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Name:Bayani Domingo
Current Roles:Writing the best damn column on Thursday period.
Past Roles:Rant War 2 winner...and loser in so many other ways.
Other credits:
Quote:"You don't like it? Eat a D*CK"
And we're rolling... - 04.09.2008

So I haven't blogged in a while, but I figured this was an interesting tidbit. I get e-mails from DDP since I signed up to take some "Yoga for Regular Guys" classes at my local Equinox in Santa Monica. A really good class actually and I suggest any of you who want to get in shape, lose some weight, and gain some flexibility to check it out. Well one of his e-mails was below. I figured he wouldn't mind me posting it (even though I didn't ask) only because it wasn't a personal e-mail and I'm pimping out his "YOGA FOR REGULAR GUYS". Free advertising and what not...enjoy:

Hey Guys

I know you all want to hear about my trip to Iraq, which was a great adventure. But it is going to take me a few weeks to write all of that up. In the meantime I have been flooded with questions on www.myspace.com/yrgworkout ,www.diamonddallaspage.com and even www.yrgworkout.com asking me about Ric Flair’s retirement and Wrestlemania. Let me address the Nature Boy first…many of you know by the comments of what Ric Flair thought about DDP in his book (I don't remember the name) and my response on youtube (you will have to search for it to find it), that Ric and Page’s relationship was never one of real friendship. Ric was always a class act and cool in my face but behind my back he never believed I had what it took to be a top guy. Early on in my career Ric ran the show at WCW and I was one level up from a job guy (a guy who loses all the time). To Ric’s credit why would he believe in a guy who started at 35, tore his rotator cuff at 36 and got fired…and came back at 37 would ever be a top guy... It had never happened before... Looking back I guess I understand why he thought I would never be anything in this business.

That being said, The Nature Boy Ric Flair , the leader of the 4 horseman, the limousine riding, lear jet flying, 60 minute man… is something I grew up watching and admiring in my early 20’s…who didn’t want to be the Nature Boy…Whooo! With what I achieved in the wrestling business and working with Ric from 1997 on I thought I had overcame all the hurdles of getting Ric’s respect. That is until someone told me what he wrote about me, Diamond Dallas Page , in his book…If I am not mistaken he also buried Mick Foley and Brett Hart so I guess I am in pretty good company. All that being said, I have pretty much always been able to separate Ric from the Nature Boy Ric Flair the TV character. To me the Nature Boy Ric Flair has always been the best of the best, he transcends the words Legend and Icon…just like Dusty Rhodes said the Nature Boy Ric Flair is a National Treasure. I thought he had a spectacular match with HBK at Wrestlemania. I also thought this was one of the best WM’s in a long time. That a guy could wrestle for 36 years and deliver that match at 59 years old is nothing less than spectacular.

In the 1980’s The Nature Boy helped change the face of professional wrestling. His charismatic passion and warmth ran through the crowd like a running stream of hot water. The Nature Boy loves and lived to wrestle!
HBK’s sendoff “I’m sorry, I love you” before he knocked him out was straight from the heart. It reminded me of the time I watched Larry Holmes send “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali off into the pasture. Shawn didn’t want to put Flair out but like Larry he knew he had to and if any one was one to do it ... it should be him.

Do I honestly think you will never see Ric Flair in the ring again? Stop it! Ha! Nature Boy and Vince left everybody wanting more… I'll believe the Nature Boy career is really over the day the Rolling Stones stop touring…

I thought that this was one of the best WrestleMania’s in long time. I was wondering how Big Show was going to make a match with a 5’7” 147 pound guy watchable…but he didn’t just make it watchable, I really enjoyed it. And if you haven’t watched it then find it or buy the replay…having done celebrities matches with Karl Malone, Dennis Rodman and Jay Leno I know what goes into these matches and it is a lot of work…Mayweather is a great showman and athlete but just because you have been watching wrestling since you were a little kid doesn’t mean you can get in the ring and do it. Big Show took care of him and the kid took some stiff bumps. I guarantee you his entire body was never that sore after a boxing match. Today Mayweather fights maybe twice a year…Big Show is on the road wrestling for more than 250 days…even Ken Shamrock said he got hurt more in wrestling ring than he ever did in the UFC.

I pretty much raised the Big Show in his early days in the wrestling business. I actually helped him get ready for his first match ever with Hogan and traveled with him his first 5 years….to say I am proud of him would be an understatement. The thing that I love most about this match is that the people were really behind Big Show, like they were behind Andre back in the day…if Show is handled properly he may finally be able to fill the Giants boots…he sure as hell has the talent and charisma to do it.

The Triple threat match for the WWE championship was tremendous as well. Great psychology and near falls. Like most of you I thought there was no way they would keep the title on Orton even though that is what I wanted to see. Watching that match unfold I could tell that, as always, HHH was the ring General. The match and finish was phenomenal. Even though Randy didn’t win with the RKO/Diamond Cutter…

It brought me back to June of 2002 when I called Randy Orton and told him I was going to retire and I told him I wanted him to take my Diamond Cutter finish…he was so respectful he said “No Diamond, that is yours, you came up with that” and I said “Randy, I don’t want some Jabroni ripping it off…I want you to keep it going and take it to another level”...and he has. I believe someday Randy will become the biggest baby face in the company.

But my favorite match was for the World Title with Edge and the Undertaker. Going in, there was no way I thought Taker would take a loss at WM being 15-0. But the story they told was so good that the last 5 minutes of that match they both had me actually believing at times that this was going to be the end of the winning streak with one tremendous false finish after another. For Taker being 6’9”, 280+ pounds and 43 years old he brought it the same way he did when he was 33 and I know how beat up his body is…damn he must have been sore the next day. A great wrestling match is all about creating the element of doubt. As a fan, you are so sure that this guy is going to win or lose and then BANG!...we flip it on you. I thought Edge losing to Taker moved him even further up the ladder. Reminded me of the time that Stone Cold lost to Brett Hart…which literally made Austin a made man. In other words, I really enjoyed WM. So those are my thoughts... in the next week or so I'll send out the email on my journey back to Iraq.

Get Healthy... Stay Strong... Be Unstoppable and Do your YRG or else!

And we're rolling... - 01.11.2007

Um...so I just read somewhere that Tylene Buck, aka Major Guns from WCW Misfits In Action fame is now doing...girl on girl porn. Yeah. So you know, that made me think...how long till we see "1 Night in Lita"? Yeah... I'll be looking for that title this weekend in Vegas. AVN's here I come.

Oh and just on a more wrestling related topic so everyone doesn't always say, "That Domingo guy is a serious perv...how the hell does he still keep his column after all these months". Not that people won't, but maybe I can minimize it. I've decided to start dedicating more time to watching more RoH and other Indy feds and Puro wrasslin'. I sadly, own only 1 RoH dvd, and that was the "Era of Honor Begins" cuz' it was $5 at the Tower Records. So any suggestions on some cool feds besides Dragon Gate, RoH, and PWG, that I currently have been watching would be great. Mid South feds? Mid-West? Puro? Canadian? Okay, maybe not that far.
And we're rolling... - 01.07.2007

Yeah, there were Waaaaaaaay too many dudes in Seattle gettin' laid last night who had no business ever seeing the broad side of a vagina all due to Romo botching a FG and bars probably giving out rounds of free micro brews in local bars all night long. Just a guess.
And we're rolling... - 09.18.2006

Maybe it's just me? Someone tell me, am I just over reacting here? And by that I mean someone who doesn't a) wear Abercrombie and Fitch, b) voted for George W, c) Think the word "oriental" is still acceptable, and d) doesn't th ink Eugene and Hacksaw are 'funny'. To me this is a serious embarassment. The worst thing is that they make one of the only Asian-American wrestlers in the 'e' be the one to make fun of Asians. Because clearly if an Asian person makes racist and derrogatory comments, then it's okay and 'funny' Man. Just when my column stopped being so damn pessamistic. Makes me wish Wang would debut against Mark Henry and just break a collar bone or something...*sigh*
And we're rolling... - 07.04.2006

I think once you hit 21 every subsequent birthday till maybe 40 are pretty insignificant. Oh, a case for 25 and 30 can be made, however everything else, without a doubt...just plan blah. That being said, one still has to wait eagerly at the mailbox as your grandma's check for $20 is set to arrive. Man, I wish that $20 was adjusted for inflation, cuz' at 12 that 20 spot is sweeeet, at...well...my age..its like admission to a skanky strip club and a watered down Shasta. Uh...don't tell Lola that's what I'm using it for. Happy Friggin' B-day to me.
And we're rolling... - 06.05.2006

So the PWG show a month ago featured a "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson vs "The Most Money Making Man" Claudio Castagnoli match. The match consisted of a 3 minute wrestling sequence at the beginning and CC might have legit popped Danielson's ear...then for the next 20 mins the match consisted of CC putting AmDrag in a headlock...and never letting go. AmDrag ran the ropes, unleashed wicked forearms to the kidneys and back suplexes, but CC never let go of the headlock. It was agonizing watching Danielson try time and time again to release the wicked headlock, but it never happened. Then in one sequence he finally frees himself after a vicious barrage on CC and throws hin into the rope, they cross...then he follows him in for a rolls up win out of no where. The match ran almost a half hour...probably a half hour actually and centered around a headlock and the inability of the RoH champion to break said headlock. This was either an awesomely brilliant match of psychological fortitude...or a total disappointment from two guys you want to see more out of... I'm not sure which. Sometimes the difference between a 4.5 and 1.5 are very slim. I guess I might just flip a coin on this one.

And we're rolling... - 05.09.2006

So THAT'S why making fun of your co-workers, calling them gay, and extolling the virtues of Cocaine isn't considered "Cool" and "Positive"... shoot. Man... those "Positivity Lessons" I got from Meehan were worthless...worthless I tells ya. I want my $12 and 6 pack of Fresca back.
And we're rolling... - 04.25.2006

So I was just wondering. Has anyone ever gotten a blow job from a girl who had "Pop Rocks" in her mouth? I'm not even sure what that would be called... a "Pop Job" perhaps? I dunno, it just kinda enterted my mind the other day. I mean, it seems intriguing enough. Perhaps enjoyable. Perhaps a bit painful. Probably both. I'm not sure when is the best time to suggest that to a girl. Clearly this is something to do with a girlfriend you've been with for sometime. Not a wife. Once you are married I think the window for a "pop job" has probably gone out the window. And this isn't something that you can ask a girl you've just started dating. I think this is lies somewhere between a steady girlfriend of 6 months to 2 years. I don't even know how one would begin that conversation. I would assume it would have to be while making out and the girl already has at least most of her clothes off, as to indicate the "point of no return" and you'd just have to kind of jokingly say, "Hey... you wanna try something weird?" Even then, chances are her eyes will go wide and she'll start to get a bit freaked out wondering what you mean by "weird". But after u suggest the Pop Rocks she'll probably be relieved that it doesn't have anything to do with a midget, her college roommate, and/or a Catholic School BOY uniform. I guess just be sure, you should always just have some Pop Rocks handy. u know... just in case.
And we're rolling... - 04.24.2006

I just figured out that equation. *Pats self on back*. I don't think I need to explain that...just sayin'.

And we're rolling... - 04.20.2006

Hey, Impact got a primetime slot didn't it? Why not TBT? Well looks like I'll be moving starting next week. Tune into TBT tomorrow to find out where. Oh and btw, is it just me or is it too early to have God step in the ring on free TV? I mean, it just seems like if you have the "holy spirit" booked on a PPV you wanna save some of the mystery. I mean, maybe cut a promo sure, but giving away his first match on a Monday Night RAW? Not good business my friends. I also wonder what he's using as a finishing move these days? I wonder if God goes old school with the ol' spike piledriver? In fact if I was God I'd use the Vertebreaker, I know WWE banned it years ago, but I would have to assume God is a fairly safe worker, and worse comes to worse if he does injure someone...well then, it was all part of his plan.
And we're rolling... - 04.18.2006

Look... if you're not Chinese or Japanese...or you have never studied the language or culture. Or have some kind of link to any asian culture... don't get Chinese Character of Kanji tattooed on your body. Trust me... it may seem "cool" now, but chances are, you don't even know how to pronounce the word you got tattooed on yourself. Or even came up w/ the character yourself and were able to verify that is what the character even says in the first place. You know how I know that? A guy I work with just told me his brother got what he thought was "Tiger" on his arm. Turns out...it says "cat". Yeah, he's now got a "pussy" on his arm permanently. Hmm, now him and Demi Moore have something in common I guess.
And we're rolling... - 04.10.2006

So a buddy came up from San Diego to see the Briscoe Brothers...apparently they are semi-retarded or just poor planners because they didn't book their flight the right day and missed the entire all-star weekend. The "King of Wrestling" aka Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero are probably my favorite tag team as of last Saturday Night. Amazing duo. There was alot of speculation about who would be the "Mystery Opponent" for Joey Ryan's PWG title. First I heard some TNA guys, then some RoH guys, then something about Nor-MON Smi-LAY, then I joked that they probably hadn't found anyone and were frantically looking around homeless shelters for anyone who would wrestle for $50 and a ham sandwich. I wasn't far off...Necro Butcher made a suprise debut and came from the front entrance with NO SHOES on. It was a totaly hardcore mess but in the end Joey retained w/ his foot on the ropes. Yep, I just couldn't see Necro Butcher being a West Coast champ. It was violent, it was bloody, it was just alot of shit being thrown around and weird looking punches, but it was pretty cool for the "WTF???" value of seeing the least technically proficient Indy Legend around today. Hell, if Necro makes it back some day, maybe I'll ask him to sign my ham sandwich.
And we're rolling... - 04.06.2006

I'm giving it up. If I happen to be home, fine, but otherwise I'm not tuning into American Idol anymore. It has gotten ridiculous. I've seen more talent in a Cade/Viscera match than on my TV on Tuesday nights. At 8...cuz' at 9 pm "House" rocks the body that rocks the party. This is ridiculous, you just know the top 3 people aren't going to be the most talented, but the most 'popular' or whoever the producers think they can market the best. I mean, where else can you see people with no talent or charisma or ability pushed and shoved down our throat more than those others who are more deserving? Huh?? Wait a sec...what's on Monday Nights again?
And we're rolling... - 04.03.2006

Yeah, I'mma be the first one out to call "bullshit" on Wrestlemania this year. Well at least the first vocal detractor to print it. That was absolute crap this year. I'm sorry, I ain't gotta be all positive and let's keep wrestling alive and well and exciting for the readers. That is Vince McMahon's job. I calls it likes I sees it. I plunked down $50 for the show, and got about $20 worth out of it, maybe... MAYBE $30 at most. You had 3 good matches, 1 good T&A match with some choice ass shots of Mickie and the best crotch related scene EVER in wrasslin, and...well not much else. Don't turn Cena...I agree, let ppl react how they wanna. But good GAWD DAMN. Learn some freaking holds! Incorporate some workrate...IMPROVE!! It really pisses me off how poor the quality of actual "Wrestling" was this year. The Triple threat was great...but 9 minutes long. What the hell?? That is horrible. The Hardcore and MitB were great..but just spots. HBK vs HBK was ok, oh wait...was vince part of that? I hardly noticed him, just a punching bag with leathery skin. Geeeeez. That is it. I'm not buying another WWE PPV this year. Forget it. Too many cools small things (Batista cameo, Oprah-dust, Edge's post match sell) and not enough big moments. Blah! Say what you will, but deep down inside, in your heart of hearts. You know I'm right. And no amount of spin, "positivity", or "optimism" is going to change the fact that this PPV didn't half enough bang for the Buck. No longer can Wrestlemania get the free "pass" just based on the name and history. From here on in, you gotta earn your own keep ya lazy bastard.

And we're rolling... - 03.31.2006

Yep, not only do I like wrasslin', I play Fantasy Baseball. I'm suprised I've even gotten laid in this life time. I figured that probably a good 25% of Wrestling fans play Fantasy Sports of some kind, probably higher. For some reason I always end up with a mid to last pick. C'mon...lemme draft A-Rod or Pujols just ONCE. Plus, I can never stick to my draft strategy. I mean, who drafts Smoltz as their ace? Maurer in the 5th round? Moises Alou...at all?? Damn, oh well, maybe I can figure out a way to trade for JT Snow. Damn, I'm doomed already.

And we're rolling... - 03.27.2006

Its the even before the last RAW before 'mania. Meaning 4 matches tonight, none of which will mean crap, and none of which will have a clean ending for anyone involved in an actual 'mania match. Hmmm, I dunno, I'm on the fence about footin' the bill for this year. I'm leaning towards no unless I can find 8 other people willing to pony up $5 a piece. Then again... this could be the year that the Boogeyman starts his AMAZING streak that lasts for 15 WM's. Blah... I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD...then bootleg it.

Oh and *Spoiler Warning*

Anyone who thinks Torrie or Candice will get naked this year...you are sofa king we todd did.
And we're rolling... - 03.20.2006

So yeah, my friend Bern bought me a Crock Pot for X-mas and I've gotten a bit of use out of it. Makin' a pot roast tonight. Or rather, I'm making it right friggin' now. I hope my apartment doesn't burn down, but there is something awesome about being at work and actually cooking a meal. Having it all warmed and ready to go by the time you get home, no muss, no fuss. Well except for the muss and fuss of cutting up everything and preparing it the morning before, but still, a pretty sweet deal. Its like coming home from a bar and having a chick butt ass naked on your bed already drunk and with a signed permission slip on the night stand...and 2 forms of I.D. I'm not making THAT mistake again...no siree.

Oh, I hope if anyone is reading this that I have the one ad underneath with the cuter of the 3 chicks from the singles ad below this entry. Those other two really aren't hot, you'd think that company could afford a slightly choicer piece of tail. Of course if its the diamond add or the punch Osama Bin Ladden ad, that's fine too.
And we're rolling... - 03.15.2006

Am I the only one that thinks that Chicken Little mutha f*cka is a total A-hole?? He went from nerdy turtle lookin' kid to a total Diva in the span of 2 weeks. "I think the best thing about being in American Idol are the signs for me"...man that kid totally bought into his own hype. He's a nerdy kid with a nice voice, but he's going no where in this business. He totally was a dick to Simon who was just being honest and tries to come off as "cool, and edgy". Man, I hope they boot his ass off for being an arrogant little prick.

That being said, this is STILl the worst Idol in history. Although, I got 6 peeps who could win it. Mandissa, Paris, Chris, Elliot, Taylor, and Katherine. My money is on the Rachel Ray look alike. Then again, my money was on Vonzell a year ago...so...
And we're rolling... - 03.13.2006

Alright, so I guess this is the season when I stop rushing home from the gym or putting off plans to meet up with friends till after 9 pm so I can sit my butt down in front of the tube for American Idol. This season is just kinda blah to me. First Gedeon gets the shaft when either Bucky the wonder redneck, or the little kid who looks like a turtle should have gotten the shaft. Now the tall drink of water got the boot as well. Man, this is just a lack luster line up to me. For some reason its becoming the equivalent of WM this year. I know more than likely I'll watch it, but I won't be excited in doing so. I just hope Stone Cold shows up to stun someone this year. I'm actually talkin' bout Seacrest. God, that man is more useless than nipples on a man.
And we're rolling... - 03.09.2006

I can't believe I fell for the whole "This is the BEST talent ever" schtick that American Idol commercials had been spewing out. Yeah, that's right, I watch "Idol". First off, there are only 5 or 6 people worth having in the finals. Of those people, maybe 2 I'd consider buying records from.
From the guys: Chris (rock dude), Gedeon (scary lookin' dude, and Elliot (Butt fugly dude) are the only guys who stand a chance. I love Taylor and all but I don't know how he'll fare throughout the whole competition. I can't stand the little turtle looking guy, the high school crooner, the redneck Bucky guy, and I HATE Ace. He's the pretty boy who just looks awkward singing...he looks fine just sitting there and molesting you with his "smouldering looks" through the tv screen, but just like he doesn't feel right about passing himself off as the BEST singer.

The girls have Mandisa (Big Black chick), Paris (little black chick), and Katharine (kinda a young Rachel Ray, and we all know where that thought is going). I think the other young girl Lisa could do well, same for the hella tall girl who must be like 2 feet taller than Ryan Suckrest. The other girls are blah. Bah humbug. This is the weakest group yet, no real front runners and I don't plan on buying anything season 5 related. On a side note, that Pickler girl...the ditzy mid-west girl is kinda cute... like the kinda girl you'd like to hook up with a few times then pretend you lost her number. But god...she is annoying. Then again... would it really be worth some decent mid-west tang if she had to talk during the whole thing? "Gosh, give it to me daddy, mmm yeah, so good... but you know what's not good? Calamari. yeah, I totally don't like the way it tasted, it was kinda of like fish, oh, but I guess you know what else tastes like fish right...well , mmm hmm, more more, like that reminds me of s'mores which I love when I go camping and..." *DONKEY PUNCH*
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