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The CHIKARA Special 2.07.10: The Cat's Out Of The Bag
Posted by Kevin Ford on 02.07.2010

Hello everyone and welcome back to the CHIKARA Special. Like many of you, I am enduring this epic blizzard on the East Coast. But I've got my space heater, beer, and stack of wrestling DVDs to keep me warm. To help keep you warm, I present to you this brief recap of CHIKARA's season premiere event as well as news on another trios tournament that affects King of Trios

The cat's out of the bag Lince Dorado joins BDK

Last Sunday, CHIKARA's 2010 season premiere "A Touch Of Class" took place. There were many questions going into this show, but the primary one that everyone wanted answered was who the eighth and final member of the Brüderschaft was. Of course, we got our answer.

As predicted by many (yours truly included), Lince Dorado pulled the ol' switcharoo on his buddies The Future is Now and Quackenbush, turning on them and joining the Brüderschaft. Lince's motives weren't hidden. Since winning the 2008 King of Trios, the fans have absolutely loved to boo and admonish Lince at every turn. When he loses, gets hurt, the fans cheer. No matter how hard Lince works (and admittedly he's a much better wrestler now than when he won King of Trios), he'll always be seen as "that guy CHIKARA shoves down our throats" and not get the credit he deserves. On top of the fans disapproval, Lince was not happy with Jigsaw leading the Future Is Now stable comprised of Lince, Equinox, and Helios. In Lince's defense, the group seemed to do just fine without Jigsaw and since then The Future Is Now has gone winless as a group. Lince seemed to feel slighted and almost embarrassed that Jigsaw felt the need to take them under his wing, as if they weren't good enough without him. Fed up with the fans and with The Future Is Now, it was easy to detect something wasn't right with Lince. This jump was seen from miles away and does wonders for Lince and the Brüderschaft. The Future Is Now somewhat side idly by in this whole mess. They were not present when the Brüderschaft melee went down at the season finale. However, Jimmy Olsen explained in a blog that they were busy tending to Lince (Lince was dumped head first on the ring steps during his match with Player Dos). Equinox also revealed that it was Pinkie Sanchez who put him out of action during practice. With Lince and Pinkie enemies of The Future Is Now, they find themselves in the thick of the action too.

The Brüderschaft made their full-fledged debut as a unit on this show. The Brüderschaft had four matches on the card, and they swept the board by claiming victories in all of them. Pinkie "Pink Ant" Sanchez destroyed Green Ant to embarrass the Colony. Sara Del Ray & Daizee Haze defeated former Campeones de Parejas The Osirian Portal to pick up their first point towards title contention. Tim Donst defeated Player Dos to become the new Young Lions Cup champion. And of course, the four man team of Claudio Castagnoli, Ares, Tursas, and Lince Dorado defeated Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Equinox, and the man who filled Lince's place, Eddie Kingston. The Brüderschaft certainly made a statement on this show and don't plan to slow down any time soon.

Yes, I said Eddie Kingston filled Lince's spot. In fact, a YouTube video was posted shortly after this show where Kingston explains why he filled the spot

The dynamic I've said about Kingston before is that he's like the big brother. He'll pick on and name call his younger brother all he wants, but if someone else does it, he'll kick their ass. Kingston is the older brother to CHIKARA. He'll pick on it all he wants, but deep down he takes pride knowing that he's a Wrestle Factory graduate and that he helped bring CHIKARA to the limelight. If anyone's going to bring down CHIKARA, Kingston would do it himself before he let anyone else have at it.

Of course, there were four other matches on the show. Hallowicked defeated his old rival Brodie Lee who is on his own. The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple defeated three ROH students (Pelle Primeau, Grizzly Redwood, and Andy Ridge) to build momentum towards King of Trios. Create-A-Wrestler confirmed that Dasher Hatfield is here to stay, as he, Sugar Dunkerton, and Player Uno defeated The UnStable. Finally in the main event, The Colony successfully defended their Campeones de Parejas against Icarus and Gran Akuma of F.I.S.T.

On hand for the night was a brand new ring announcer Jakob Hammermeier, who introduces the Brüderschaft in German. Don't worry though, Louden Noxious is still around to announce as well. Except, he's now known as Gavin Loudspeaker, which I believe was a name Louden may have previously gone by. We saw that Create-A-Wrestler went through some glitches due to being electrocuted on an episode of the CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go. Louden experienced the same electrocution, so it's likely that this change in identity could be as a result of that incident.

Here's a recap of the results from the show, thanks to CHIKARA themselves:

1) Pinkie "Pink Ant" Sanchez defeated Green Ant in 12:49 with a burning hammer variation.
2) Create-A-Wrestler (who came out during the match at certain points as both Ultimo Breakfast and Dasher Hatfield), Sugar Dunkerton, and Player Uno defeated The UnStable (Vin Gerard, STIGMA, & Colin Delaney) when Dasher hit Colin with the Grand Slam in 10:01.
3) Sara Del Rey & Daizee Haze defeated The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) when Sara hit a bridging German Suplex on Ophidian in 7:21.
4) Hallowicked defeated Brodie Lee in 8:14 with the Rydeen Bomb.
5) The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black, Crossbones, & Delirious) defeated Pelle Primeau, Grizzly Redwood, and Andy Ridge when Mantis hit the Praying Mantis Bomb on Ridge in 9:48.
6) Tim Donst defeated Player Dos to win the Young Lions Cup when Dos submitted to the Inverted CHIKARA Special in 13:36.
7) The Brüderschaft (Claudio Castagnoli, Ares, Tursas, and Lince Dorado) defeated Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Equinox, and Eddie Kingston when Claudio low-blowed Kingston and school-boyed him in 14:32.
8) The Colony retained the Campeones de Parejas two falls to one against F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Gran Akuma).

Another trios tournament?

If you're like me, you're getting pumped for the 2010 CHIKARA King of Trios tournament coming April 23rd to the 25th in South Philly. Out of sixteen teams to be in the tournament, five have been announced: F.I.S.T., The Colony, The UnStable, The Future Is Now, and Team Frightning (Mike Quackenbush & Incoherence). Underwhelming, as the REAL excitement comes from what outside teams are going to come in.

Although no outside teams have been announced, Absolute Intense Wrestling has announced its "Jack of All Trios" tournament to take place on April 9th and 10th in Cleveland, OH. So far the first team announced are CHIKARA favorites The Soul Touchaz! The Soul Touchaz competed and got over with the crowd instantly back at King of Trios 2008, with impressive showings against Team BSE from Canada, and Team F.I.S.T. They would return at the Young Lions Cup and CHIKARA's Midwest debuts in 2008, as well as King of Trios 2009. The Jack of All Trios tournament is their golden ticket into the 2009 tournament. It should be made that this tournament is going to crossover into CHIKARA, meaning that any participating teams in the Jack of All Trios tournament that do not win will most assuredly not be in King of Trios.

Who else will be in the tournament? The Ohio wrestling scene is certainly a bustling one, especially now. Certain guys like Jon Moxley, Johnny Gargano, Flip Kendrick, and Louis Lyndon are consistently being used in promotions like EVOLVE and Dragon Gate USA. There also seems to be an association between AIW and Beyond Wrestling, who utilizes wrestlers like Chris Dickinson (also in EVOLVE, and who beat Gran Akuma just a few weeks back in AIW) and Faith In Nothing (who consistently work AAW and beat Hallowicked and Jigsaw a few weeks back in AIW). Other Ohio locals include Hailey Hatred, Zane Silver, Eric Alverado, Bobby Beverly, and teams like Alpha Beta Duke and Da Latin Crime Syndicate. There's no shortage of names in that area, and with the AIW roster being only about 30 guys deep, you know there will be some outside guys coming in for this tournament as well.

Who's going to step up and be "Team AIW" in King of Trios 2010? Keep your eyes peeled on Absolute Intense Wrestling's website and this column to find out.

Also making a big announcement was Interspecies Wrestling, who is coming back to the United States on April 3rd with "Slamtasia 3". Interspecies Wrestling first full-fledged U.S. show was back in August and had plenty of CHIKARA regulars on the card. There return will be no different, as already confirmed are Player Uno, Pinkie Sanchez, and Eddie Kingston (making his ISW debut). I highly encourage people to go to Interspecies Wrestling's website and check them out, they're loads of fun.

YouTube Fun!

Here's the latest Podcast-A-Go-Go, covering action from "Young Lions Cup VII, Night Three". Check out the review at my shiny, cool blog!

Johnny Gargano's fourth "Power Hour" is now on YouTube. Johnny Gargano is amazing, and I'll get the chance to interview him soon!


Check out all the new podcasts with myself and/or Jerome Cusson at
Pro Wrestling Ponderings. This week, Brad Garoon and I had our fifth Cool Kids Table where we talked about Dragon Gate USA and Dragon Gate in Japan. The podcast is Alan4L approved, so you know it's got to be good! The podcast, as well as other wrestling goodies, can be found at Pro Wrestling Ponderings.

Speaking of Brad Garoon, his blog Open The Garoon Gate is all about Dragon Gate and Dragon Gate USA. He reviews every Infinity, PPV, appearance of a Dragon Gate wrestler in the U.S. and other Japanse promotion, etc. You owe it to yourself to check out that blog, as well as his Toryumon and dragondoor/El Dorado/Secret Base blogs which you can find links to on his Dragon Gate blog. Jake Ziegler also blog, JZ Says, which has WWE, TNA, ROH, and even film reviews. Make sure to check out and enjoy both!

Ari Berenstein as usual keeps up his great work in the Column of Honor. Make sure to check it out, it's a guaranteed good read every single week.

Mike Campbell attempts to show me up by reviewing a CHIKARA show. He reviews the critically acclaimed "Revelation X" show from last year. Check it out, won't you?

If you have not begun listening, Mike Quackenbush and Clayton Morris (of FOX News & Friends) host a pop-culture podcast known as The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe. Clayton and Mike talk about all things geek such as movies, music, television, comic books, tech stuff, and wrestling here and there. I find it wildly entertaining, as Clayton and Mike play off each other very well. It's also really cool to hear Mike talk about non-wrestling stuff as well. So please, check out The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe and subscribe to their podcast on iTunes.

Thanks so much again everyone for checking out this week's CHIKARA Special! Make sure to check my other stuff here on the website, as well as my blog. I'll be back next soon to discuss even more CHIKARA nonsense. Until then, stay safe!

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