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Ask 411 Wrestling 11.10.10: Sloppy Wrestling, Nipple Slips & Vince McMahon's N Word!
Posted by Mathew Sforcina on 11.10.2010

Hey there, this is the special Binary Edition of Ask 411 Wrestling, and I'm Mathew Sforcina!

(After all, there's 10 types of people in the world, those who know binary and those who don't…)

Before we begin, I should say something about Jeff Small. My ‘comments' about him was something I tossed in out of a desire to put something but an inability to think of something. Which is weird, since I've filled in for him a few times, and my long forgotten stint as an attempted News Report guy showed me how bloody hard that job is. So I should say something, I shouldn't hide behind jokes, or just say that his retirement is making me wonder if I should call it a day, or whatever. I should give him a proper send off.

But then I remembered it's Jeff Small, the guy who's entire time on this site has been based around gimmicks and ‘working' the readers. So to hell with him.


Ahem. Go and listen to the Tom Tom Club, why don't you. It makes a great accompaniment to BANNER!

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Unforgiven 1999: *bangs head on table* Curse my faulty memory.

Actually, given that statement, maybe I shouldn't be banging my head on the table, huh?

Anyway, yeah, brain fart there, sorry.

Steven Richards: Main Event Heel?: Yes, Stevie could have worked against Stone Cold and Rock. Hell, those are two guys tailor made for RTC to feud with. Stone Cold comes out, swears a lot, drinks a lot, RTC come out to complain, Stunners all round. Later that night, Austin is beaten down by RTC. Spend a few weeks of Austin beating on Stevie's lackeys, then at PPV Austin gets hands on Stevie, Stevie actually shows some cahonies for a period before getting himself DQed, RTC run in, mass beat down. Then at next PPV do Austin/Stevie in some sort of hardcore/enclosed environment, Austin slaughters Stevie, has big celebrations.

Same idea with Rock, just replace "swears a lot, drinks a lot," with "makes references to his genitalia".

Spiders Kill Their Mates:

Still worth it.

Wrestling Logic: I don't know what you mean with TNT, I've never had to break my own internal logic when I've wrestled him. And an Irish Whip is part of Wrestling Logic I don't mind, it makes sense in context. It's when someone just stops running that annoys me, that goes against DECADES of Wrestling Logic right there…

My InVasion PPV Card: Goldberg/Regal is a 30 second squash match to put over that Goldberg is a machine who cannot be stopped (and giving the IWC a sly wink over their last match) by having him defeat a former Champion (ok, so it's European) and the Commissioner of the WWF.

And Rock V Booker is hard for me not to do, given how Booker took off Rock in WCW's dying days. Although I'd probably put Booker over first off though.

Oh, and thanks to Sage Freehaven, I now have a new macro!

Neat, ain't it?

Your Turn, Smart Guy…

Briant Blottie provided this question: I'm a former World champion, who is more known for his work in Japan. I broke another former World champion's neck. I've worked for WWF, NWA, and AWA in my career. The most infamous thing I ever did was almost end the career of one of the toughest men in pro-wrestling history. Who am I?

And it is indeed Stan Hansen. LARRRIOOOOOTTT!!!

Who am I? I wrestled at the PPV that Sforcina thought Bulldog got pinned at from last week. Trained by a member of a famed wrestling family, I debuted in WWE as the associate of a current WWE Superstar and a current TNA employee (or at least, that's my official debut, I do have at least one earlier appearance in the company). My first WWE title reign involved me winning the title off someone who (arguably) shouldn't have been holding the belt, and I lost my second WWE reign to someone who (less arguably) also shouldn't have held it. A member of The Alliance (and at least one other heel faction in my time), I was in my late 30's when I first debuted in the WWE. Who am I?

Questions, Questions, Who's Got The Questions?

Steve starts us off with a quick question.

Quick question,

Did Ric Flair ever wrestle Tully Blanchard one-on-one?

I'm only skipping this ahead because it reminds me of somthign I read somewhere. But yes they did, prior to the Four Horsemen forming, when Flair was the World Champ in 1984, after winning back off of Kerry Von Erich, during his 2 year reign as champ. NWA World Champ Ric Flair defeated then NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard on June 4th, 1984 in Greenville South Carolina. July 1st they had a rematch in Charlotte, NC, that Tully won by DQ. He had a series of tag matches with him, Tully teaming with Wahoo McDaniel to take on Ric and Dusty Rhodes (!), and once against Flair and Dick Slater as well. And then in December, on the 5th, they had a third match that Tully won by DQ yet again. So Tully was up 2-1.

Ric then beat him clean on the 8th of December, and then twice on the 9th, in Charleston AND Charlotte. Then once more in Hampton on the 15th. 5-2 to Flair. In 1985, after a tag match early in the year, they finally had another match in September, Flair beating Tully in Greenville on the 9th of that month. That would be the last time they had a one on one match, as by the end of the year they were tagging, and atr the start of 86, a little group called The Four Horsemen had formed. Perhaps you've heard of them?

(Just covering my bases…)

C-Dick has three questions, one of which is in the opinion section.

Thanks for taking the time to research/answer everybody's questions.
Excellent work every week.

1. What is Buff Bagwell up to these days, and why didn't he make it with the WWE after the buyout? He was young, charismatic, albeit not the most technically sound wrestler (that really doesn't matter much these days anyway).

Buff still wrestles, mainly for the current Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling and Great Championship Wrestling. Presumably he has some sort of day job, since he only seems to be working once a fortnight, but he's still there, and open to a TNA come back at the very least.

As for why he didn't make it in WWF, it's not, as some might think, due to the infamous match he had on Raw with Booker T for the WCW Championship that was so bad and badly received that the whole thing had to be reset the next week with ECW and thus the Alliance.

Although that probably didn't help his case. But WWF fired him due to, apparently, several people complaining about his attitude and such, and, as a flash point, a fight he had with Shane Helms where Buff (supposedly) told Helms he'd never be a star due to his size, and a few other things. Buff then slapped Helms, and Helms fought back, busting him open with some punches and a frozen water bottle. And this ended up on Bagwell, due to his earlier attitude problems, so he was gone. Although he questions this series of events. But then, he would, wouldn't he…

2. Are all WWE events catered? In some old WWE magazines you would see pictures behind the curtain and you would even see catered food. Or, is this just for live events and ppvs?

Yes, they have catering. Many people in shoot interviews and the like mention this, saying how awesome it is and how they'll miss it and such. WWE does provide decent spreads of food and drink at all events, at house shows and televised events.

Peter is up next.

1. Where was Gorilla Monsoon for Summerslam 1989, 1990, and Royal Rumble 1990?

Summerslam 1989 and Rumble 1990 he was available, but at the time, Vince had hired Tony Schiavone and was thus using him and Gorilla alternating, which allowed the fans to get to know Tony and allowed Tony time to adapt to the WWF's way of doing things. It didn't work out, but at the time it was hoped he'd work out (and to be fair, he didn't do a bad job, just not a great one).

Summerslam 1990, on the other hand, was different. Starting from the beginning of August, Vince McMahon replaced Gorilla on several shows and tapings due to Gorilla having to have a toe amputated. His next major event was in late September, so he clearly took a little time off around his surgery, but that's why Vince replaced him during that time frame.

2. If Hogan and Zeus were scheduled for wrestlemania 6, what were plans for the ultimate warrior?

At the time that Hogan V Zeus was on the cards, they didn't have anything else booked, that early on, the undercard was a mystery. If anything, it'd have been a IC title defence, something to keep him strong. Because Warrior was gonna be the next guy, it was just a question on how to get him there.

3. Sting was set to win the world title at Capitol Combat. If he didn't get injured what was 1990 supposed to be for him?

Pretty much the same as what happened with the injury. A long reign, fending off the Horsemen in Flair, Vicious and also fending off Lex Luger probably. Nothing too radically different. Although…

4. Starrcade 1990....the black scorpion always flair or was it really the warrior? Or someone else?

Ah, the Black Scorpion. How lame you were.

Anyway, when it began, no-one who knew who the hell it was. Although Jim "Warrior Warrior" Hellwig was the best choice, he was never the guy. The name most commonly given was David Sheldon, a.k.a The Angel Of Death. He was going to be the guy, given that he came in with Sting as a part of Powerteam USA, Sting's first team when he debuted in the business.

Ric claims it was meant to be Al Perez, although that doesn't quite fit. But hear him and Ole discuss it.

But as an aside, my pick for who it should have been? Eddie Gilbert. Would have fit so well… Anyway, we'll always have the magic tricks.

Omar has a few questions.

Hi Mathew Sforcina
Love your Column I always think of Question But I always 4get.

I wanted to know how their ever been a Japanese World heavyweight Champion in America?

Depend on your definition of various parts of that question, mostly what you call a World Heavyweight Championship.

If you count the AWA title as one, mainly on the downswing of the company, then it's had two, Jumbo Tsuruta from Feb 22 to May 13, 1984…

And Mr. Saito, who held it from Feb 10 to Apr 8, 1990.

If you count the ECW Title (pre WWECW) as a world title, then Masato Tanaka's 6 day reign in 1999 ECW also counts.

I'd embed the match, but someone doesn't want me to.

Now, do you count a Japanese wrestler holding an American World title if he doesn't set foot on US soil during his reign? Because Giant Baba is a 3 time NWA World Champion, but every time he won and lost the belt in Japan, so he may or may not count, depending on your semantics.

However, three men have held the NWA title without such technicalities, getting in the way, and they are Tatsumi Fujinami (March 21 1991 – May 19 1991),

Masahiro Chono (August 12 1992 – January 4 1993) and The Great Muta (January 4 1993 – February 21 1993) which is the only time a US World Title has gone from one Japanese man to another. Of course, all this was part of the big kerfuffle between the WCW and NWA World Titles, so they may or may not count if you're anal about it.

Now, during the NWA Title's time between the split with WCW and the time TNA picked it up, one Japanese man held it twice, Naoya Ogawa. But at that point, calling the NWA Title a World Title is generous.

No Japanese man has held the TNA World Title, nor the WWA World Title. The WCW and the WWE's World Heavyweight title are also without a Japanese name on the list.

But ROH's Title, if you count it as a world title, which some do, some don't, so don't bother writing in I've already said if you don't count it then it doesn't count, has been held by Takeshi Morishima. Here he is defending the belt in Japan.

And finally, we have the WWE title. Now, in WWE Canon, Yokozuna counts. But he's not really Japanese, he just claimed to come from there, he's really Samoan.

However, there is another match. November 30, 1979, Antonio Inoki fought Bob Backlund in Japan. Inoki wins the match and the title, then a rematch goes to a no-contest, and Inoki vacates the belt. But back in America, WWF didn't recognize the title changes. Nowadays they sometimes do and sometimes don't, but most of the time, they don't. As of right now, they don't.

So there you go, depending on how you judge it, many or few have done it.

Also When Did Kane Lose his Mask?

June 23, 2003. Kane failed to win the World Heavyweight Title from HHH on an episode of Raw, thanks to Evolution, and due to match stipulations, he was forced to unmask (the week before, HHH offered him a spot in Evolution, but Austin offered him a title match, but Eric Bischoff then said that if he got that shot and lost, he'd have to unmask).

So there you are.
Sorry Is their a List Of the Wrestlers Who Have Invented Wrestling Moves and When?

No, nothing in that detail. Some people have made some effort to categorise moves, The Big, Big Book Of Wrestling Moves for instance, but no-one has a list of moves invented by and when.

Maybe someone should do that. But not me, I'm lazy as.

Willy Dope has a bunch of questions.

love the article, here's a few random questions...

I was just wonder what were the results and ratings from the last RAW, ECW, and Smackdown before WWE went PG?

WWE officially announced they were now rated PG on July 22, 2008, the day of an ECW show. The results and ratings of the last shows prior to this point, thanks to The History of WWE.com and The Hamilton Ave Journal

ECW: July 15th Rating: 1.4

ECW - featured Tazz conducting an opening in-ring interview with ECW World Champion Mark Henry & Tony Atlas regarding the events of the previous week, with Atlas then prompting a fan from the crowd to try to bend a frying pan; after the fan failed, Atlas sent him back to his seat, with Henry then folding the pan into a taco shape; moments later, Tommy Dreamer appeared and said he had been working out and wanted a shot to try to bend the pan as well; after Dreamer failed, he hit Henry over the head with the weapon and left the ring; following the commercial break, Teddy Long had Dreamer ejected from the building as a result of his actions; included a "Did you know?" graphic which read WWE video games have sold more than 39 million copies during the decade; featured a backstage segment in which Henry and Atlas confronted Colin Delaney, with Henry locking Delaney in a bearhug before throwing him:
Mike Knox pinned Shannon Moore at 2:28 with a Russian legsweep into a facebuster
Evan Bourne pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. (w/ Bam Neely) with the Shooting Star Press at 3:04; prior to the bout, Bourne cut an insert promo on the match
Jeff & WWE US Champion Matt Hardy defeated WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions John Morrison & Mike Mizanin in a non-title match at around the 20-minute mark when Matt pinned Morrison after Jeff hit the Swanton behind the referee's back following Morrison hitting the Moonlight Drive on Matt and making the cover; during the bout, a crawl at the bottom of the screen advertised an uninterrupted version of the show airing the following day on WWE.com at 4 p.m. (the bout began during the commercial break)

SD: July 18th Rating: 2.4

Smackdown! - featured opening footage from earlier in the day of Edge and Vickie Guerrero getting married, with Chavo Guerrero Jr. serving as Edge's best man; included an introduction of Chavo, Vickie, and Edge as they joined the rest of the wedding guests - Zach Ryder & Curt Hawkins, Bam Neeley, and Alicia Fox - on the entrance stage; the stage was decorated for the evening with a wedding cake and flowers; moments later, Chavo grabbed the mic and said Edge was now a member of the Guerrero family, wished Edge & Vickie his best, and said he knew Edge would win the WWE World Title from Triple H at the Great American Bash; Chavo then showed a cover of the WWE Magazine he had made which named Edge as the new world champion; the wedding party and guests remained at the entrance stage for the rest of the show; featured Edge & Vickie's first dance as a married couple, with a man and woman just off stage singing "Together;" moments later, the Big Show interrupted and began dancing with Vickie until Edge said Show would be wrestling momentarily against unnamed opponents; included a backstage segment in which Edge spoke with Gary, the Slim Jim guy, who gave Edge a box of Slim Jims as his wedding present; featured the debut of Edge's new Slim Jim commercial; included a closing in-ring segment in which Edge, surrounded by the wedding party, introduced a video package he put together in tribute to his love for Vickie; after it played, Triple H appeared at the entrance stage with a gift box and said he made a video of his own for the situation; the video showed Edge meeting with Alicia in his hotel room; after the two were shown discussing the wedding plans, Edge began hitting on Alicia; when Triple H paused the video, Edge ordered his men to stop Triple H, with the champion then pulling a sledgehammer out of the gift box; when Triple H continued the video, Edge was shown giving Alicia a back massage and spoke about Vickie's large underwear size; Triple H then pulled out a large pair of panties as a gift to Vickie and then skipped ahead to later in the video where Edge and Alicia were shown kissing; Triple H then went backstage as Vickie attacked Edge and screamed and yelled at him as the show ended:
Curt Hawkins & Zach Ryder defeated Finlay & Hornswoggle at 2:13 when Hawkins pinned Finlay after guest referee Edge dropped Finlay with the spear; prior to the bout, it was announced WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions John Morrison & Mike Mizanin would defend against Finlay & Hornswoggle, Ryder & Hawkins, and Jesse & Festus at the Great American Bash; after Finlay & Hornswoggle's entrance, Edge but a promo from the entrance stage in which he named himself the guets referee for the match; after the ring entrances, Edge took Finlay's shillelagh and threw it up the aisle; Hawkins & Ryder wrestled the match in their tuxedos
The Big Show fought the Great Khali, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, & Vladimir Kozlov to a no contest in a handicap match at 1:52; during the match, it was announced Benjamin would face WWE US Champion Matt Hardy at the Great American Bash; after the bout, Show was ganged up on, with Khali eventually dropping him with the tree slam
Natalya Neidhart defeated Cherry via submission with the Sharpshooter at the 38-second mark; prior to the bout, Vickie prepared to throw the bouquet to Eve, Victoria, Michelle McCool, Maryse, Cherry, and Natalya on the floor, with Michelle being ejected from ringside after briefly fighting with Natalya outside the ring; Cherry caught the bouquet, with Vickie then saying Cherry would wrestle her but would face Natalya first
Vickie Guerrero pinned Cherry at the 5-second mark
The Brian Kendrick (w/ Ezikiel) pinned Jimmy Wang Yang with the Sliced Bread #2 after Yang became distracted by Ezikel on the floor
Umaga pinned Ken Kennedy at 13:12 with the thumb strike to the throat after avoiding the Mic Check
WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions John Morrison & Mike Mizanin defeated Jesse & Festus in a non-title match at 3:58 when Mizanin pinned Jesse with the Reality Check after Festus dropped Morrison with the fireman's carry into a face-first slam on the floor Jeff Hardy fought WWE US Champion Matt Hardy to a no contest in a non-title match at 4:35 when Edge, Curt Hawkins & Zach Ryder, Chavo Guerrero Jr., and Bam Neely interfered and attacked both men; during their ring entrances, the Hardys threw the wedding cake into Chavo Guerrero Jr.'s face; after the bout, Edge dropped both Hardys with the spear

Raw: July 21st Rating 3.3

Raw - featured an opening segment in which Batista was shown in the production area watching footage of the ending of his match against World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk the night before at the Great American Bash and the interference of Kane; after the clip ended, Batista left the production area; included an in-ring promo by Batista in which he put himself in charge and made a rematch between himself and Punk for later in the show and said Kane should find him before he found Kane; moments later, John Bradshaw Layfield interrupted on the big screen and said he, not Batista, was worthy of the next title match; Punk then appeared, told JBL he didn't have to listen to him, and then challenged Batista to a rematch for later in the show; when JBL tried to interrupt, Batista called for his audio to be cut, which it was; Batista then accepted the match and left the ring; included comments from Jenny McCarthy regarding her upcoming appearance on Saturday Night's Main Event to promote Generation Rescue; featured a "Did you know?" graphic which read Raw has run 750 episodes, more than "ER" and "The Simpsons" combined; included an in-ring promo by Jim Duggan in which he said he was contemplating retirement after the comments the previous week from WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase Jr.; moments later, Jerry Lawler interrupted and said Duggan should continue for as long as he wants; moments later, Rhodes & Dibiase appeared, with the two making fun of Lawler and Duggan until Rhodes referenced Lawler slapping Andy Kaufman on "The David Letterman Show," with Lawler then slapping Rhodes across the face; Dibiase then said they would continue the situation later, after their scheduled match; featured a backstage segment in which Jericho and Cade attempted to leave the building but were stopped by Kane at the door, who then walked past them; included footage from the previous Saturday of McCarthy holding a fundraiser for Generation Rescue, with appearances from Jim Carrey, Maria, Howie Mandel, Tim Allen, Britney Spears, and several others; featured a backstage segment with Jamie Noble and Layla in which Noble attempted to pick Layla up until Batista appeared and asked where Kane was; when Noble told him off, Batista pinned him against the wall by his throat; included Todd Grisham conducting a backstage interview with Punk regarding his upcoming title defense against Batista, during which JBL appeared and said he intended on having a title shot at Summer Slam against whomever the champion was; featured the announcement that Matt Hardy, John Morrison, Mike Mizanin, and Finlay would compete in a four-way match the following night on ECW to determine the #1 contender to the ECW World Title at Summer Slam; included a "Did you know?" graphic which read WWE gives free tickets to all military personnel:
Lance Cade pinned Paul London at 2:48 with the sit-down spinebuster after throwing London ribs-first into the ringpost; prior to the bout, Cade cut an in-ring promo on Shawn Michaels in which he said he wanted Michaels to come out so they could have words they should have had a long time ago; after the match, Cade introduced Chris Jericho as the man who possibly ended Michaels' career; after the commercial break, Jericho showed footage of his attack on Michaels the night before and then blamed the fans for Michaels' injury, which included a detached retna; Jericho then said he was proud of what he had done and that, through his actions, he had saved himself
Beth Phoenix pinned Kelly Kelly with a reverse powerbomb at 3:02
John Cena & Cryme Tyme defeated John Bradshaw Layfield, WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase Jr. at 9:55 by pinning Dibiase with the FU after hoisting both Dibiase & Rhodes in a fireman's carry and throwing Rhodes off; during the final moments of the match, JBL walked out and left through the crowd; after the contest, Cena hugged his dad at ringside
Paul Burchill & Katie Lea defeated WWE IC Champion Kofi Kingston & WWE Women's Champion Mickie James at 3:25 when Paul pinned Kingston with the Twisted Sister, moments after Kingston injured his ankle on the ringpost
D-Lo Brown pinned Santino Marella with the Lo Down at 1:33; prior to the bout, Marella issued an open challenge, noting he didn't want to wrestle women; Beth Phoenix then appeared ringside after Brown made his entrance; after the contest, Beth punched Santino, with Santino then grabbing Beth around the waist; after the two traded wasit locks, they awkwardly kissed before Santino left the ring (D-Lo's surprise TV return after a 5-year absence)
Batista defeated World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk via disqualification at 8:59 when John Bradshaw Layfield appeared ringside and brawled with the challenger after Batista hit the spear on Punk; prior to the bout, Kane attacked Batista until Punk appeared, with Kane then being sent backstage by officials; after the contest, John Cena came out to make the save against JBL but accidentally struck Batista, with the two facing off until they were held back by referees

I recently came across the "racist" promo that HHH cut on Booker T before their Wrestlemania bout, I was wondering was there any type of backlash from either the media or the boys in the back because of the promo? While were on the subject, same question for the promo JBL cut on the Mexican border, when he kicked "illegal aliens" out of the US and back to Mexico.

There was some negative attention, sure. I remember an article on WWE defending the angle, using in part the analogy that people didn't mind when Archie Bunker in All In The Family said stuff like HHH did. Of course, Archie wasn't portrayed on that show as being a Cerebral Assassin and nor was he proven right at the end of it.

JBL's stuff with the illegal aliens however garnered less attention from the media, probably because it's more defensible to be anti-Illegal Immigration than it is to be Pro-Racism.

In either case, there wasn't any major backlash from the boys in the back, on the basis that most wrestlers don't take that sort of stuff seriously, they understand it's a show and you're getting heat, most guys don't mind that sort of thing.

(Yes, I mind to a certain extent but we've been over that a lot so we'll just move on.)

also was it ever revealed who were the "terrorists" that choke out the Undertaker with piano wire during the whole Muhammad Hassen disaster?

No, they were meant to be random, unnamed terrorists. Although at the time it was said that they were The Gymini, Mike Knox, Paul Burchill, and Val Venis.

I noticed that there are a lot less nipple slips in wrestling than in the late 90s, early 2000s. I was wondering do women wrestlers now take more precautions to prevent that from happening now? also who and when was the first well known "nip slip" from a female wrestler?

Yes, they monitor that a lot more now that WWE is PG. Nipple tape and the like are much more required now than they were a few years back. Maria complained about that in her Youshoot video.

As for the first well known one… That's kinda hard to say. I mean, Missy Hyatt has slipped out, but is that well known? Francine's incident is sorta well known in the ECW fanbase, but not widely…

I mean, the most well known boobies being exposed moment is The Kat at Armageddon 1999, which I can't embed due to our sponsors but is visible as of printing here.

But that's hardly a slip, is it?

Jackie Gayda's one is certainly the one that was most well noticed and clear and had attention to it, so that's a good a choice as any.

Last question....why was Paul Bearer "killed off" after his return at Wrestlemania XX?

He had signed back with the company in 2003 because WWE agreed to help him with gastric bypass surgery, WWE had agreed to help pay for it. So they helped, he lost a lot of weight, then debuted at Wrestlemania XX.

But after a few weeks, he developed gallstones, a common side effect of the gastric band surgery, and thusly had to be rushed to hospital for emergency gallbladder surgery. This was covered for by having the Dudley Boyz kidnap him. But then, given his health was still an issued, they then killed severely injured him at Great American Bash to explain his prolonged absence.

By the time he was healed, they had moved on, and so he worked as a booker until he was let go.

One last question, how did Mr. McMahon get away with with dropping the N-Bomb on Cena?

Because he wasn't using the term in a derogatory way towards a black man, but rather, as a clueless attempt at being hip since it's accepted parlance between friends in certain sections of the community that the word (spelt with an ‘a' on the end and not a ‘er') means ‘friend', it's a term of endearment. At Survivor Series 2005, the event this occurred at, it was in response to Eric Bischoff being all serious and vowing to top the Screwjob. Vince was playing it cool, and the whole point was that it's a joke, as you can tell when he looks at the camera, smiling.

But mainly he got away with it because he's Vince F'ing McMahon.

My Damm Opinion

William asks about a topic that got a lot of press over the past week…

If Lita does return full time, do you think she could make as big of an impact as she once did considering the current state of the divas division? It's tough to imagine a PG Lita...

Not in terms of her being as huge as she was for a brief period of time as part of Team Extreme, no. And nor as much heat as she was getting as Edge's Slut, no. But as a face for the division, she could certainly be a woman to build around, as the counterpoint to the Beautiful People LayCool stranglehold. As the tomboyish, high flying face? Sure.

Although that would depend on the fans, if the adults treated her like they did the last time she was around…

But this is wishful thinking on my part, since if she was there they'd have to change the Divas' title belt (Screw You Big Show in This Month's FHM, It's A Belt. A Title/Championship is a concept, a Belt is a physical object!) design slightly. At least the color scheme… And this is all academic again, since she's not coming back.

And speaking of Lita, C-Dick had one more question.

3. What Divas past and present have been known to sleep around with the boys? Didn't something go down with Christy Hemme and HHH while he was with Steph?


Well, let's deal with the second part first. The rumor was… Well, it varied. At best, it was that Hemme and HHH were acting in a perhaps ‘flirtatious' way, or what have you, and Steph heard about this. It then varied to Hemme being a little too, uh, ‘excited' at the idea of travelling with HHH and Batista which was, apparently, on the cards, and that got back to Steph. At worst, she tried to get a three way with HHH and Batista, they refused, and it led to her release. She has commentated on this, denying it totally.

Now, on the other hand, female wrestlers who sleep around…

Interesting topic given Len Archibald's recent excellent work on the subject. And it is… something of a double standard generally where a guy like CM Punk, even when called a Man Whore, is generally regarded highly for the number of women he's had, a woman is seen as a slut for doing the same thing. But then that's a general problem, not just in wrestling.

Anyway, in the old days, there would be women who would sleep with lots of wrestlers, and they were called Ring Rats, and they were fans. Now, as some old timers say, the ring rats are now backstage as workers instead of being in the crowd as fans. But throughout history, who's been known to sleep around?

Well, sleep around with wrestlers. Women like Jasmin St Claire and Lizzy Borden don't count, staring in porn is not the question here.

Probably the prototype of this is Missy Hyatt, who is well known and somewhat proud of having slept around a lot, leaving one man as soon as she's bored. More power to her.

Lita, as well as cheating on Matt Hardy with Edge, was known (in wrestling hearsay and rumor) to have had sex with guys in Mexico to pay for her training. And/or for working her way through OMEGA.

Sunny's been linked to several guys, some on air, some not, and for various reasons.

Depending on who you listen to and who you believe, then Melina, Kelly Kelly, Terri Runnels, Traci Brooks, Dawn Marie and/or Jacqueline have slept around/sleep around.

But Missy Hyatt's the all time top of the list though, without question.

And speaking of Missy, William has a question.

When people critique matches, they often note how sloppy they are. Can you define "sloppy". I understand what a botch is and I know sometimes moves look awkward, but sometimes I'll watch a match and think everything looks good only to read an article here and see it has been torn to shreds. Thanks.

Yeah yeah, Hell = Me.

Defining an IWC term is kinda hard since most people have different ideas on what the word means, which can lead to problems. But as a general rule, sloppy means that the moves aren't done well. Take the following video as an example (ignore the watermark).

When CM Punk and Burke messed up the whip spot and clumsily ran together to talk? That was sloppy. The bodyslam into the knee lift, with limbs flailing, that's sloppy. The clothesline? Sloppy. The second whip spot? Sloppy. The overhead suplex thingy? Technically sloppy in that Punk just threw him over without caring, but that's more angry than sloppy. Basically when a move isn't done properly, isn't crisp and clean, when limbs fly everywhere, when timing is all off and pretty much when you can tell it's not a real fight but a show gone wrong? That's sloppy.

It's sort of a step down from a botch, the two are related, but whereas a botch tends to be a move gone wrong, sloppy moves are just moves done badly.

Or do you guys have some other usage for it? Let me know below, and we can discuss it next week over tea and crumpets.


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