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The Piledriver Report Previews WWE Night of Champions (09.12.2014)
On September 21st, the WWE presents the Night of Champions special event live from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN. Headlining the card is a SummerSlam rematch between Brock Lesnar and John Cena for the WWE World championship. The Piledriver Report takes a look at this upcoming show, as Ronny Sarnecky gives his predictions on the outcomes of each match.
How Great Was The Attitude Era And Would It Work Today? (09.07.2014)
The WWE Network focused on the Attitude Era this past week, considered one of the greatest points in the company's history! But how good was it really and would it work today? 411's Ronny Sarnecky takes a look!
The Piledriver Report: SummerSlam Preview (08.15.2014)
This Sunday, the WWE presents SummerSlam 2014 live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. The Piledriver Report takes a look at each match and predicts the winners of the biggest show of the summer.
The Piledriver Report: Hammering Home the $9.99 Network Price (08.07.2014)
After last week’s quarterly conference call showed the WWE Network pulled in a lot fewer subscriptions than the WWE forecasted, the company put on the full court press to repeatedly hammered home the WWE Network is $9.99 in order to garner new subscriptions before SummerSlam. The Piledriver Report takes a look at the impact of the low subscription number, why they WWE shouldn’t panic, and how the pimping of the network is hurting their current product.
The Piledriver Report 07.24.14: Plan C (07.24.2014)
Ever since Daniel Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight championship at WrestleMania XXX, Triple H has always talking about having a plan. Following Bryan’s injury that forced him to relinquish the title, Triple H talked about having a Plan A and a Plan B if he couldn’t get the title back into his control. On RAW, Plan C was revealed as Brock Lesnar. The Piledriver Report takes a look at Brock Lesnar and his shot at the title.
The Piledriver Report 7.18.14: The Face of the Company (07.18.2014)
With Daniel Bryan sidelined, Roman Reigns has been positioned as the guy to take the reins from John Cena as the face of WWE! But does he have what it takes? 411's Ronny Sarnecky takes a look!
The Piledriver Report 7.10.14: The Danny Cage Monster Factory Interview (07.10.2014)
It’s been referred to as the top professional wrestling school in the United States. Started by “Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe in 1983, the Monster Factory is the Ivy League of wrestling schools. On July 2nd, Ronny Sarnecky sat down with owner Danny Cage and several students to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the Monster Factory.
The Piledriver Report 07.03.14: Surprise, Surprise, Not So Fast (07.03.2014)
Thanks in large part to the Internet, professional wrestling lacks the surprise factor that used to run rampant in the industry. However, over the last month, the WWE has been able to hit us with a few surprises that we didn’t see coming. The Piledriver Report takes a look at the surprises that made RAW memorable in the month of June.
The Piledriver Report 06.19.14: A Champion Is Stripped (06.19.2014)
Will Daniel Bryan lose his main event spot as a result of being stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Title? Or is it just a temporary setback? 411's Ronny Sarnecky takes a look!
The Piledriver Report 06.05.14: The Summer That Changed Wrestling History (06.05.2014)
In 1994, the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup Finals. Twenty years later, they are back again. Thinking back to that time, Ronny Sarnecky realized the Summer of 1994 was one of the most historic time in professional wrestling history. Join the “Piledriver Report” as we look back on the three events that changed the landscape of wrestling history forever.
The Piledriver Report 5.29.14: Payback Preview (05.29.2014)
Sunday, June 1st, the WWE presents its latest pay per view/special event called Payback from the All-State Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. This week’s “Piledriver Report” report takes a look at the WWE’s latest card of the month.
The Piledriver Report 5.22.14: The End of Bryan’s Reign? (05.22.2014)
Ever since it was announced that Daniel Bryan needed neck surgery, the big question has been whether the WWE should strip Daniel Bryan of the title. The Piledriver Report takes a look at this question, and what route the WWE should take.
The Piledriver Report 05.15.14: Owning the WWE (05.15.2014)
When the WWE was negotiating a new TV deal several weeks ago, a rumor stated that a network was interested in buying the WWE. While nothing came of the rumor, it brought up an interesting question. What would you do if you ought the WWE. Ronny Sarnecky takes a look at a few things he would do in this week’s Piledriver Report.
The Piledriver Report 5.02.14: An Extreme Preview (05.02.2014)
With the WWE’s second “pay per view” airing this Sunday, Ronny Sarnecky takes a look at the 2014 Extreme Rules telecast in this issue of “The Piledriver Report.”
The Piledriver Report 4.24.14: The Future Is Now (04.24.2014)
After being treated to years of the “same old, same old,” the fans of the WWE are seeing a change in the company. Along with the usual wrestlers on top, the WWE is mixing an influx of young talent to the main event scene. This trend will only continue as the WWE’s Performance Center churns out more talent that are ready for the “show.” The Piledriver Report takes a look at the latest way of discovering new talent.
The Piledriver Report 4.17.14: A Look Back at WrestleMania XXX (04.17.2014)
Every year since 1985, the biggest story in late March-early April happens to be the fallout from WrestleMania. With the 30th WrestleMania taking place on April 6th, that trend seemed destined to continue. Unfortunately, two days after WrestleMania XXX, the Ultimate Warrior shockingly passed away. All of the attention by the middle part of the week shifted to the Ultimate Warrior, and rightfully so. Following it’s huge look back last week at the legacy of the Ultimate Warrior, The Piledriver Report now examines last week’s WrestleMania extravaganza.
The Piledriver Report 04.12.14: Goodbye Warrior (04.12.2014)
This Tuesday night, the wrestling world was shocked by the news that recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee, the Ultimate Warrior, tragically passed away. The Piledriver Report takes a look back at his life, career, and his final weekend on Earth. Ronny Sarnecky gives his thoughts on one of his all-time favorite wrestlers, as well as the thoughts on those within the industry.
The Piledriver Report 04.04.14: WrestleMania XXX Preview (04.04.2014)
This Sunday is WrestleMania XX from the Superdome in New Orleans, LA. With the show less than a week away, The Piledriver Report presents its annual WrestleMania predictions.
The Piledriver Report 3.20.14: The Build of WrestleMania (03.20.2014)
From CM Punk's departure and fans rejecting Batista's return to fan support for Daniel Bryan, the Road to WrestleMania 30 has taken several detours! 411's Ronny Sarnecky looks at the build to this year’s show and the problems along the way!
The Piledriver Report 03.13.14: Daniel Bryan’s Road to the Title (03.13.2014)
This past Monday night, the WWE finally gave their fans what they have been begging for. A stipulation was added to the Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan match that inserts Daniel Bryan into the WWE World title main event at WrestleMania. While it seems like a forgone conclusion that Bryan will finally get a real run with the title, The Piledriver Report takes a look back at the rocky road that will lead to Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania moment.
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