: The ROHbot Menace. This is the debut podcast from Ari Berenstein of 411Mania's Column of Honor. Ari is joined by close friend and fellow ROH / wrestling / MMA enthusiast Chris Miccio for this Epic Encounter. In Episode 1, we converse about what it means to be a ROHbot, the Man Up Pay Per View, the live show atmosphere, Jimmy Jacobs going over Bryan Danielson, Kevin Steen and El Generico's ability and are we seeing the start of ROH vs. TNA house show wars? Please excuse any sound issues; in the future the show will always go smoother and be less racy! The Attack of the ROHbots is just beginning!

Click Here To Download the Podcast
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Column of Honor Special Comment: 8.11.13: Living with the Living of ROH in 2013 (08.11.2013)
Take a personal journey through the life and mind of a Ring of Honor fan returning to see a live wrestling show after an eight-month hiatus.
Column of Honor Special Comment 2.23.13: Ring of HaasTube (02.23.2013)
Charlie HaasTV dominates Ring of Honor’s YouTube feed, but should he really be the main focus of this part of their Internet presence?
Column of Honor 9.20.12: Special Comment - Buyer Beware on ROH iPPVs (09.20.2012)
A response to Ring of Honor's handling of their recent iPPV mistakes and why it is no longer acceptable to give them the benefit of the doubt.
Column of Honor 02.18.12: House Show Short-Circuit (02.18.2012)
Ring of Honor ran a show last night in Cincinnati with only half its regular roster, so was it an ROH show in name only? Exploring that issue and underlying changes that show could signify for future house shows, plus Chris Hero gets his WWE/ FCW name and it’s an Ohno no-no, all in this week’s column.
Column of Honor: 02.11.12: Belatedly, The 2011 ROH Year-End Awards (02.11.2012)
Who was the Ring of Honor 2011 Wrestler of the Year? Tag Team of the Year? Most Honorable and Most Dishonorable? Find out inside this week’s column that belatedly rounds up the best of ROH from last year. Then: main event announcements for ROH’s 2012 iPPVs and a rant about nicknames.
Column of Honor 01.28.12: The Real CHIK-ROH-SOVER Begins (01.28.2012)
It’s what many independent wrestling fans have been waiting for: Ring of Honor versus CHIKARA. A look at what happened at ROH’s “The Homecoming” show in Philadelphia, the “Synergy” shows in Chicago and what could be ahead in this crossover. Plus, news on the return of BJ Whitmer, the departure of Syd Eick, matches for ROH in Cincy and more.
Column of Honor: 01.14.12: Continuing the Conversation about Chair Shots (01.14.2012)
Addressing some feedback about last week’s column, including discussion about the overkill of moves in the ring and the right time (If any) for weapons in wrestling matches. Plus thoughts about last week’s Ring of Honor TV tapings, Monopoly money angles, what the heck is up with Cole & O’Reilly, new ROH TV clearances, matches for Homecoming 2012 in Phillly, Rasche Brown retires and more.
Column of Honor: 01.07.12: Chairshocked (01.07.2012)
What was the controversy surrounding the unprotected chair shots in the Steen/Corino and Briscoes/Haas & Benjamin matches at ROH Final Battle 2011? Why is it important for both wrestlers and fans to pay attention to what the others are saying in the debate about it? Exploring those issues, plus a preview of tonight’s ROH TV tapings in Baltimore, new match announcements and a very special tribute to Mike Bennett and his 2011 title chase!
Column of Honor: 12.31.11: Final Column 2011—ROH Yearbook Part Two (12.31.2011)
The Column’s year-ender continues with a look at the most important feuds and grudges of 2011 in Ring of Honor, the funniest moments of the year, awesome promo work from Kevin Steen, The Briscoes, Steve Corino and others, the best DVD artwork and a boatload of predictions for the year to come!
Column of Honor: 12.31.11: Final Column 2011—ROH Yearbook Part One (12.31.2011)
The annual year-in-review for Ring of Honor begins here, with a yearbook style look back at 2011’s champions, featured attractions and major news stories of the year. Inside: The end of HDNet, the beginning of the SBG era and a new television show, the championship runs for Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, WGTT, Jay Lethal and more!
Column of Honor: 12.21.11: Reckonings (ROH Final Battle 2011 Preview) (12.21.2011)
It’s Davey Richards versus Eddie Edwards for the ROH World Title in a rematch of their epic Best in the World showdown, plus the two other major title matches and the return of Kevin Steen. A full preview of ROH’s last show of the year, Final Battle 2011, plus a few words about Daniel Bryan winning the World Heavyweight Title all inside this week’s column!
Column of Honor: 12.10.11: Record-Setting Time (12.10.2011)
Ring of Honor sets a promotion longevity record with an eighty-minute match in Greensboro, North Carolina. Is that record time necessarily a great thing? It’s time to explore the issues of match times in ROH. Plus, The ECW / Asylum Arena shuts down, maybe, and news on additions to the Final Battle 2011 card.
Column of Honor: 11.26.11: Kevin Steen--Nightmares of Violence to Come (11.26.2011)
The danger of an unleashed and reinstated Kevin Steen in Ring of Honor is not just a nightmare, but it is about to become reality. Plus, the passing of Bison Smith, a look at December’s shows and more.
Column of Honor: 11.19.11: A Generic World Champ? (11.19.2011)
The case for why El Generico is ready and deserving to be ROH World Champion. Plus, a preview of Glory By Honor X tonight in Chicago Ridge with Richards vs. Generico for ROH World Title, early ratings look at the SBG TV series, the pull-out of Delirious in Collinsville, Kevin Steen litigious greatness, Briscoes chicken farmer greatness and more greatness!
Column of Honor: 11.12.11: Survival of the Fittest 2011 Tournament Preview Part Two (11.12.2011)
A match-by-match preview of ROH Survival of the Fittest 2011, my bracketology and official predictions, plus the latest news and match announcements for ROH’s winter shows.
Column of Honor: 11.12.11: Survival of the Fittest 2011 Tournament Preview Part One (11.12.2011)
It’s time to Survive once again in Ring of Honor. Inside-a look at the fourteen man Survival of the Fittest field, including a breakdown of their tournament participation, survival factors and odds to win.
Column of Honor: 11.05.11: All the News That’s Fit to Print (I Always Wanted to Use That Cliché) (11.05.2011)
A massive news catch-up for everything Ring of Honor, including Survival of the Fittest 2011 participants and brackets, main events and matches for November and December events, Delirious’ return seemingly scrubbed and a preview of this weekend’s TV tapings in Louisville and Collinsville house show.
Column of Honor: 10.29.11: We Don’t Need To Know (10.29.2011)
A special comment about Nigel McGuinness’ return to wrestling action, the right to medical privacy and why wrestling fans don’t need to know the particulars about the situation.
Column of Honor 10.08.11: Eddie Edwards Hires a New Coach (10.08.2011)
“Die Hard” is looking for managerial advice for his ROH World Title rematch in December, but just who has he tabbed for the job and how could this be bad news for Davey Richards? Explanations and speculation inside, plus news on Survival of the Fittest 2011 format and participants, TJ Perkins and C&C Wrestling Factory sign-on to ROH, Fave Five CHIKARA wrestlers and more.
Column of Honor: 10.01.11: I Want My ROH TV (10.01.2011)
Impressions of the first episode of the new Ring of Honor television series including what it did right and where it needs greatest improvement. Then a preview of tonight’s TV tapings in Louisville, +1 for Dave Lagana and The Rock, Fave Five ROH Comedians of Wrestling Comedy, info about the new ROH website and service, finger wagging about Del Rey not on the roster and more in this week’s column.
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