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Name:Michael Uphoff
Current Roles:WWE SmackDown Reviewer
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Quote:" A man can only live one lifetime, but history can remember him forever."
SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match for the #1 Contender at Wrestlemania- No Way Out 2008 - 03.11.2010

SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match for the #1 Contender at Wrestlemania-
No Way Out 2008

MVP vs. Big Daddy V vs. Finlay vs. Great Khali vs. Batista vs. Undertaker

Disclaimer: I will be referring to Big Daddy V as V sometimes and Batista as Dave and Big Dave as well. My times may be a little off, but I think that they are pretty close.

While everyone enters the chamber, Cole and Coachman put over the brutality of the Elimination Chamber. My first thought is that this could be really good or really bad. My second thought is that Finlay needs to turn heel again. He抯 lost the viciousness that he had when he was a heel facing Benoit and others in 2006 and early 2007. Batista and Taker start off, and it抯 a good choice considering their history and chemistry from 2007.
Batista comes in first, and trash talks the other four people in the match. Taker抯 entrance is about 2:40. Taker symbolically slams the door shut, and the ref rings the bell, signaling it抯 ON! It抯 on like DONKEY KONG!

Taker and Batista lock up and Taker hits a knee strike, followed by some punches. Slugfest ensues with Batista coming out on the better end. Knee to the gut of Taker, and Dave smashes Taker抯 head on the turnbuckle. Corner punches and shoulder attacks by Batista. Taker counters, and then tosses Batista onto the steel. Taker grinds his face into the steel. Back in, Batista gets an Irish whip and a nice clothesline for 1. Taker with a boot, and lays in some offense in the corner with elbows and boots on Big Dave. Batista with a counter, an Irish whip and a back elbow gets 2. Taker and Dave boot each other as Big Daddy V enters. This is not going to be good. V goes for Batista, hits him, then headbutts Taker, and chops both men. Clotheslines to Taker and Dave by V. Powerslam/scoop slam to Taker, followed by a chop to Batista. V hits a Samoan Drop on Taker. He opts not to go for a pin and chokes Taker with his boot. V scoop slams Dave to the mat and headbutts Taker out the door. V then avalanches Taker against the steel. V avalanches Batista in the corner, but AGAIN does not go for a pin. V goes for a Samoan Drop, but Big Dave shows FIGHTING SPIRIT and counters to a spinebuster! Impressive, considering the height of it and V抯 weight. Dave clotheslines V onto the steel near Taker, which V sells well after the spinebuster. Taker DDT抯 V on the steel, and Batista covers! 123!
Big Daddy V eliminated @ 9:35 via DDT on steel

Next person in is匱he Great Khali. Oh hell. Headbutts to Taker and Dave, and then the dreaded Brain Chop to Taker, and one for Dave as well. The crowd starts a 揧ou can抰 wrestle! chant at Khali as he buries some corner elbows into Taker. He does the same to Batista. Taker with some rights, and ducks the Brain Chop and goozles Khali! Khali breaks the goozle, and nails Taker with the KHALI BOMB! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Khali after Dave now, brains him with a clothesline and that gets 2. Khali calls for the Vice Grip and gets it on Batista! Good job by Cole here, mentioning that Batista has fallen to this before. Batista powers out and SPEARS Khali! Taker immediately boots him down, and boots Singh at the door as well. Back to Khali goes Taker, and he locks in HELL扴 GATES! Khali fights, but taps!
Great Khali eliminated @ 12:36 via Hell抯 Gates

Next in is either Finlay or MVP. It抯 Finlay, and Taker boots him down, saying, 揘ah, we抮e not doing that. Classic. Irish whip, but Finlay dodges and leaves Taker hanging out to dry. Finlay with some rights and whips Dave onto the steel. CELTIC CROSS by Finlay! When was the last time he hit that? ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Taker managed to roll his shoulder. Finlay goes after Dave as MVP looks on. Dave catapults Finlay into the steel chain! Ouch. Taker and Batista slug it out, and then Taker hits a BIG clothesline on Dave! Finlay covers for 2. Finlay tosses Taker onto the steel and then rams him into the steel chain. Finlay smashes Taker抯 head off of two pods and then puts Taker through one! Dave posts Finlay outside, then sets him up top and hits a freaking MUSCLE BUSTA! 122.876! That was nice. Taker stirs to life, starts to go after the others, but realizes that MVP is about to come in with the crowd chanting the time, so he goes to MVP抯 pod and stands right in front of it. INTIMIDATION! Great veteran instincts, indeed Michael Cole. MVP tries to keep Taker out, but that doesn抰 end well as Taker unloads some rights on him and lays him out, which fires up the crowd.
Back in the ring, Batista throws Taker into the corner and delivers some shoulders to the gut of Taker. Corner clothesline by Dave, but Taker gets his boots up and blocks the second. MVP finally in and Kawada Kicks both Dave and Taker! Cover by MVP on Taker gets a long 2 count. MVP takes off his chain and chokes Finlay with it, and gets a cover for 2. He nails Taker with it a few times, bloodies him, and covers for 2. More hits to Taker, and kicks to Dave and Finlay. Taker is up, and the crowd is MASSIVELY behind him as MVP decks him with the chain. Taker reels, but wants more. MVP tries to get away and climbs a pod, but Taker follows. Rights by MVP, but Taker goozles him! CHOKESLAM OFF THE POD!!!!! Finlay covers! 123! You抮e not kicking out of that unless you抮e Cena.

MVP eliminated @ 22:29 via super chokeslam off a pod

Taker tries an elbow off the top rope to Finlay a la HBK, but Finlay rolls out of the way. Hornswoggle pops up to give Finlay a shillelagh, and he hits Dave and Taker with it. Dave blocks, goes for the Batista Bomb, but Finlay nails him in the head with the shillelagh! 122.897! Finlay goes to nail Taker, but Taker goozles him and CHOKESLAMS HIM ONTO THE STEEL! 123! That had to hurt.

Finlay eliminated @ 24:11 via chokeslam on steel

Both Taker and Batista are bleeding more than somewhat, and a slugfest ensues with the crowd firmly behind Taker. Right to Taker, and Batista goes for the Dave Bomb, and hits it! 122.985! Taker barely kicked out, and Batista is SHOCKED. Mounted corner punches by Batista, and Taker hits the Last Ride out of nowhere! He collapses, though, and can抰 cover immediately. ~PSYCHOLOGY~! Taker covers! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! 揟his is unbelievable- Coach. You got that right. Punches by Taker, and he signals for the Tombstone. Tombstone try countered, and Taker gets tossed onto the steel. Batista runs Taker like a javelin into the steel. He tries it again, but Taker blocks and counters over the ropes into a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!!!! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winner: Undertaker @ 29:25 via Tombstone

Very hard for me to rate this match, as it lagged in parts. It was rumored that Vince was scared that this would bomb, so he made everybody in it go through it once before. I抦 glad they did, because it flowed really well. It bogged down early with V and Khali, but good booking made them both look big and be eliminated quickly. Finlay played his role to the letter, playing a wily veteran who used his ring awareness to go for pinfalls after other people抯 big moves. MVP looked good as well, playing a cowardly heel and an aggressive heel, using his chain that probably nobody thought that he would use. It抯 no surprise that the best parts of the match were with Taker/Batista. Batista looked great, and Taker kicked out of three finishers and was a BEAST eliminating everyone. He may not have eliminated everyone, but he had a hand in eliminating everyone. He DDT抎 V, made Khali tap, superchokeslammed MVP, chokeslammed Finlay, and Tombstoned Batista. The crowd was into it a lot of the time, which is good. I say about *** for the wrestling, and about ****1/4 for the crowd and personal enjoyment. Good flow, good booking with Taker facing ultimately Edge at 慚ania, and a good chamber all around.
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