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Name:Jericho Ricardi
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The Walls of Jericho News Report 06.26.12 (06.26.2012)
Thoughts on Xenoblade Chronicles, Skyrim gets an expansion pack, Kirby's Dream Collection announced, Mass Effect 3's new ending, and the Wario Land quadrilogy is your Classic Game Series of the Week!
The Walls of Jericho Games News Report 6.12.12 (06.12.2012)
E3 news, Star Wars 1313, new Final Fantasy on the way, Mass Effect 3 gets more DLC, Vince McMahon is creepy, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Prometheus/Xenosaga comparisons, sex-related injuries and Skyblazer is the Classic Game of the Week!
The Walls of Jericho News Report for 5.10.12 (05.10.2012)
Shigeru Miyamoto Slaps Sony in the Face With A Glove, Playstation All-Stars, Black Ops 2, Did Anyone Actually Play Aliens: Infestation?, Super Mario Bros Crossover, Paladin's Quest, and What is the Greatest Game of All Time?
The 8-Ball 05.01.12: Top 8 Games Of All-Time (05.01.2012)
What are the eight greatest games of all time? 411's Jericho Ricardi attempts to tackle this question for the ages!
The Walls of Jericho News Report 04.24.12 (04.24.2012)
Game Threesomes That Should Have Happened, I Finally Finished Mass Effect 3, Kirby's Dream Land is Our Classic Game of the Week, Happy Birthday John Cena, and Lots of Game News
The Walls of Jericho News Report 04.10.12 (04.10.2012)
Wrestlemania thoughts, a Final Fantasy Retrospective, lots of Mass Effect 3 news, Daniel Bryan, and Sony Is Hilarious.
The Walls of Jericho Games News Report 3.31.12 (03.31.2012)
Wrestlemania Predictions and thoughts, the Wii-U makes the leap to HD, Dynasty Warriors, Prometheus/Xenosaga similarities, and more. Right here! Right now!
The Walls of Jericho Games News Report 03.27.12: Mass Effect 3, Prometheus, More (03.27.2012)
Everquest, Things I Want To Play, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Prometheus, Mass Effect 2 thoughts, Final Boss Themes, I Leech Heat From Seanbaby, and What The Fuck Is A Fabula Nova Chrysalis?
The Walls of Jericho 3.19.12: Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, More (03.19.2012)
Thoughts on the Mass Effect series, Assassin's Creed, Dead Space, Catherine, Threesomes, and lots more in the debut edition of The Walls of Jericho!
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