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Name:Obi Justice
Current Roles:
Past Roles:
Other credits:
Ring Architect 6.10.14: Video Wall (06.10.2014)
Obi Justice says a few words and shows some of his favorite videos.
Ring Architect 6.1.14: Style Clashes (06.01.2014)
Do martial arts kicks and chops work in the world of pro wrestling? Obi Justice looks at how some martial arts flair can help (or hinder) a wrestling character.
Ring Architect 5.25.14: Drop the Mic (05.25.2014)
Talk is cheap and the wrestling world is flooded with it. Obi Justice looks when promos are effective and when they can take away from a storyline.
Ring Architect 5.20.14: Mailbag Edition (05.20.2014)
Once again, Obi Justice digs into the mailbag and grabs some questions from you, the readers! That's right. As a thank you for reading my column, here's some more reading.
Ring Architect 5.12.14: New York Strike Exchange (05.12.2014)
Obi Justice delves into the world of kayfabe to ask why anyone would stand by and let themselves get hit. One man's opinion on the puroresu special: trading elbows, punches, and chops, oh my!
Ring Architect 5.04.14: How to Win Friends (05.04.2014)
It's tough to feel safe in a pro wrestling promotion, but every so often, someone comes storming out of the back to make a save. Sounds all good, right? Well, sometimes these saves don't go quite as far as they should, and Obi Justice takes a look at why.
Ring Architect 4.29.14: Turning Things Around (04.29.2014)
We've seen more innovative and exciting counters than I can count in the past five years. With everyone focusing on the next crazy move, is the real story being left behind? Obi Justice looks into what focusing on counters might be keeping us from.
Ring Architect 4.20.14: The Best Around (04.20.2014)
The WWE started a tournament to crown a top contender for the IC Title, but does it really fit WWE's image? 411's Obi Justice looks at how tournaments can be used showcase the best of the best…
Ring Architect 4.14.14: Gold from Left Field (04.14.2014)
Last week on Raw, Paige came out of nowhere to take the Divas' Championship. Could she have had a better start than that? Obi Justice thinks so, because gold isn't the only thing that matters.
Ring Architect 4.08.14: Dr. Hardy & Mr. Willow (04.08.2014)
So you came back as a nuclear assassin from Jupiter and you've got a brand new finisher, but why should I care? Obi Justice looks at just what alter egos can and can't do for a wrestler.
Ring Architect 3.30.14: Who Can Beat the Streak? (03.30.2014)
For the past few years, the Undertaker has defended his Streak against the best of the best. But can anyone beat the streak and more importantly should they? 411’s Obi Justice examines…
Ring Architect 3.23.14: Triple Trouble (03.24.2014)
Triangles, three-way dances, three-way eliminations, it's 1 vs. 1 vs. 1 and only one can win. But is more always better? Obi Justice takes a look at triple threats in storylines and as matches.
Ring Architect 3.16.14: My Dinner with Corny (03.16.2014)
411's Obi Justice hasn't actually had dinner with Jim Cornette, but he does rant about Cornette's recent shoot interview as well as respond to some comments on this Mailbag edition of Ring Architect!
Ring Architect 3.09.14: Looking at Technical Wrestling (03.09.2014)
Cloverholds, flying leg rolls, figure-fours and more! This week, Obi Justice fleshes out some brief thoughts on technical wrestling.
Ring Architect 3.2.14: Dearth or Rebirth (03.02.2014)
With a recent string of hugely over tag champs, the idea of a WWE tag team renaissance has been thrown around a lot. Maybe we should be a little more skeptical, though. Obi Justice looks into why.
Ring Architect 2.24.14: Smack My Down Up (02.24.2014)
Friday Night SmackDown! has always been a "good wrestling show," but can it become a second flagship program for WWE?
Ring Architect 2.16.14: Roman's Rising Star (02.16.2014)
There's been a lot of buzz about "the Punisher" of the Shield, Roman Reigns, but is he really made for the spotlight? Obi Justice takes a look.
The Grand Stage 15.01.11: Squash That Fly (01.15.2011)
Remember how Goldberg or the Ultimate Warrior used to run straight over opponents like they were nothing? How about Barry Horowitz, who made a living off of getting his ass beat? 411's Obi Justice takes a look at squash matches and just how entertaining they can be.
The Grand Stage 01.08.11: The Manager (01.08.2011)
From Bobby Heenan and Miss Elizabeth on down to Vickie Guerrero, managers have always been an important part of pro wrestling! 411's Obi Justice explores how managers can be vital to sprucing up wrestling storylines and characters!
The Grand Stage 1.01.11: The Best Characters of 2010 (01.01.2011)
From The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Jeff Hardy to the Motor City Machineguns, Davey Richards, Wade Barrett and more, 411's Obi Justice takes a look at the best wrestling characters from 2010!
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