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Name:Greg De Marco
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Squandering A Mega Star: The WWE Blew It With Ryback (08.28.2014)
Ryback was revealed to be taking time off this week, with possible reasons spanning from injury to a character revamp. 411’s Greg DeMarco sees it as an opportunity to right a wrong: squandering the mega-star that he could have been!
What If Brock Lesnar Never Left WWE? (08.24.2014)
Brock Lesnar’s meteoric rise to the top of the WWE came to an end in 2004 when he left for the NFL and the UFC. Ten years later, he’s WWE Champion once again. What if Brock never left? 411’s Greg DeMarco explores the possibilities.
Who Is The Better Manager: Bobby Heenan or Paul Heyman? (08.21.2014)
Bobby Heenan was the best manager of all-time for over forty years, until Paul Heyman brought a resurgence to the role that none expected! But the question remains: Who is the better manager? 411’s Greg DeMarco takes a look!
Greg DeMarco’s 5 Bold Predictions: WWE SummerSlam 2014 (08.17.2014)
Will Brock Lesnar put John Cena on the shelf? Could Seth Rollins cash in? 411’s Greg DeMarco checks in with his five bold Summerslam predictions!
Wrestling’s 4Rs: WWE Monday Night Raw Reviewed (08.15.2014)
Brock Lesnar crashed Hulk Hogan's birthday party, Brie Bella was arrested after Stephanie McMahon unveiled Daniel Bryan's affair and more! Wrestling's 4Rs breaks down the Right, the wRong & the Ridiculous of WWE Raw!
Zack Ryder: Criminally Misused or Criminally Overrated? (08.14.2014)
Since the rise of Zack Ryder's Z! True Long Island Story webseries, fans have been waiting for a monster push that never materialized! But is he misused by WWE or overrated by internet fans? 411’s Greg DeMarco takes a look!
The Undertaker, Sting, and Hulk Hogan: One More Match? (08.10.2014)
Hulk Hogan, Sting and The Undertaker are three of the most iconic names in wrestling history, and the debate on their potential returns for one more match rages on. 411’s Greg DeMarco provides the definitive answer for all three!
Go Ahead Vince McMahon, Put The WWE Championship On Brock Lesnar - I DARE YOU! (08.03.2014)
Rumors are flying that the WWE will put their World Heavyweight Championship on part-timer Brock Lesnar. Would they dare? 411’s Greg DeMarco explains why he would love to see it happen....
One Man Could Have Saved TNA's TV Deal...And His Name Is Paul Heyman (07.31.2014)
Spike TV has reportedly cancelled TNA Impact Wrestling, but could it have been saved? 411’s Greg DeMarco weighs in on the one man who could have saved that TV deal—and his name is Paul Heyman!
My Open Letter To The WWE, Triple H And His Friend 'Mark' (07.27.2014)
The Internet Wrestling Community took notice during Monday’s Raw when Triple H opened with a shot at those who complained about Battleground on Twitter. 411’s Greg DeMarco responds.
5 Bold Predictions: WWE Money In The Bank 2014 (06.29.2014)
The WWE World Heavyweight Championship hangs in the balance for the first time in an 8-man Money In The Bank Ladder Match. Who wins? That prediction and more as Greg DeMarco returns and gets Bold once again!
Daniel Bryan’s Best Option: Surrender The WWE World Heavyweight Championship (05.26.2014)
With injury potentially forcing Daniel Bryan to be stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the future of the bearded WWE superstar is in question. 411Mania's Greg DeMarco argues that surrendering the championships is the best thing for Daniel Bryan.
Who Is To Blame For The WWE’s Stock Price Woes? (05.17.2014)
The WWE’s stock price took a huge hit following the revelation of their NBC Universal renewal. 411Mania’s Greg DeMarco answers the question “Who Is To Blame?” Hint: it’s not the WWE Network.
5 Bold Predictions: WWE Extreme Rules 2014 (05.04.2014)
Focused on the backlash from WrestleMania XXX, Extreme Rules sets out our settle the score. 411’s Greg DeMarco chimes in his some bold and outlandish predictions.
While Evolution Started The Battle, Could The Shield Win The War Games? (04.24.2014)
While the WWE has put their energy into proving superiority over WCW, there is one concept left that can be highlighted: War Games. Evolution vs. The Shield is the perfect vehicle for the 2-ring, double-cage, 4-on-4 war!
One More Match? Brock Lesnar Is The Ideal Opponent For A Steve Austin Return (04.18.2014)
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar is one of a few remaining dream matches that could happen in the WWE. 411’s Greg DeMarco looks at the possibility of the match, and why Brock Lensar would be the ideal opponent for Steve Austin’s “one more match.”
World’s Most Dangerous Column 4.6.14: Bold WWE WrestleMania XXX Predictions (04.06.2014)
From CM Punk returning and the Shield breaking up to Shawn Michaels appearing as a special referee and more, 411’s Greg DeMarco shares his bold predictions for WrestleMania 30…
World’s Most Dangerous Column 3.16.14: What A Crazy Week It Was... (03.16.2014)
With WrestleMania XXX only 4 weeks away, 411Mania’s Greg DeMarco is armed with opinions about Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan and the potential main event match, The Shield, The Undertaker’s Streak, The Andre The Giant Battle Royal and more! TNA also gets some love this week with Lockdown and Impact reaction. Plus your reactions to CM Punk and the WrestleMania main events, Scarlett Bordeaux returns as your DeMarcette of the Week and more!
World’s Most Dangerous Column 3.9.14: 5 Bold TNA Lockdown Predictions and More! (03.09.2014)
411’s Greg DeMarco has some very bold predictions for Sunday’s TNA Lockdown pay-per-view event! Plus, he weighs in to build out the WrestleMania XXX card, remembers an oft forgotten RVD-Chris Jericho Raw classic, and brings back NWA World Women’s Champ Barbi Hayden as your DeMarcette of the Week!
World’s Most Dangerous Column 3.2.14: The WWE WrestleMania XXX Card - Don’t Be A Hater! (03.02.2014)
411’s Greg DeMarco is back with the truth behind this year’s WrestleMania XXX card, a look at who truly arrived at NXT ArRIVAL, and Jessie Belle returns as your DeMarcette of the Week and more!
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