// 2014 Norty TV Awards - Breaking Bad, @midnight, True Detective
// Coco Instagrams Her Big Booty in Skintight Jeans
// No Decision Made on Daniel Bryan's Surgery Yet
// Benson Henderson's Big Opportunity
// Teaser Trailer Released for Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojimaís Silent Hill Reboot


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Name:Dan Watson
Current Roles:
Past Roles:
Other credits:
Madden 25 Review (Xbox 360) (09.11.2013)
Does this Madden bring all the greatness of the series or is it just another ďroster update.Ē
The Average Gamer First Person Shooter Revival Edition: 7.26.13 (07.26.2013)
Even with Call of Duty being a top selling game year after year, the first person shooter genre is undoubtedly taking a downward slide. 411ís Dan Watson takes a look at some things that could revive it before itís too late!
The Average Gamer 7.19.13: Madden Edition (07.19.2013)
The Average Gamer returns with a look at the Madden franchise! With the latest entry about a month away, 411's Dan Watson takes a look at how EA can bring new life to the series and more!
NCAA Cut Ties With EA Sports (07.17.2013)
Is this the first of many EA football titles to lose their official licenses?
The Average Gamer 07.12.13: Fixing the Survival Horror Genre (07.12.2013)
The survival horror genre has taken a hit in recent years, with games like Resident Evil 6 and the latest Silent Hills drawing lackluster responses from gamers. But how can it be fixed? 411's Dan Watson takes a look with the return of the Average Gamer!
NCAA Football 14 (Xbox 360) Review (07.11.2013)
The latest version of NCAA's only football video game title has hit retail stores! But is it worth picking up? 411's Dan Watson takes a look in his full review!
Average Gamer 04.09.13: Favorite WWE/WCW Wrestling Game Memories (04.09.2013)
From WCW vs NWO Revenge and WWF No Mercy to WWF Wrestlemania 2000 and Smackdown, 411's Dan Watson takes a look at some of his favorite wrestling game memories.
The Average Gamer 3.12.13: Must Have Games - March to May Edition (03.12.2013)
From Gears of War and Walking Dead to Injustice and Bioshock, 411's Dan Watson takes a look at some of the must have games of the next few months.
Crysis 3 (Xbox 360) Review (03.06.2013)
Is this a crisis worth worrying about or another game in the FPS world.
The Average Gamer 3.5.13: Violence in Games (03.05.2013)
411ís Dan Watson examines the effect of violence in video games on gamers...
[non-news] 411 GAMES NOW HIRING! (02.27.2013)
It's your chance to write for 411!
Average Gamer 2.26.2013: Non-Violent Games Edition (02.26.2013)
From games like Madden and NBA 2K to Need for Speed and Guitar Hero, 411ís Dan Watson takes a look at some of the non-violent gaming options available.
The Average Gamer 2.19.13: Favorite Moments of This Generation (02.19.2013)
From Call of Duty: Zombies and Crackdown to Portal and the Last Remnant, 411's Dan Watson takes a look at some of his favorite moments in gaming from this generation.
The Average Gamer 2.12.13: Next-Gen Edition (02.12.2013)
From not wanting more motion gaming to wanting Xbox Live style online across the board, 411's Dan Watson takes a look at some of the ideas he hopes to see and not see in the next generation of consoles!
The Average Gamer: 1.29.13: The Annual Sports Edition (01.29.2013)
From NCAA Football 13 and Madden to NBA 2K 13 and NHL 13, Dan Watson takes a look at some of the better games to play during your Super Bowl Week.
The Average Gamer 1.22.13: Top DLC Titles (01.22.2013)
From The Walking Dead and Happy Wars to The Cave and more, 411's Dan Watson takes a look at his top five DLC titles available now.
Average Gamer 1.16.13: My Year In Review (01.16.2013)
From Assassin's Creed 3 and Halo 4 to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, The Walking Dead and more, 411's Dan Watson looks at the games that took up most of his time in his 2012 year in review!
The Average Gamer 12.18.12: Top 5 Family Games (12.18.2012)
From Wii Sports and Dance Central to You Donít Know Jack, 411's Dan Watson takes a look at the top family games to play this holiday season.
The Average Gamer 12.11.12: Top Multiplayer Games of 2012 (12.11.2012)
From Borderlands 2 and Mass Effect 3 to Call of Duty Black Ops and Halo 4, 411's Dan Watson takes a look at the top multiplayer experiences of 2012.
Average Gamer 12.4.12: Top 5 Fighting Game of 2012 (12.04.2012)
From WWE í13 and Tekken Tag to UFC Undisputed and Street Fighter X Tekken, 411's Dan Watson takes a look at the top fighting games of 2012.
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