// New Batman v. Superman Set Pics Show Henry Cavil as Clark Kent
// Miley Cyrus Teases Her Nude V Magazine Pic on Instagram
// Sinn Bodhi Gives Update on Jake Roberts' Condition
// Renan Barao Off UFC 177, Joe Soto Set to Replace Him
// Details for Titanfall's New Update Announced


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Name:Trevor Snyder
Current Roles:Film/TV Reviewer, The 411 Movies/TV Top 5, My Correct Opinion, The October Zombie-Thon!
Past Roles:Prime Minister of Malaysia
Other credits:
Quote:Death to Videodrome, Long Live the New Flesh!
My 2010 Movie Scorecard - 03.07.2010

Although I don't write reviews for every movie I see, I DO score all of them in my head. And so, this year I will be keeping a ranking of every new film, if only to make my Top 10 list at the end of the year that much easier. It doesn't matter if I see it in the theater or on DVD, all that matters is that it be a new release for 2010. The rankings so far:

- Shutter Island (9.0)
- Day Breakers (8.0)
- The Book of Eli (7.5)
- The Crazies (7.5)
- Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (7.0)
- The Wolfman (5.0)
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World War Z Review (06.21.2013)
Brad Pitt battles zombies AND annoyed fans of the original novel. How does the adaptation of Max Brooks' book stack up?
This Is the End Review (06.13.2013)
Seth Rogen, James Franco and pals team up to face down the apocalypse. But is the new comedy meta-comedy genius, or self-indulgent nonsense?
Die Hard or Go Home: Saving the Die Hard Franchise (02.26.2013)
Many fans are understandably calling for John McClane to hang it up after the dreadful A Good Day to Die Hard. But could a sixth film still save the series and allow the iconic character to go out on a high note? 411's Trevor Snyder examines...
The 411 Movies Top 5 09.28.12: Week 341 - Top 5 Undeserving Box-Office Bombs (09.28.2012)
From Dredd 3D and John Carter to Punisher: War Zone, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Grindhouse and more, the 411 staff ranks the top 5 undeserving box office bombs of all-time!
The 411 Movies Top 5 09.21.12: Week 340 - Top 5 Clint Eastwood Movies (09.21.2012)
From Magnum Force and Million Dollar Baby to Unforgiven, In the Line of Fire, and more, the 411 crew takes a look at the top 5 Clint Eastwood movies!
The 411 Movies Top 5 09.07.12: Week 338 - Top 5 Movies to Cheer You Up During Back to School (09.07.2012)
From Summer School to the Breakfast Club, from Better Off Dead to Billy Madison, Trevor Snyder and Bryan Kristopowitz pick five of the most fun school movies to cheer you as you return to classes.
The 411 Movies Top 5 08.31.12: Week 337 - Top 5 Summer Movie Scenes of 2012 (08.31.2012)
From Hulk smashing in The Avengers and the breaking of the Batman in The Dark Knight Rises to Mark Wahlberg's teddy bear fight in Ted and more, the 411 staff ranks their top 5 movie scenes from the summer!
The 411 Movies Top 5 08.24.12: Week 336 - Top 5 Ludicrous Action Movie Plots (08.24.2012)
From The Protector to Extreme Ops, from Knock Off to Face/Off, Trevor Snyder and Bryan Kristopowitz take a look at some of the silliest plots in action movie history.
The 411 Movies Top 5 08.17.12: Week 335 - Top 5 Expendables Villain Draft Picks (08.17.2012)
From Nicolas Cage to William Forsythe, from Lance Henriksen to Danny Trejo, the 411 crew picks which villainous actors they'd like to see take on the Stallone and company in a third Expendables film.
The 411 Movies Top 5 08.10.12: Week 334 - Top 5 Inspirational Sports Movies (08.10.2012)
From Rocky and Field of Dreams to Remember the Titans, Necessary Roughness and more, the 411 staff counts down their top 5 inspirational sports movies!
The 411 Movies Top 5 08.03.12: Week 333 - Top 5 Modern Remakes We Want (08.03.2012)
From I Am Legend and Big Trouble in Little China to Wild Wild West, Major League, Escape from New York and more, the 411 staff counts down the top 5 remakes they want to see!
The 411 Movies Top 5 07.27.12: Week 332- Top 5 Best Sci-Fi Comedy Movies (07.27.2012)
From Men in Black and Ghostbusters to Back to the Future, Men in Black and more, the 411 staff ranks their top 5 sci-fi comedies of all-time!
The 411 Movies Top 5 07.20.12: Week 331 - Top 5 Things We'd Like from a New Batman Movie (07.20.2012)
From the inclusion of Nightwing and skipping the origin story to Harley Quinn, a more comic-book tone, Crispin Glover playing the Joker and more, the 411 staff ranks the top 5 things they would want to see in a potential Batman reboot!
The 411 Movies Top 5 07.06.12: Week 329 - Top 5 Most Epic Miscasting Mistakes (07.06.2012)
From Christian Bale as Batman and John Wayne as Genghis Khan to Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze and more, the 411 staff breaks down their top 5 worst casting mistakes of all-time!
The Amazing Spider-Man Review (07.03.2012)
I guess "The Slightly Better Than Adequate Spider-Man" just doesn't have the same ring to it.
The 411 Movies Top 5 06.29.12: Week 328 - Top 5 Hottest Movie Strippers (06.29.2012)
From Jessica Alba in Sin City and Rose McGowan in Grindhouse to Heather Graham in The Hangover, From Dusk To Dawn's Salma Hayek and more, the 411 staff counts down the top 5 hottest movie strippers!
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Review (06.23.2012)
Can the horror-action film live up to the intriguing absurdity of its own title?
The 411 Movies Top 5 06.22.12: Week 327 - Top 5 Fictionalized Real-Life Characters (06.22.2012)
As a vampire fighting Lincoln swings into theaters, the Top 5 takes a look at other great fictionalized historical characters, from a time traveling Napoleon to a matchmaking Einstein to a mummy battling Elvis.
The 411 Movies Top 5 06.15.12: Week 326 - Top 5 Worst Movies With Great Concepts (06.15.2012)
From Van Helsing and The Last Action Hero to In Time, The Happening, Howard the Duck and more, the 411 staff ranks the top 5 worst movies with great plot concepts!
The 411 Movies Top 5 06.08.12: Week 325 - Top 5 Scariest Movie Aliens (That Aren't From Alien) (06.08.2012)
From the Predator and the titular character in The Thing to Sil from Species, the bugs in Starship Troopers and more, the 411 staff counts down their top 5 scariest aliens besides the one from Alien!
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