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The Piledriver Report 4.17.14: A Look Back at WrestleMania XXX (04.17.2014)
Every year since 1985, the biggest story in late March-early April happens to be the fallout from WrestleMania. With the 30th WrestleMania taking place on April 6th, that trend seemed destined to continue. Unfortunately, two days after WrestleMania XXX, the Ultimate Warrior shockingly passed away. All of the attention by the middle part of the week shifted to the Ultimate Warrior, and rightfully so. Following it’s huge look back last week at the legacy of the Ultimate Warrior, The Piledriver Report now examines last week’s WrestleMania extravaganza.
The Piledriver Report 04.12.14: Goodbye Warrior (04.12.2014)
This Tuesday night, the wrestling world was shocked by the news that recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee, the Ultimate Warrior, tragically passed away. The Piledriver Report takes a look back at his life, career, and his final weekend on Earth. Ronny Sarnecky gives his thoughts on one of his all-time favorite wrestlers, as well as the thoughts on those within the industry.
The Piledriver Report 04.04.14: WrestleMania XXX Preview (04.04.2014)
This Sunday is WrestleMania XX from the Superdome in New Orleans, LA. With the show less than a week away, The Piledriver Report presents its annual WrestleMania predictions.
The Piledriver Report 3.20.14: The Build of WrestleMania (03.20.2014)
From CM Punk's departure and fans rejecting Batista's return to fan support for Daniel Bryan, the Road to WrestleMania 30 has taken several detours! 411's Ronny Sarnecky looks at the build to this year’s show and the problems along the way!
The Piledriver Report 03.13.14: Daniel Bryan’s Road to the Title (03.13.2014)
This past Monday night, the WWE finally gave their fans what they have been begging for. A stipulation was added to the Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan match that inserts Daniel Bryan into the WWE World title main event at WrestleMania. While it seems like a forgone conclusion that Bryan will finally get a real run with the title, The Piledriver Report takes a look back at the rocky road that will lead to Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania moment.
The Piledriver Report 3.06.14: A Rumor Is Wrong (03.06.2014)
This past Monday night, CM Punk was rumored to be making his return to the WWE after a five week absence. Unfortunately, those rumors were dead wrong. The Piledriver Report takes a look at who’s to blame and what the future may hold in the WWE/CM Punk saga.
The Piledriver Report 02.27.14: The Week That Was (02.27.2014)
This past week will go down as one of the most important weeks in WWE history. You had the final pay per view of the modern era, the birth of a network, and the return of two legends. This week's Piledriver Report takes a look at the week that was.
The Piledriver Report 02.20.14: Mr. WrestleMania (02.20.2014)
Shawn Michaels is popularly known as "Mr. WrestleMania," but does he really deserve the title? What about the Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Triple H and others? 411's Ronny Sarnecky takes a look!
The Piledriver Report 02.14.14: WrestleMania I - The Beginning of a Cultural Phenomenon (02.14.2014)
With the Road to WrestleMania XXX in full swing, 411's Ronny Sarnecky remembers the humble beginnings of the very first WrestleMania!
The Piledriver Report 2.06.14: The Ever-Changing Plans of WrestleMania (02.06.2014)
WWE's WrestleMania 30 plans appear to be in chaos following a few unforeseen circumstances! 411's Ronny Sarnecky takes a look at the latest in the company's best-laid plans getting blown to bits and more!
The Piledriver Report 01.31.14: Goodbye Punk (01.31.2014)
CM Punk has walked away from WWE just as the Road to WrestleMania is heating up! 411's Ronny Sarnecky looks at Punk's departure, what it means for WWE and more!
The Piledriver Report 01.23.14: Royal Rumbling (01.23.2014)
This Sunday WWE presents the the 2013 Royal Rumble! 411's Ronny Sarnecky takes a look at the WWE’s first step on the Road to WrestleMania XXX.
The Piledriver Report 01.16.14: WWE Network (01.16.2014)
On January 8th, the WWE finally announced the official start date of the WWE Network. The Piledriver Report takes a look at everything you need to know about the network before the February 24th launch date.
The Piledriver Report 01.09.14: Who’s Next For the Streak (01.09.2014)
After a four month absence, The Piledriver Report is back. With WrestleMania rumors flying, Ronny Sarnecky takes a look at who are the favorites to face the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX with a chance to end the streak.
The Piledriver Report 08.22.13: The Screwing of Daniel Bryan- Good or Bad? (08.22.2013)
Daniel Bryan was screwed out of the WWE Title at the hands of Randy Orton and the McMahons at SummerSlam! But is that a good or bad thing? 411's Ronny Sarnecky takes a look!
The Piledriver Report 08.14.13: Remembering Your First Time (08.14.2013)
Daniel Bryan goes for his first WWE Title at Summerslam, but Randy Orton may cash in on him if he wins! 411's Ronny Sarnecky looks at why a wrestler’s first main event title run shouldn't be used to advance another storyline!
The Piledriver Report 08.08.13: Three Play (08.08.2013)
With SummerSlam a little more than a week away, The Piledriver Report decides to take a look at a few different topics that has been on the mind of Ronny Sarnecky recently. Is the WWE smart in their latest trend of turning performers face and heel? Was John Cena’s promo this past Monday a good promo? He also takes an early look at a possible Wyatt Family/Shield feud.
The Piledriver Report 08.02.13: The Best in the World (08.02.2013)
This week’s “Bleacher Report” asked if Daniel Bryan will surpass CM Punk as the WWE’s number two guy in the company. After pondering the question, The Piledriver Report takes a look at both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk’s rise to the WWE’s main event scene.
The Piledriver Report 07.26.13: Summer Angles Turning Up the Heat (07.26.2013)
Over the last few years, the WWE has presented one big summer angle to try and set the industry on its ear. From Nexus to a pipe bomb to a shocking heel turn, the last three summers had wrestling fans on the edge of their seats. This year, the WWE didn’t give us a ground breaking angle. Instead, they gave us two solid programs that may make this the best summer yet. The Piledriver Report takes a look at these two angles that have the potential to torch the summer wrestling landscape.
The Piledriver Report 07.05.13: Sting, WWE Bound? (07.05.2013)
Rumors began flying this week that Sting is looking into the possibility of jumping from TNA to WWE! 411's Ronny Sarnecky looks at the potential move of the Icon, where he may fit and more!
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