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411 Interviews: Eddie Edwards of Ring of Honor
Posted by TJ Hawke on 09.24.2011

Eddie Edwards is a former ROH World Champ, Television Champ, and Tag Team Champion. He recently competed in a 40+ minute match ROH Death Before Dishonor, which can be purchased HERE at GoFightLive.TV. Ring of Honor debuts their new TV tonight. Check out ROHwrestling.com to see if the show will be airing in your area. If it is not airing in your area, it will be made available for FREE sometime next week on ROHwrestling.com

TJ Hawke: At the last ROH iPPV, Death Before Dishonor, you wrestled Roderick Strong in a 40+ minute 2/3 falls match. How do you prepare for a match like that? What did you think of that match? Were you hurting the next day?

Eddie Edwards:
It's preparing as much mentally as it is physically. o=Of course i tried to step it up in the gym with the weights and cardio. I had to be ready just in case the match did go the distance which paid off in the end because that is exactly what happened. I enjoyed the match, mostly because I was able to pick up the win but also because of the way me and Roddy really pushed each other to the limit. That's how it is every time we wrestle. he forces me to step my game up and I think I do the same for him. I was definitely sore the next day but that's a given going into matches like that, its something I accept.

TJ: That was the second time where you wrestled Roddy in New York this year; the other match obviously being at Manhattan Mayhem where you won the ROH World Title. What were your emotions after that match? What did it mean to have that match take place in Manhattan? Did you feel any increased pressure after being made the champion of a company that doesn't hotshot their world title every month?

It was an amazing moment for me. The way the crowd reacted to me winning really blew me away; it was such a genuine moment and even talking about it now gives me chills. To have that match in such a historic place was awesome, there have been so many great moments that have happened there I just hope that moment ranks up there as one of the best.

There was definitely a sense of pressure after winning the title. It's pressure that I put on myself to go out there and represent the company to the best of my ability. There have been so many great champions that I needed to make sure I carried that belt with pride and proved every time I went out there that I was the guy who deserved that world title.

TJ: After many hard fought title defenses against the likes of Christopher Daniels, Chris Hero, and Roderick Strong, you lost the world title to your tag team partner, Davey Richards. While you obviously must have been disappointed by the result, were you proud of the match you and Davey had? Davey put off having a shot when you're champion; are you ready to face Davey now? Would you like to have your rematch at Final Battle?

Of course I was disappointed in losing the title at best in the world but I was very proud of what me and Davey were able to go out there and do. We went out and showed the world what Ring of Honor is and what it represents. We left it all in the ring and in the end, he was the man standing tall. I am always ready to go after the world title. When and where? That's the real question.

TJ: Ring of Honor is starting their new television era on September 24th. At the first set of tapings you worked with Michael Elgin, and you recently competed again Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly. What has it been like to compete against 3 of the youngest stars in ROH? When you debuted against Austin Aries in 2006, were you confident that you would one day be the veteran that challenges the younger generation to be better?

It's great seeing how the newer guys are really progressing in Ring of Honor. Elgin is a true beast in the ring and Future Shock are really making a name for themselves in the tag division but at anytime they can tear it up singles as well.

At the time I debuted against Aries, i had no idea what the future held. I was just happy to get in there with one of the best in the game. I am just happy things worked out the way they did and I am able to take on the newer guys

TJ: At DDT4 2011, you made your debut for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. What is it like working in front of the rabid Reseda crowd? Have you had a favorite match or moment there so far?

I ws very happy when I got my chance to be a part of PWG. The shows are always top notch, the fans are great and the amount of talent in the locker room is amazing. It's hard to pick a favorite match I've had there as I've really enjoyed all my time out there.

TJ: It was recently announced by Chikara Pro that you will be wrestling for them on October 30th in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I know some fans, like myself, were (pleasantly) surprised by this announcement. Do you watch the Chikara product at all (it is distinctly different from ROH in several ways)? Is there someone on the roster you would specifically want to face?

I am very excited at the chance to wrestle for Chikara. I've been able to watch some of there stuff and while it is very different than ROH, it is a great product and one I am very intrigued to be a part of. I don't have anyone specific that I would like to face; I am open to any and all opponents

TJ: For this section of the interview, I was hoping you could share some thoughts on some of your prominent matches:

Tag Title Classic 2009: American Wolves vs. Tyler Black & Bryan Danielson

EE: An absolute war! a match that really kicked up our momentum as a tag. to be in there with that caliber of guys was amazing.

Glory By Honor 2009: Ladder War II, The American Wolves vs. Steen & Generico

EE: This was a very significant match in my career. I had to wrestle the match with a broken arm and it really tested me. It was amazing the way the fans responded to me. It was pretty amazing. From that moment on I think, I earned their respect as well.

Survival of the Fittest 2010: Your match with Hero and the Finals

EE: The first round match with Chris was when I separated my shoulder [during the match]. Luckily I was able to stick it out and pick up the win. Going back out there for the finals with my shoulder all taped up was pretty tough. The shoulder was killing me but again I was able to stick it out and beat kenny king in the end. It was another moment that helped catapult me as I went on to use the title shot I won that night to win the world title.

First Navigation 2011: Kotaro Suzuki vs. Eddie Edwards

EE: I'm very proud of this match. It was my first singles main event in Japan and it took place at the historic Korakuen Hall. We went about 40 min and in the the end, he put me away with the tiger driver. It was a tough match but in the end, I think the fans believed that I could beat him for the GHC Jr. Championship

Revolution Canada 2011: Eddie Edwards vs. Chris Hero

EE: Another match that was an absolute brutal war. Basically, me and Chris beat the hell out of each other. More so, him beating the hell out of me but I gave it back when I could. This match for me was about how much I could take and not give up.

TJ: Eddie, you have been open on Twitter about your participation in the Walk to End Alzheimer's. Where can people find out more information about this event? Also, if you don't mind me asking, is there a personal reason for your passion for this cause (not that this cause wouldn't be worthy of attention without a personal reason)?

If anybody wants to learn more about the cause or make a donation (any amount helps!) please check out my website http://alzwalk.kintera.org/greaterboston/edwards

Its a great cause and so many families are affected by it

TJ: Thank you so much Eddie for taking the time to do the interview. Is there anything you want to plug (Twitter, facebook, bookings info, etc)or say to the fans while you are here?

Thanks to all who read this and follow me and Ring of Honor. Please check out my website e-edwards.net and on twitter @theeddieedwards and dont forget rohwrestling.com.

For any booking info, feel free to e mail me through my website or twitter. thanks again!!

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