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Name:Todd Vote
Current Roles:Moderator of the Games Zone Top 5. Regularly appear in the Four Player Co-op Previews & Reviews Features on occasion.
Past Roles:Comment superstar.
Other credits:I used to write movie reviews for a now defunct entertainment magazine called 'The Iowa Entertainer'. Yes someone thought Iowa had enough entertaining things going on to dedicate a magazine to it.
411 Games Fact or Fiction 7.03.14: Destiny, Games With Gold, More (07.03.2014)
Will we be checking out the Destiny beta? Are Playstation and Xbox's free game offerings for the month good ones? Did E3 improve the outlook for our upcoming games schedule? 411ís Jeremy Thomas and Stephen Randle debate these questions and more!
411 Games Fact or Fiction 05.15.14 Call of Duty: Ghosts, Destiny, More (05.15.2014)
Does Destiny's huge development budget make it a big risk? Is it bad that Call of Duty: Ghosts is the best-selling next-gen game so far? Are we excited for Sunset Overdrive? 411ís Marc Morrison and Dan Watson debate these topics and more!
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (Xbox One) Review (01.28.2014)
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition crashes onto the Next Gen. With a rebuilt Lara Croft, and a heap of extras, is this game worth raiding? 411 has your full review!
The Walking Dead Season Two, Episode One: All That Remains (Multi-Platform) Review (12.23.2013)
The first episode of the Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season Two has been released! But do the further adventures of Clementine hold up to the original? 411's Todd Vote checks in with his full review!
Deadpool (Xbox 360) Review (08.08.2013)
Deadpool has arrived with his own game, written and directed by Deadpool, and starring Deadpool. Does the game break away from the pack, or was Deadpool better left without his own game? 411's Todd Vote checks in with his full review.
RIPD: The Game (XLBA) Review (07.24.2013)
RIPD The Game hits Xbox Live just in time for the new movie that hit theaters this past weekend! But does it break the trend of horrible movie tie in games, or is it yet another DOA attempt? 411's Todd Vote checks in with his full review!
The Walking Dead: 400 Days (Xbox Live Arcade) Review (07.07.2013)
The Walking Dead: 400 Days has launched, does it carry the same emotional weight as the first season of the game, or does it get munched up by the walkers?
Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara Xbox Live Arcade Review (06.19.2013)
Dungeons and Dragons hits XBLA. Come in for the full review
Castlestorm (Xbox 360 Arcade) Review (06.09.2013)
Castlestorm crashes into the Xbox Live Arcade. Does it all hold up, or fall flat.
Serious Sam Double D XXL Review (Xbox Live Arcade) (03.15.2013)
Serious Sam is back for another adventure, This time he's bringing a friend. IS Double D worth your time? Come in to read the full review.
Doom 3: BFG Edition Xbox 360 Review (11.24.2012)
Doom 3 BFG edition has arrived! Is this the version of Doom 3 you have been waiting for? Come in for the full review.
Fire Pro Wrestling (XBLA) Review (11.09.2012)
Fire Pro Wrestling slams onto the Xbox 360 Arcade. Does the new entry, aimed at a far more casual audience hold up to the series's great past, or will it leave you quickly submitting? Come in for the full review.
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Review (Xbox 360) (10.22.2012)
Transformers: The Fall of Cybertron crashes onto the Xbox 360, does it live up to the high marks set by War for Cybertron, or does it fall off the deep end? Come in for the full review.
Free DLC Coming To Resident Evil 6 (10.11.2012)
New things for Ada's campaign, and a new difficulty setting...
Ask 411 Games 10.01.12: Duke Nukem, Mega Man, Old Paper Game Manuals, More T (10.01.2012)
Is the Duke Nukem franchise dead? What happened to Mega Man Universe and what is the franchise's future? Why have game manuals gone the way of the dodo? All this and more covered this week in Ask 411 Games!
Mark of The Ninja Review (Xbox 360 Arcade) (09.24.2012)
Mark of the Ninja has arrived on the Xbox 360 Arcade. Is this stealthy ninja romp worth your time? 411's Todd Vote checks in with his full review.
Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Review (Xbox 360) (08.04.2012)
Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD kicks off the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade. Does this HD remake of some of your favorite classic courses live up to it's predecessors? Come in for the full review
The Expendables 2 Gameplay Trailer (07.10.2012)
Stallone, Lundgren, Van Damme, and Crews all appear in the trailer
The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved for Help Review (Xbox 360) (07.06.2012)
The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved For Help has arrived, does it live up to the high mark set by the first episode? Come in for the full review.
Inversion Review (Xbox 360) (07.02.2012)
Inversion has arrived on the Xbox 360, does it turn the genre upside down, or fall flat? Come in to find out.
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