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Name:Terry Lewis
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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Review (07.20.2014)
Just like King Kong, it sits on top a tall tower of the box office worldwide but does Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes deserve a banana or two thrown it's direction or a Bi-plane gunning down? 411's resident monkey Terry Lewis finds out
A Long Way Down Review (07.11.2014)
Aaron Paul and Pierce Brosnan try turning an anti-suicide pact into a comedy in A Long Way Down! Does the film live up to its strong pedigree? 411's Terry Lewis checks in with his full review!
Transformers: Age Of Extinction Review (07.07.2014)
Michael Bay rides the Transformers big screen merry-go-round for a fourth time, but how does it stack up? 411's Terry Lewis checks in with his full review!
Tammy Review (07.05.2014)
Melissa McCarthy celebrates the Fourth Of July in road trip movie Tammy! 411's Terry Lewis finds out if an unexpected winning comedy team up with Susan Sarandon delivers, or does it stray off the path too much?
22 Jump Street Review (06.13.2014)
Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are back and headed to college in 22 Jump Street! But does the film deliver the same kind of laughs as the first one? 411's Terry Lewis checks in with his full review!
Edge Of Tomorrow Review (06.06.2014)
Tom Cruise is brought back to life over and over to battle aliens in Edge of Tomorrow! But is it worth checking out or should it be left in the sci-fi scrap heap? 411's Terry Lewis and Jeffrey Harris check in with their full reviews!
Maleficent Review (05.30.2014)
Angelina Jolie takes on the iconic Sleeping Beauty villainess' origin in Maleficent! But is she enough to carry the film? 411's Terry Lewis and Jeffrey Harris check in with their full reviews!
Filth Review (05.27.2014)
James McAvoy takes on the irredeemable in perhaps the performance of his career in the film adaptation of Irvine Welsh's Filth.. Is it another Trainspotting? Or does it's over dependence on black comedy make it unlikeable? 411's Terry Lewis finds out!
X-Men: Days Of Future Past Review (05.23.2014)
Bryan Singer returns to Marvel's mutant franchise with X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but is the time-spanning plight of mutantkind worth your time? 411's Terry Lewis checks in with his full review!
Neighbors Review [2] (05.09.2014)
In a war of the century candidate, new dad Seth Rogen takes on douche frat house president Zac Efron in a battle of attrition in adult comedy, Neighbors. Does it have enough to break up the big summer blockbuster releases? 411's Terry Lewis finds out.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review (05.02.2014)
Spider-Man swings back onto the big screen with The Amazing Spider-Man 2! But does the film stand out as sensational this time around or is it less than spectacular? 411's Terry Lewis checks in with his full review!
Cuban Fury Review (05.02.2014)
Nick Frost aims to shake off the comedy sidekick shadow and salsa his way into his dream girl's heart with Cuban Fury. But does this reach a crescendo of top comedy? Or does it trip and falls over itself? 411's Terry Lewis scores on his judge's table.
The Quiet Ones Review (04.25.2014)
Hammer Films delivers us another horror treat on the big screen with the psychological horror film The Quiet Ones, but how is it? 411's Terry Lewis checks in with his full review!
The Other Woman Review (04.25.2014)
Cameron Diaz aims to conquer the female audience market again with adulterer hating comedy The Other Woman. But does her team up with Leslie Mann and model Kate Upton inspire girl power? Or are we looking at another overrated lady comedy like Bridesmaids? 411's Terry Lewis finds out.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review [2] (04.04.2014)
With SHIELD in complete disarray whilst trying to adapt to the modern day, Chris Evans puts on the stars & stripes as Cap again in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But does this jammed packed action spectacular lay down a high standard for the summer blockbuster season? Or is it nearly a SHIELD featuring Captain America film with too many characters to focus on? 411's Terry Lewis finds out.
Under The Skin Review (04.04.2014)
Scarlett Johansson plays an alien who lures men to their deaths in Jonathan Glazer's Under The Skin! But does this mindbender work or is it just an excuse to see Scarlett totally naked? 411's own Terry Lewis checks in with his full review!
The Raid 2: Berandal Review (04.04.2014)
It's time to travel to director Gareth Evans' vision of Asian action films again with The Raid 2: Berandal. But does this follow up enhance and reinforce their status as instant classics? Or is it the start of a possible coming down for Evans? 411's Terry Lewis takes a look!
Need For Speed Review [2] (03.14.2014)
Aaron Paul revs for the big screen with an adaptation of EA's Need For Speed racing video game franchise. Can the addition of a revenge story propel Paul and the super car chase series to new heights? Or does this spectacularly crash into the pile of previous video game movie failures? 411's Terry Lewis starts her up.
411 Wrestling Interview: Diamond Dallas Page (03.06.2014)
411's Terry Lewis sits down with wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page for an exclusive interview! See what he has to say about his career, Jake Roberts and Scott Hall, CM Punk's WWE walkout, Daniel Bryan, DDP Yoga and more!
Non-Stop Review [2] (03.01.2014)
Liam Neeson is back doing what he does best in another 'Dad Fiction' escapade in Non-Stop! But does this tale of a killer threatening to kill a passenger every 20 minutes keep up the quality of Neeson's recent outings? Or does it plummet into a nosedive? 411's Terry Lewis checks in
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