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Name:Doug Yates
Current Roles:
Past Roles:
Other credits:
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty (PS4) Review (08.26.2014)
Does revisiting Abe's Oddysee still have a fresh feel, or does it just leave a bad taste in your mouth? Find out here with 411's Doug Yates
Wildstar (PC) Review (08.22.2014)
Can Wildstar steal the MMO crown or is it just another imitator? Find out inside with 411's Doug Yates
Shovel Knight (Wii U) Review (07.18.2014)
Does Shovel Knight just pander to the older crowd, or does it bridge the gap in generations? Check in with 411's Doug Yates to find out.
Trials Fusion (PS4) Review (07.07.2014)
Come see if the newest entry into the trials franchise lives up to its predecessors with 411's Doug Yates.
Mind Zero (Vita) Review (07.07.2014)
Is Mind Zero just another cookie cutter JRPG or does it stand on its own legs? Find out inside with 411's Doug Yates
The Last Tinker: City of Colors (PC) Review (05.24.2014)
Is this indie foray into the platforming genre worth your time? Find out inside with 411's Doug Yates.
Mario Golf World Tour (3DS) Review (05.12.2014)
Is Nintendo's newest addition to the Mario Golf franchise a hole in one? Find out inside with 411's Doug yates
Child of Light (Xbox One) Review (05.09.2014)
Does Ubisoft's foray into RPG territory have a fairy tale ending, or is it a villainous disaster? See what 411's Doug Yates thinks inside.
Strike Suit Zero Director's Cut (PS4) Review (04.28.2014)
Is Strike Suit Zero an ace or a dud? Find out inside with 411's Doug Yates.
Demon Gaze (Vita) Review (04.28.2014)
Is NIS's newest dungeon crawler worth your time? Check in with 411's Doug Yates
Ragnarok Odyssey ACE (PS3) Review (04.23.2014)
Ragnarok 1.5 is here. Is it worth playing all over again? Find out inside with 411's Doug Yates.
The Witch and The Hundred Knight (PS3) Review (04.07.2014)
Is the new NIS action RPG a bewitching experience or is it all just hocus pocus?
Dark Souls II (Xbox 360) Review (03.21.2014)
Namco Bandai's highly-anticipated sequel to its acclaimed action RPG Dark Souls has finally been released! But does it live up to its predecessor or fall short? 411's Doug Yates checks in with his full review!
Thief (PS4) Review (03.10.2014)
Does thief live up to its predecessors, or is it just a shadowy impostor?
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (WiiU) Review (02.24.2014)
See why Donkey Kong still dominates the platformer genre.
Dustforce (PS Vita) Review (02.19.2014)
See why a great platformer is having a hard time on the Vita.
OlliOlli (PS Vita) Review (02.06.2014)
See why OlliOlli is a unque take on the skateboarding and runner genres.
Terraria (Vita) Review (01.20.2014)
See why Terraria on the Vita is the best version to date.
Tearaway (Vita) Review (12.23.2013)
See why Tearaway is the first must-have Vita title.
Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land (3DS) Review (11.11.2013)
411Mania's Doug Yates gives his thoughts on Regular Show on 3DS inside.
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