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Name:Andy Rackauskas
Current Roles:
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Black Sabbath - 13 Review (06.14.2013)
Black Sabbath is out with their first full-length release with Ozzy Osbourne at the helm since 1979! Do the originators of heavy metal still have the power, or is this just a cash grab to support a tour? 411's Andy Rackauskas takes a loot!
Queens of the Stone Age - …Like Clockwork Review (06.13.2013)
Queens of the Stone Age have released their latest album, …Like Clockwork. But are they still rock royalty or are doomed to serfdom? 411's Andy Rackauskas checks in with his full review!
Rob Zombie - Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor Review (05.04.2013)
Lock up your impressionable youth, as Rob Zombie’s carnival of terror is back in town for Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor! But is his latest LP worth checking out? 411's Andy Rackauskas checks in with his full review!
The Sword - Apocryphon Review (11.06.2012)
The Sword produce music that is the soundtrack to a barbarian hacking enemies in the heat of a battle. For three albums, The Sword has delivered unadulterated heavy rock. Will their fourth release prove them worthy, or will it be disregarded as Dungeons & Dragons frivolity? 411's Andy Rackauskas rolls the polygonal dice to determine the fate of “Apocryphon”.
Jimmy Cliff - Rebirth Review (11.06.2012)
Jimmy Cliff is a reggae legend. Sadly, many of his recent efforts have been kind of lame. However, did a chance meeting with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong create a record that revitalized Cliff? 411's Andy Rackauskas pops open a Red Stripe and gives Jimmy’s latest album a spin…
Danko Jones - Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue Review (10.25.2012)
Danko Jones sweat blood. At least they have in the past. Some of their more recent recordings have not quite been as blood-sweating-worthy as previous efforts. Andy Rackauskas has a close listen to determine if Danko need a sweat rag or a spot in the sell-back bin with their latest effort, “Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue”.
ZZ Top - La Futura Review (09.29.2012)
ZZ Top has returned to the music scene after a nine year break, and the slick 80’s sound is gone but the boogie blues is still there. 411's Andy Rackauskas gets the keys to the car to see if women still go crazy about sharp dressed men with long beards!
The Darkness - Hot Cakes Review (09.05.2012)
The Darkness is back. After a break-up and some years off, the band is back with a new album of glam metal /cock rock. Are you up for a 70’s/80’s revival? Andy Rackauskas gets himself a plate of “Hot Cakes” and will let you know if the syrup is sweet or just sticky…
The Cult - Choice of Weapon Review (06.08.2012)
The Cult have been around for about thirty years. They are simply one of the oldest rock bands still around making good music. Their latest release, “Choice of Weapon”, is loaded with the band’s signature sounds. But, does it truly warrant a purchase? Andy Rackauskas goes Jim Jones and tries to join the cult of The Cult to find out…
Iggy Pop - Apres Review (05.18.2012)
Iggy Pop is an American punk rock legend. However, Ig’s latest release is about as far away from punk as one could get. Does Iggy’s venture into the lounge still rock (so to speak) or does it need to be cast aside? Andy Rackauskas searches to see if “Apres” needs to be destroyed.
Lords of Acid - Deep Chills Review (04.28.2012)
Lords of Acid have released a new album filled with their usual stew of sex, beats, and a little rock n’ roll. Will the Dionysian electric parade please one’s senses, or will it be too much to handle? Andy Rackauskas gives LoA’s deviant electronic a listen.
High on Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis Review (04.24.2012)
Doom metal legends, High on Fire, are back with a ferocious new album. Fans of the band will surely like it, but will it bring others into the fold? Andy Rackauskas travels down High on Fire’s war path to try to find out.
Mark Lanegan - Blues Funeral Review (04.23.2012)
Mark Lanegan is back with a new solo album. Lanegan isn’t screaming for the Trees anymore, but his voice is as strong as ever. Will the vocal powerhouse deliver another fine outing? Andy Rackauskas hopes that the blues is truly not dead when he checks out “Blues Funeral”.
Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters - Bikers Welcome Ladies Drink Free Review (04.02.2012)
Is the Ministry front-man’s side project simply a novelty album, or is it worthy of beer drinkers and hell raisers? 411’s Andy Rackauskas throws a dime in the honky tonk jukebox to check it out.
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